AT&T’s HTC One X Goes With Dual-Core Rather Than Quad-Core CPU


AT&T confirmed that its 4G LTE version of the HTC flagship One X smartphone announced at Mobile World Congress will come with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset rather than the quad-core Tegra 3 ‘4+1‘ CPU found on the international version. The decision to go with the dual-core Snapdragon rather than the quad-core Tegra 3 […]

Texas Instruments Promises More Powerful Dual-Core OMAP5 CPUs in Quad-Core World


Like rival mobile chip-maker Qualcomm, which had stated that its dual-core Snapdragon S4 chips will out-perform quad-core offerings from rivals, it looks like Texas Instruments may be echoing the same sentiments with a dual-core OMAP5 ARM-based chipset that may be just as powerful as commercially available quad-core CPUs today. Though TI didn’t mention competitor NVIDIA […]

ZTE to Announce 8 New Multi-Core Smartphones at MWC, Some with LTE


ZTE has already unveiled a few of its smartphones ahead of Mobile World Congress, but the company just issued a press release stating that consumers should expect to see a total of 8 new devices being announced at the Barcelona trade show later this month. The smartphones being announced will be multi-core devices, and some […]

Qualcomm Offers Viable Quad-Core Challenger With Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 CPU


In a world dominated by quad-core processors headlined by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 ARM-based CPU, Qualcomm is showing that there is still life left in dual-core processing technology with its dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset in the form of the MSM8960. AnandTech, which recently got a version of the Snapdragon S4 chip for testing and benchmarking, posted […]

ZTE Mimosa X Brings Tegra 2, NVIDIA Wireless to Android Ice Cream Sandwich


ZTE, best known for its more budget smartphone entry, is trying to break the mold and reach for the more premium handset market and the Chinese phone-maker is doing this with the Mimosa X. Announced ahead of ┬áthe Mobile World Congress trade show, ZTE announced the phone, which will probably hover between the mid-tier and […]

iPad 3 Leaked Photos Shows A5X Processor, Not A6 Model

Apple A5X processor

It looks like Apple may giveth and Apple may taketh, especially when it comes to the hotly anticipated Apple iPad 3 next-generation tablet that’s been speculated for an early March debut. The latest leaks suggest that the iPad 3 will probably debut with iOS 5.1, will come with a higher resolution Retina-like Display for tablets, […]

LG Connect 4G Looks Like a Beefed Up Optimus Black LTE for MetroPCS


From a leaked press shot, it appears that MetroPCS is landing the LG Connect 4G Android phone for its LTE network. There is speculation that the LG Connect 4G will also be coming to Verizon Wireless and Sprint–the latter of which may get a WiMax variant as Sprint does not yet have an LTE network […]

Apple Hints at New Apple TV Model with iOS 5.1 Beta


Code found within the iOS 5.1 beta seeded to developers reveal that Apple is prepping a successor to the compact Apple TV box. The new Apple TV referenced, which is still believed to be a companion set-top box accessory rather than a full-fledged Apple-branded HDTV, is given the code name of J33. Little is known […]

Samsung Introduces Faster Exynos CPU, Better Camera Sensors


Samsung had introduced two new chips that will make smartphones even better. The company had introduced a faster version of its ARM-based dual-core Exynos processor, which is one of the stand-out features of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S II smartphone, along with a better camera sensor that can capture better stills and videos. The new Exynos […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch Review (Video)


The Epic 4G Touch is a second-generation Epic device on Sprint that’s based on Samsung’s Galaxy S II specs. In this review, we’ll explore to see if this Galaxy S II variant deserves an epic name, given that it had removed two favorite features of the device that it replaces–a keyboard and a dedicated camera […]

August Launch of Verizon Galaxy S II May Lack 4G LTE


Based on Motorola’s conference call, Droid-Life is deducing that if the Sasmung-made Galaxy S II is launched in August, that device would lack 4G LTE. The reasoning behind this is due to Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha stating that the Droid Bionic launching in September would be the first phone in the world to feature both […]

LG Officially Launches Optimus 3D Smartphone in Europe with Triple-Duals


The LG Optimus 3D has not officially launched in Europe, and LG is promoting its glasses-free 3D device with the ability to capture 3D images and record 3D video on its rear dual-lens camera with ‘tri-dual technology,’ which is a dual-core, dual-channel, and dual-memory configuration. The Optimus 3D will also be launched as the LG […]

Will Microsoft Buy NVIDIA to Create Proprietary Chips for Windows 8?


As Microsoft pushes ahead to try to maintain competitiveness in the tablet game by making sure that the hardware and software are more integrated to have tighter control of the user experience, the company may be eying an acquisition of chipset-maker NVIDIA, whose dual-core Tegra 2 was believed to be the reference platform for Android […]

Qualcomm: Dual-Core ARM Snapdragon CPUs Will Outperform Quad-Core Rivals


At the Qualcomm-hosted Uplinq conference in San Diego, California, Qualcomm was upbeat and optimistic about its Snapdragon chipset. The company says that its dual-core Snapdragon are efficient enough that it will out-perform quad-core offerings from rivals. Though company senior VP Rob Chandhok didn’t mention any rivals by name, he cites Qualcomm’s implementation of asynchronous processing […]