In a Fragmented Market, NFC Is More a Nuisance Than a Benefit


Near Field Communications, or NFC, technology promised to help make our lives easier by allowing us to quickly share information, pay for goods, and pair new devices wirelessly without complicated pass codes by merely tapping two items together. Android brought NFC technology into the mainstream consciousness with features like tap to share and Nokia extended […]

Disposable Computers Become the Trend for Apple


In recent years, Apple has made eco-friendliness the meme behind its design decisions, highlighting the use of highly recyclable materials such as metal and glass. However, the messaging isn’t without caveats as power users who find themselves outgrowing their purchases year after year may have to part with their purchases, rather than being offered a […]

Is Google Being Complacent With Motorola?


There is no question that Motorola builds some great hardware, and my colleague Josh Smith’s review of the Droid RAZR HD shows that Motorola still has a lot of game left despite hemorrhaging money still in the uber-competitive smartphone space. However, under the ownership of Google, it seems that Motorola is beginning to lose its […]

Can Apple Convince Current iPad Owners to ‘Upgrade’ to iPad Mini?


Apple is expected to make a big splash with its highly anticipated and much leaked 7.85-inch iPad Mini later this month when the slate gets announced, but can Apple convince existing iPad owners to ‘upgrade,’ or rather add the smaller tablet to their gear? For new iPad owners, Apple will likely tell a compelling story […]

In Apple’s iCloud, Why an iPhone 5 Without NFC Makes Sense


When Apple announced the iPhone 5, many were disappointed about the lack of inclusion of NFC hardware that would enable more wireless, near-range communications with neighboring devices. However, given the use of Photostream in the Photos app and Apple’s Passbook app, it makes sense for Apple to not include the emerging near field communications technology […]

Does Sprint Need a Shared Data Plan?


While attention has been shining on U.S. carrier Sprint as it is the lone carrier to offer truly unlimited data, does the carrier need to do more to deliver value to its customers?  While unlimited data is a neat thing to have, most customers do not use that much data and recent surveys position data usage by the […]

AT&T Shows Off the Technology Used to Connect Sports Fans


Earlier this week, I was invited by the AT&T San Francisco team headed by John Britton and Dan Newman to explore the technologies used to connect sports fans in the Bay Area. The venue? None other than AT&T’s aptly named AT&T Park that hosts the San Francisco Giants. Prior to the start of the Giants […]

3 Reasons Why You May Not Want to Sell Your AT&T iPhone Yet


With the anticipated announcement and launch of the next-generation iPhone, currently being dubbed by the media as the iPhone 5, just around the corner in the speculated September timeframe, now is the best time to sell your existing iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 as it would fetch the most amount of money on the second-hand […]

Why Google Needs to Take Over Development of YouTube on iOS 6


The big news out of the iOS 6 camp this week is that the YouTube app will no longer be a native app on Apple’s mobile platform and that with the latest developer build of the iOS 6 release, YouTube has been removed. This will surely be a temporary absence for the video player, which […]

Is Google’s Strategy With the Nexus Flawed?


The biggest gripe that I have with the Android platform being an Android user is the Nexus lineup. While Google shows that it has done a lot right with the Nexus lineup, its approach to updating Android and maintaining a consistent user experience across different products needs re-examination in an era where Android has matured […]

Will Google’s Nexus 7 Grow or Cannibalize the Android Tablet Market?


When Google had set out to brand its own smartphones under the Nexus moniker, it ambitiously did so with the goal of setting industry trends that other OEMs–like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and others–could follow. Now, with the smartphone market maturing, Google is focusing its attention on the tablet market to compete against Apple’s market-leading […]

Microsoft to Build Its Own Tablet to Go Head-to-Head With Apple?


We had reported that Microsoft has a big announcement in Los Angeles, California on Monday regarding a Windows-based tablet, though it’s unclear whether the announcement will surround the Windows 8 operating system based on Intel’s and AMD’s x86 chip architecture or the ARM-based Windows RT release. The announcement would come sandwiched between the end of […]

Patents Are Only a Distraction in Apple’s Battle Against Android, the Real Fight is With Siri


Lately, it seems that technology news is dominated with Apple’s legal fight against Android manufacturers in court, with multiple battles being fought in multiple countries against multiple manufacturers such as Motorola Mobility–now owned by Google, HTC, and Samsung. However, Apple’s fight against Google, the maker of the Android operating system, is not rooted on its […]

Data is Not Data is Not Data on Verizon’s New Shared Data Plans


To preface this post, I’ll start by saying that I think Verizon’s shared data plans is a step in the right direction and makes it more affordable for consumers to connect to the Internet in the post-PC era since unlimited data plans ended. Rather than paying for entirely separate and expensive data plans for each […]

Sprint Can Capitalize On New Opportunities But It Needs an LTE Network Now


The nation’s third largest wireless carrier may be the beneficiary of subscriber growth if Verizon’s planned termination of grandfathered unlimited data plans comes into effect with LTE shared data plans, but the Now Network first needs to have a 4G LTE network now. As Sprint is the only major national wireless carrier in the States […]

Samsung Shows That It Is a Software Company

Image credit Engadget

As exciting as it has been to talk, postulate, and speculate about the Galaxy S III’s hardware and specs before the third-generation Galaxy flagship smartphone was announced on May 3rd in London, once the device was announced one thing became apparent: Samsung is now a software company. That doesn’t mean that Samsung is shying away […]

New iPad Highlights Continued Confusion Over 4G Networks


Apple’s launch of the new iPad on March 16th brought 4G LTE network support to the iPad, but with the fanfare over faster mobile broadband network support, there’s also the issue of continued confusion due to complex network infrastructures around the world as well as unclear marketing on the behalf of Apple and its partner […]

Two Weeks with the New iPad

Two Weeks with the New iPad

We’ve already put up our full length review of the new iPad and our own Warner Crocker hasalready given you his thoughts on the device. But, because a lot of you have been asking, I wanted to chime in with my own thoughts about Apple’s new slate. Like many of my colleagues here at GBM, […]

Screen Size Becoming Even More Polarizing Between Android, iOS


The war of ecosystems may have shifted between the battle for screen real estate especially where the two dominant mobile operating systems are concerned. With iOS having historically used the 3.5-inch display form factor since inception, Android has grown to larger screen sizes and it’s a trend that we anticipate to continue. While 4.3-inch was […]