The Perfect Size for an Apple iTV is 60 Inches?


According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple may not have plans to construct an Apple-branded iTV HDTV that measures less than 60 inches diagonally. Citing comments made Terry Gou, chairman of Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, a U.S. manufacturing facility is to be constructed and would be purposed for making LCD displays no […]

Apple Partner Lines Up Key iPhone 5S Component for Production

Apple partner Foxconn is reportedly prepping for the iPhone 5S release by hiring 90,000 employees.

Reports show Apple is finally ready to produce the iPhone 5S and partner Foxconn is lining up a key component of iPhone 5S manufacturing — a huge pool of employees. Apple relies on laborers to assemble the iPhone by hand. The iPhone 4S assembly process includes 141 steps and is it is anything like the […]

Apple Partner Foxconn Begins Massive Hiring Spree Ahead of iPhone 5S Launch

Image via NPR

Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, also known by its corporate Hon Hai Precision Industry name, has begun a massive hiring campaign in China. Given that the hiring comes ahead of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5S and budget iPhone debuts this fall, it’s being speculated that Foxconn’s hiring spree would be to accommodate Apple’s manufacturing demands. According […]

Is Apple’s iPhone Maker Preparing to Become a Wireless Carrier?


Foxconn, original manufacturer to today’s hottest selling gadgets including the iPhone, could be looking to become a wireless network of recent reports are accurate. Sina Tech Report, is reporting that Foxconn which is also known by its corporate name Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, is currently mulling a bid to purchase a huge swath of […]

Apple Reportedly Returned 5 Million iPhones to Foxconn This Year


Apple reportedly returned at least 5 million iPhones to Foxconn this year so far, claiming the phones were shoddily made and unfit for sale. The report comes from an anonymous Foxconn staffer talking to China Business which says the number of iPhones Apple returned to Foxconn could be as high as 8 million. Apple sent […]

iPhone 5S: Production Nears as Foxconn Hires Thousands

Apple could stack a dual-LED flash with a slightly larger flash next to on the back of the iPhone 5S.

Work is reportedly ramping up at Foxconn, where thousands of workers are joining the company in an effort to ramp up for the impending iPhone 5S production, which could start in the next 60 days. Multiple reports claim the company which partners with Apple to make the iPhone is hiring 10,000 workers a week to […]

Amazon Smartphone Reportedly In Progress at Foxconn

Amazon Smartphone - Kindle Phone

Foxconn recently started production of a smartphone for Amazon for release sometime in 2013 according to a CENS report. According to the report Foxconn recently started manufacturing the device, and will likely ship as many as five million units of the Amazon smartphone within 2013. The phone itself will likely release either in the second […]

Undercover Report: Few Changes At Foxconn Despite Apple’s Promises

Envoyé Spécial Foxconn dorms

Working conditions in Foxconn factories haven’t improved much despite promises from Apple, claim French news program Envoyé Spécial by way of Engadget. Earlier this year, following an independent audit of the Foxconn factory Apple said it will work with the company to improve working conditions and raise salaries. Undercover reporters for Envoyé Spécial, however, say that conditions in the factory […]

Foxconn Could Make Smartphones For Microsoft and Amazon Next Year

Apple Foxconn China

Foxconn International Holdings has contracts with Microsoft and Amazon to create smartphones by mid-2013 for both companies according to a Digitimes report. Digitimes, which is known for its high rate of inaccurate reporting, claims new of the contracts comes from “sources from the upstream supply chain.” The two contracts will result in smartphones for both […]

iPhone 5 Will Remain Hard to Find Through Holidays


Today Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou admitted that his factory can’t keep up with the big demand for the iPhone 5 according to a Reuters report. At a business Gou told reporters “it’s not easy to make iPhones. We’re falling short of meeting the huge demand.” The Foxconn chairman refused to say if Foxconn International Holdings […]

Students Reportedly Forced to Build Phones as iPhone 5 Release Date Nears

Thousands of Chinese students are reportedly being forced to build Apple’s next-generation iPhon In a Foxconn plants in China. According to a Shanghai Daily article, universities suspended classes and students were driven to Foxconn factories to help build iPhone 5 units after the Taiwan company had trouble finding enough workers to ramp-up production. Foxconn and […]

Foxconn CEO: iPhone 5 Will Blow Away Samsung Galaxy S III

The iPhone 5 could look like this.

The CEO of Foxconn, the Chinese company that produces Apple’s iPhone 5, says that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 will blow away the Samsung Galaxy S III. According to a report from China Times, by way of Focus Taiwan and iClairified, Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou stated that the iPhone 5 would put the Samsung Galaxy S […]

Watch How the iPad is Made Inside a Foxconn Factory

Watch How the iPad is Made Inside a Foxconn Factory

The Foxconn factories where Apple’s iPhone and iPad are made are notoriously secret, rarely letting reports venture into their depths. However, today, a new video was released giving the public a rare glimpse at how Foxconn makes the iPad. Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz posted the video of the process today and it offers a rare […]

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumored for October

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumored for October

A short time ago, a recruiter for Foxconn stated that the next iPhone would be out sometime in June. Well, that release date has now been disputed by another member of the company who says that it will be out this fall. Speaking to South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, courtesy of Kotaku, the head of […]

Why the Next iPhone Won’t Launch This Summer

Why the Next iPhone Won't Launch This Summer

Earlier this week, we told you about an interview with a Foxconn recruiter who claimed that the company’s recent hiring binge was because Apple is planning on releasing the next iPhone in June. Don’t count on that happening. Originally, Apple had used June and its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) as the launching pad for […]

Don’t Plan on an iPhone 5 Release in June

iphone 5 release date

We all love the Foxconn employee that leaks design specs or blurry shots of new Apple products, but for the most part employees are as quiet as Apple about the new products they are working on. At least that was the case before Foxconn recruiters started blabbing about the iPhone 5 production and release dates. […]

Steve Who? Tim Cook Kneecapped Apple’s Rivals


With the news that Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn will raise wages to compensate for cutting hours, people are starting to wonder what this will mean for manufacturing costs in China. Everyone who builds in China is worried. Except Apple.

Apple and Foxconn Will Work To Improve Pay and Working Conditions

Apple Foxconn China

Apple and Foxconn announced a new agreement that would improve the working conditions in the Chinese factory. The agreement, which follows an independent survey from the Fair Labor Association, will result in more workers being hired, increased wages, and crackdowns on illegal overtime. The Fair Labor Association survey found multiple labor law violations at Foxconn. In three […]

iPhone 5: Foxconn Starts Hiring Blitz for New iPhone

Apple Foxconn Worker

Foxconn, the company that supplies workers and factories for the production of the iPhone and the new iPad is looking for 20,000 new employees to handle production of a new iPhone. Local sources in China claim that Foxconn is looking for a large number of employees to work on the production of the iPhone 5. […]