Dell Inspiron Duo Making Waves at IDF 2010


To say people are excited about the Dell Inspiron Duo here at IDF 2010 is an understatement. For those wondering why I didn’t get t o go hands on with the Inspiron Duo, here’s why: I had to fight my way through a crowd of journalists just to grab a few seconds of video of the […]

Dell Streak Available to Order This Week, $299 or $549


The mini table we first saw back at CES 2010 will finally be available to order starting tomorrow if you signed up for Dell’s pre-sale event or Friday if you didn’t. The Dell Streak is priced at $299.99 if you’re a new AT&T customer or eligible for an upgrade. For $549.99 you can buy one […]

Dell Streak Hands On (video)

dell_streak 1

I met up with some folks from Dell to check out the Dell Streak, an Android device that’s created quite a bit of buzz since we first got a peek at it back at CES 2010.I shot a quick video walkthrough and snapped some pics after playing with the device for a few minutes. The […]

Dell Streak Going on Sale This Weekend

Screen shot 2010-06-03 at 8.10.49 AM

The Dell Streak is going on sale this weekend in Europe and will be available in the U.S. starting next month direct from Dell for $499.  In The U.K.,  O2 will be offering the Streak for £429 without a contract and for free with a mobile broadband contract. The Streak will roll out across Europe later […]

Dell dreaming up a bunch of Android toys too


Looks like a Windows Phone 7 phone wasn’t the only Dell leak Engadget got their hands on. They’ve also got data on a bevy of Android devices with names like Thunder, Flash, Smoke, and Looking Glass, as well as some added details on the Streak.

Update On Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

Over the past week, I’ve been working behind the scenes with various representatives from Dell regarding the well-publicized issues of the Latitude XT. I just finished a conference call with them with regards to where things stand, and they wanted to communicate the following to everyone: Dell is aware of the complaints concerning the Latitude […]

N-Trig Initiative: The Final Wish/Issue List

It’s done. Our forum members, led by CajunAzn, Steve Seto and moderator Sharon, have assembled the definitive list of issues with the N-Trig digitizer, particularly the one in the Dell Latitude XT, as part of what is being called the N-Trig Initiative. The entire statement is posted below (most of it after the jump), and […]

The Dell Streak (Mini 5) gets torn down


The tiny tablet that Dell showed off but wouldn’t commit to at CES has fallen into the hands of a hacker. Not a software hacker, but one of the hardware variety who takes the little guy apart piece by piece. Seems a tad ironic given that it was a look-no-touch showing in Vegas, but this […]

Dell: Windows 7 Latitude XT Drivers Being Posted Today

I just received word from @LionelatDell and @BillatDell that Windows 7 drivers for the Latitude XT are being posted today, this includes functional N-Trig digitizer drivers. Direct link to Windows 7 N-trig drivers: 32 bit:, 64 bit: As of this writing, they are not there yet. I understand they are working on adding […]

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC: It’s Recall Time

2-14-2010 12-57-34 AM

The following is a guest editorial by Rob Bushway, the founder and former owner of Like many men, I take my role as a father very seriously.  It is not only my job to teach my children principles in how we live and treat each other, but also to try and model those same […]

CES 2010: Dell’s full spread


Moving faster than I can blog. Dell’s official CES press release after the jump. Lot of notebooks, just a brief mention of the little tablet and Mini 3 smartphone. Hot item is the Alienware M11x, an 11″ gaming laptop that can switch from high performance to low-powered graphics with the press of a button. Promises […]

CES 2010: Dell’s slate announcement


IAdmittedly it would be tough to make a less exciting state tablet announcement than last night’s, but Dell offered a good show for their slate tablet.  It’s a 5″ unit running Dell Android.  And that’s about all we know.  There was a short concept Video showing some amazing sharing and collaboration features, such as a […]

CES 2010: Random sights from the Dell suites


Dell has a great spread for CES. Took a tour before their big unveiling. Got my hands on their Mini 3 smartphone running Dell Android and grafitti’d an all-in-one. And there was indeed a slate tablet unveiled. Fair warning: more showy than the previous one but about as substantive.

CES 2010: Early start for Dell


Using my restless sleeping to my advantage this morning. Got off to an early start and headed to The Palms for a Dell event. Quite a ways from the convention center and the other hotels have been massive mazes, so I wasn’t taking chances on this. Turns out the meeting area is straight in, so […]

Dell Makes Google Chrome OS Available for Mini 10V


This is interesting. If you want to check out Google’s Chrome OS and have a Dell Mini 10v Netboo then you are in luck. Dell has made a build of Google Chrome OS available for download. (You can get it here.) No virtual machine needed, but the download comes in at 8GB so you’ll need […]