Friendcaster is My New Favorite Facebook App for Android

Friendcaster Facebook Android app

Facebook for Android is better than the iPhone app, but it still falls flat on my Galaxy Nexus. That’s where Friendcaster, a premium Facebook app for Android, comes in. After just a day of Friendcaster on Android I’m ready to uninstall the official Facebook app from my Android phone. That’s the sound of me saying […]

Today I am Mark Zuckerberg, According to iPhone Facebook App

Facebook Zuckerberg

The Facebook app for iPhone is so buggy that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s profile picture has replaced my own in most areas. Maybe Facebook programmers are partaking in 4/20 celebrations today or maybe there’s a glitch in the matrix. Whatever the cause, this is yet another example of Facebook not putting enough resources into its […]

Instagram for Android Updated Again, Now Supports HTC One X

Instagram for Android

Instagram came to the Android platform just over one week ago, and it’s already on its third update. This newest update fixes problems on Tegra 3 devices, and adds support for HTC’s newest flagship device. According to The Verge, after a week of waiting, HTC One X users can finally use Instagram to share photos. The […]

Nokia Automatic Uploads Patent Makes It Easy to Get Social


Nokia was just awarded a patent for automatic uploads to social networks, making it easy for users to share their life events with others on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Microsoft Live, and others. As it stands, for example, in order for a user to share a photo with others, they must […]

Instagram for Android: 5 Million Downloads in Under a Week

Instagram for Android: 5 Million Downloads in Under a Week

Instagram, which was recently bought out by Facebook for $1 billion, has seen its Android application top the five million download mark in the apps first six days of existence on the Google Play Store. The milestone, reported by The Next Web, comes after the application saw one million downloads on its first day on […]

Fusion App Gives iPhone Owners a Good Reason to Jailbreak

Fusion for iPhone

With iOS 5, Apple integrated Twitter into the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The integration is great, but some users want more social networks than just Twitter integrated into their phone. For those users there’s the new Jailbreak app, Fusion. Fusion is a $2 app in the Cydia store that was first spotted by iDownloadBlog. […]

What Facebook’s Instagram Purchase Means for Users

Facebook Buys Instagram

Hot on the heels of Instagram for Android’s release, Facebook announced that it has acquired Instagram for $1 billion in stock options. Instagram is a photo editing and sharing app for Android and iPhone which allows users to apply artistic filters to photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Instagram is also a growing social […]

‘Major’ Non-Google Android Smartphone Coming This Year

'Major' Non-Google Android Smartphone Said to Be Coming This Year

Skyhook Wireless CEO Ted Morgan says that his company will be part of a “major” non-Google Android smartphone launch at some point this year, however, now, it’s unclear as to who the company behind the launch actually is. Morgan, in comments to Technology Review, stated that Skyhook is going to play a big role in […]

Facebook for iPad Gets Its Act Together with Retina Update

Facebok for iPad Gets Act Together with Retina Update

Last week, I told you about my horrible experiences with Facebook for iPad and how I hoped the issues I had been having with the software would be fixed with the app’s rumored Retina Display update. Well, that update has arrived today and the let me tell you. Facebook for iPad does, indeed look gorgeous […]

Facebook for iPad to Get Retina Support, But What About Bug Fixes?

Facebook for iPad to Get Retina Support, But What About Bug Fixes?

With apps gaining support for the new iPad‘s Retina Display on almost a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before we heard something about Retina Support for the iPad’s Facebook application. MacRumors has acquired an image that seems to indicate that the Retina Support is on the way which is great news […]

Dropbox Makes Sharing Files With Facebook Friends Easier

Dropbox Facebook Connect

Dropbox, the cloud storage service, just made it a lot easier to share your files with friends on Facebook. You no longer need to know your friends’ email addresses to share files with them, now you just need to friend them on Facebook. Dropbox has added Facebook Connect to its service, so now you just […]

Free iPad 3 on Facebook? Don’t Get Scammed

Free iPad 3 facebook

On March 7th Apple will announce the iPad 3, a new version of Apple’s best-selling tablet. Apple hasn’t confirmed any details about the new iPad or a release date, but that hasn’t stopped schemers from offering up a free iPad 3 to Facebook users. The Apple event invite, shown below, features what may be the […]

Windows Phone Facebook App Gets a Badly Needed Update

Windows Phone Facebook app

Before filing for an IPO Facebook made quite a few changes to its service, and many of them have taken a long time to reach mobile apps. Today some of those new features have come to the Windows Phone Facebook app thanks to a badly needed update. The Windows Phone Facebook app still follows the […]

Angry Birds Launches On Facebook Today


As promised late last month, Rovio finally took the sheet off the newest version of Angry Birds, now for Facebook. Anyone who’s played the game on a smartphone, tablet, in Google Chrome or elsewhere will be able to slide right in to gameplay. But Rovio didn’t just port the game to a new platform. They […]

How To Make An Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

cool facebook timeline photo cover 3

Facebook is pushing out the new Timeline layout to all Facebook users in the next few weeks. If you want to stand out in a crowded sea of mediocre timeline photo layouts, you need to check out this simple tool that will help you create an awesome Facebook timeline photo. If you aren’t familiar with […]

Apps to Super Charge Your Super Bowl Party


Here’s a list of mobile apps that will help you get ready for the Super Bowl and help you enjoy the game. I’m not as excited about the Super Bowl this year as I would be if my Packers made it. So I looked for some apps to make the game more enjoyable as I hang […]

New Year’s Resolution – Apps to Get a New Job & Make More Money

hireadroid and getHired job search apps

Getting a better job is an ever popular New Year’s Resolution. If you’ve decided that 2012 is your year to make more money, get better benefits or just have a better work life balance, I want to share a collection of iPhone apps and Android apps to help you find a new job in 2o12. […]

A Christmas Wish List for Mobile Geeks and Tableteers


As always this isn’t a list of gadgets, geegaws, accessories, or Apps. This wish list is about things I’d like to see happen in mobile tech in general. As always I’m an impatient old elf and would prefer to see movement here sooner rather than later. Here are links to last year’s wish list as […]

Top 10 Apps of 2011 (By Downloads)

Distimo top 10 apps in 2011 by downloads

One interesting tidbit in the Distimo app store report TechCrunch wrote about today is the list at the bottom of the top apps of 2011. The list is based on number of downloads across all major app stores and platforms, and reveals something about what most people use their mobile devices for right now. Of […]