Google Voice Search Learns to Speak French, German, And Japanese

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.22.55 PM

Voice search is an extremely important part of Google Search, and is slowly but surely getting deeply integrated into our mobile devices. Android 4.4 KitKat is a prime example, bringing more and more features to Google Now and Search, not to mention all the “Ok, Google” voice commands. Google’s been busy this week with updates. […]

Google Now Begins to Integrate Data With Third-Party Apps

App Indexing

Google has updated its Google Search and Google Now application on Android to integrate search results with third-party applications. Now, when results are retrieved and delivered to the user, a button appears next relevant entries with the option that says “open in app” if you have the app installed. For example, if you’re searching for […]

Google Search Update Brings a Smarter Google Now

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Last week reports suggested Google was preparing to update the Search and Google Now app for Android with a serious overhaul and additional features. Today this update arrived right on schedule, rolling out late last night to Android devices, and users can now expect a smarter and more chatty experience. Google Now is already one […]

Google Now Voice Search to Get Smarter and More Chatty Next Week


A rumored planned upgrade to Google Search, which powers Google Now on Android, will give the digital voice assistant app a more conversationalist approach a la Siri. According to Wired writer Matthew Honan in his review of the Nexus 5, the added voice and speech features of Google Search and Google Now will be arriving on […]

Android 4.4 KitKat Hands-on Video: New Features

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Announced late last week was the new Android 4.4 KitKat, and along with it comes plenty of small visual changes and polish to the Android operating system, a new Google Now experiences that’s more deeply integrated, translucent on-screen menu and notification bars, and much more. With over 50% of all Android devices currently running 4.1 […]

Google Now for iOS Achieves Near Parity with Android

Google Now for iOS updated

Google is updating its Search App for iOS 7 that will bring functionality almost, but not quite, on par with the native Android version. The 3.1.0 update will feature Notifications on iOS for the first time, a feature that has kept this key Google service from being truly useful on an iOS device. Notifications will […]

Google Smartwatch Reportedly Just “Months” Away


Google’s long-rumored smartwatch is close to entering production and could be “ready within months,” according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Anonymous sources told WSJ that the smartwatch will “be able to communicate with other devices such as a smartphone,” which means that it probably won’t be any different than Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and […]

Google Now Collects Football Scores, More Travel Information

The new Car Rentals card in Google Now.

Google Now, the real-time search engine and personal assistant application included with recent versions of Android is getting even more features. Announced yesterday on the official Google Android Blog, following an update, Android users will be able to use Google Now to monitor the latest football scores should they be on the run instead of […]

iOS 7: Where Apple Needs to Catch Up to Google

After Google I/O 2013 Apple needs to step it up in several areas when it comes to iOS 7.

Google announced a collection of new apps and services at Google I/O and while there is no new version of Android yet, Google is pushing mobile services and apps further, a pre-emptive strike on iOS 7 which we expect late this year. While some of the Google announcements are still a work in progress, the […]

Google Now: Reminders Arrive to Keep Users On Task

Google Now Reminders arrive to keep users on track.

Today at Google I/O 2013 Google announced an expansion of Google Now, bringing new cards and features to Google Now on Android, and we’ll see some of these features land on Chrome. Google Now will support time, dates and locations for Android. Users can now tell Google to remind them when to do important tasks. […]

Google Now May Come To Google’s Homepage

google chrome now page

Google may soon expand Google Now to all Google users by adding it to the Google homepage. Google Operating System found mentions of Google Now in the source code for a page that Google is in the process of testing. The code makes several references to Google Now, including lines that will introduce the user […]

Osito Brings Best Google Now Features To iPhone


Osito, a new personal assistant app for iPhone wants to bring some Google Now functionality to iOS users, but only the most important parts. The new app uses a card layout like Google Now, but unlike Google Now there is no way to search in the app to create new cards. Instead, Osito will access […]

Google Now for iPhone Stuck in App Store Approval


Google Now for iPhone is ready for release, but it’s still working its way through Apple’s App Store approval process. TechCrunch reports that Google chairman Eric Schmidt discussed Google Now for iPhone and iPad at Google’s Big Tent event in India. A video of the event shows Schmidt answered a question about Google Now about […]

Google Now for iPhone & iPad Coming Soon?


If a leaked video is right, iPhone users could be very close to having access to Google Now on their devices. Promo videos leaked to Engadget appear to confirm that the real-time search abilities of Google Now are indeed on their way to iPhone and iPad users the world over. According to a voice over […]

Google Now Widget Lands with Latest Google Search Update


Today Google announced a new update to its Google Search app for Android which adds the rumored Google Now widget for phones running Android Jelly Bean. The new Google Now widget gives Android users access to a small selection of the Google Now cards on their homescreen or lock screen. With the widget users can […]

How to Add NCAA Basketball Teams to Google Now

google now supports ncaa basketball

The Google Now feature, that shows users important details based on their Google searches, just got an update in time for the NCAA College Basketball tournaments next month. Users can manually add their favorite NCAA college basketball team to Google Now on their Android phone or tablet. We show the steps for doing this on […]

Google Now Shown Off In Widget Form


After Google had recently debuted the Google Now search feature in its latest television commercial, it’s been recently discovered that Google Now may soon be coming to an Android near you in widget form. The widget appears to be very simple and minimalist in appearance, showing a box with three smaller boxes to display information […]

New Nexus 4 Commercial Shows Off Google Now’s Features


Google’s latest ad for the Nexus 4 highlights Google Now, showing users a few things the Google service is capable of. The ad shows Nexus 4 users across the globe using Google Now to find out information at the same time, across different time zones. The service tells them the weather, helps translate English to […]

Latest Chrome Internet Browser Test Version Adds Notification Center

Chrome Android statue

The latest builds of Chromium for Windows include a new Notification Center that could come to Chrome sometime in the future, according to The Next Web. Chromium is the open source project which shares much of the same code as Google’s Chrome browser, so features that appear in it will often come to the browser […]