Apple Explores ‘Street View’ for iOS Maps in Latest Patent, Next Stop iCar?


In the latest Apple-submitted patent filing to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it appears that the iPhone-maker may be exploring options to bring a Google ‘Street View‘-like feature to the Apple Maps application for iOS. With iOS 6, Apple had removed Google’s underlying code to power its Maps application on the iPhone, essentially shunning […]

Apple Hiring to Improve Maps By Hitting the Pavement


According to a recent job posting at Apple, the mothership is looking for managers to help coordinate a team responsible for regional map quality. These “Maps Ground Truth Managers” will be responsible for things like testing the new map code, collecting known truth data about maps data, and utilizing local expertise to help improve map […]

Google Maps Adds Real-time Transit Data For New York City

Google Maps real-time transit

Today Google announced that its Google Maps app for Android and iOS will now display realtime transit information for users in New York City, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. Today Google Maps users can view arrival and departure times for a total of seven subway lines in the city. Those lines include the 1, […]

Google Maps for iOS Gets First Update

Google Maps has been updated to version 1.1.

Google Maps for iOS has received its first update today as the company has tacked on a couple of new features for those that use Google’s Maps service with their iPhone. After the arrival of the Apple Maps app with iOS 6, users began longing for an official Google Maps application. And, just a few […]

Google Will Let Developers Replace Apple Maps in iOS

Video thumbnail for youtube video Google Will Let Developers Replace Apple Maps in iOS

Google recently announced it will open the Google Maps SDK to iOS developers so they can use Google Maps in apps instead of Apple Maps. The new Google Maps SDK will include “support for ground overlays, gesture control and geodesic polylines.” That means iOS developers will be able to use many Google Maps features inside […]

Google Reverses Google Maps Block on Windows Phone


In a pseudo-armistice, Google has reversed its position on blocking Google Maps access via the mobile Internet Explorer browser on smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. It was reported earlier that Google had redirected access to Google Maps so it won’t work on Windows Phone 8, previously citing incompatibilities with IE mobile. However, users on […]

iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4: Best Google Apps No Longer Android First

Gmail for iPhone better than Android

Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube are traditionally better on Android smartphones, but in the past month Google reversed this trend by bringing the best Google experience to iPhone first. Forget the Nexus 4, the best phone for heavy Google users is the iPhone. I say this as someone who carries the iPhone 5 in one […]

Google Maps for iPhone Drives 26% Increase in iOS 6 Adoption

Google Maps iOS 6 adoption

The number of iPhone users running iOS 6 increased by about 30 percent following the release of Google Maps for the iPhone according to a TechCrunch report. The numbers come from ad network MoPub which monitors more than 1 billion ad impressions every day across more than 12,000 apps. In the days following the Google […]

How to Use Siri with Google Maps Without an iOS 6 Jailbreak

Google Maps for iPhone released

With two words iOS 6 users can use Siri to get directions in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps without an iOS 6 jailbreak or hack. Google Maps for iPhone is now available for users on iOS 6 looking to replace Apple Maps. Apple doesn’t let users change the default Maps app in iOS 6, but […]

Google Maps iPhone: Offline Abilities and iPad Support Coming Soon

Google Maps for iPhone released

According to a New York Times report Google Maps for iOS will soon gain abilities similar to the Android app, as well as get a full iPad app. In his report on the app writer David Pogue outlined a few features that are missing in the iPhone Google Maps app. Among those are the ability to download sections […]

Google Maps for iPhone, First Look

Google Maps for iPhone released

And right on cue, Apple had approved Google Maps for iPhone, allowing Google’s mapping service to return to the iOS platform as a native app. The app has been optimized for the elongated screen of the iPhone 5, but don’t expect it to look gorgeous on the Retina Display of the iPad as it isn’t […]

Google Maps for iPhone Release Pegged for Tonight


A new report suggests that the long-awaited official Google Maps for the iPhone and iPad may be released to Apple’s App Store tonight as an alternative to Apple’s native Maps application. Read: iOS 6 Native Google Maps App Inches Closer to Launch. According to AllThingsD, Google Maps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch may be […]

iOS 6 Native Google Maps App Inches Closer to Launch


With the launch of the iPhone 5 and the debut of the underlying iOS 6 operating system, Apple had abandoned its relationship with Google and removed the Google mapping service that powers the native iOS Maps app. Instead, Apple developed its own mapping solution, which has been met with criticism due to some inaccurate routing […]

Google Maps for iPhone & iPad Faces Bumpy Road to Approval


The official Google Maps application for the iPhone and iPad that Google is rumored to be finishing by the end of the year may not get approval for the App Store from Apple according to a new report. The Guardian claims that sources within Google who know about the company’s plans for the Google Maps […]

Leaked Info Emerges for Native Google Maps App for iOS 6


With iOS 6, Apple made the bold and controversial move to switch away from Google’s mapping services for its native iOS Maps app in favor of an Apple-developed back-end service. While the service does have its weak points–like inaccurate mapping–it does have its strong points like being the first version of a native iOS solution […]

Google Maps Street View Arrives on iPhone & iPad

Google Street View iPhone 1

Street View, Google Map’s real world look at locations across the world is now available in the web browser for iPhone and iPad users. This new move makes it easier to use the Google Maps webpage to find locations and plot out the last step of a trip. Apple recently switched to Apple Maps on […]

Google Maps Street View for iPhone Returns Tomorrow


It looks like Google Maps Street View, a feature that went missing for iPhone users with the arrival of Apple’s new Maps application, will return for the iPhone starting tomorrow. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will announce Street View for its iOS web application at some point tomorrow which means that owners of […]

Google-Owned Motorola Used Fake Address To Mock Apple Maps

Motorola Apple Maps iLost ad

It’s clear that Apple’s new Maps application is struggling with its fair share of issues,which is why its strange that Motorola decided to fake an address to mock Apple’s mapping effort. According to AppleInsider the address Motorola used in an image on Google+ isn’t accurate. The problem in the “iLost” image is Apple’s Map actually […]

Losing Direction with Apple Maps


There have already been more words written than can possibly be read about Apple’s issues with its new Maps App. Many of those words are just words without meaning as they counter other words written previously. There’s a PR war going on between Apple and Google over who did what when, both trying to save […]