Optrix HD Sport Case Turns iPhone Into Extreme Sport Camera


I’m a sucker for cook photography gear and unique iPhone accessories, so the Optrix HD case for the iPhone 4/4S intrigued me. The case turns your iPhone 4/4S into an extreme sports camera which you can mount on your helmet as you go mountain biking, skiing or other death-defying activities. The case is water-proof, and […]

Best Tech and Gadget Gifts Under $25

Gelaskins Android Skin

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to completely drain your bank account this year. There are plenty of gifts to give that don’t cost much, yet will still bring a smile to the recipient’s face. We gathered together the best gadgets and accessories from all of our 2011 Gift Guides that cost less than $25. Whether you’re […]

10 Best iPhone 4S Accessories

Griffin AirCurve Play

Now that you have your iPhone 4S it’s time to accessorize. After all, what’s the good of having the newest Apple phone if you don’t take advantage of the vast sea of cases, docks, and other sweet toys made just for it? Just as there’s an app for almost everything, there’s an accessory for almost […]

MiLi Pico Projector: Turn Your iPhone into a Video Projector [Review]

MiLi Pico Projector V2

The battery-powered MiLi Pico Projector V2 casts a small image onto a wall or screen for mobile video viewing or for presentations. The Mili product adds a few tricks to mobile video projectors, such as including battery power for untethered mobile video projection and an iOS dock so you can connect your iPhone, iPod Touch […]

Belkin Offering 50% Off Everything Through September 30th


If you’ve been in the market for accessories for your Android device, iOS device, or your laptop, then you probably want to think about buying from Belkin anywhere between now and September 30th which is how long its 50% off sale is going to last for. Seriously, everything on the website is half off and […]

Dollar Store iPhone and iPad Accessory Deals

Dollar Store iPhone and iPad Deals

The iPhone and iPad are known for having high priced accessories, but if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to accessorize your iPhone, you need look no farther than the dollar store. On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, a bargain shopping staple in the Midwest, I found a collection of iPhone and […]

RDTX-Pro Radiation Detector from Scosche Lets Your iPhone Hunt Hotspots

RDTX Pro Radiation Detector for iPhone

iPhone users worried about radiation now have a solution to keep them informed thanks to accessory maker Scosche. The RDTX-Pro plugs into the dock connector on your iPhone or iPod Touch and through a free app informs you of how much radiation, if any, is present in your location. The battery powered device also works […]

How to Connect Your Android Phone to iOS Dock Accessories Revisited


When I entered the Android arena I was frustrated by the number of iOS accessories I own that were suddenly incompatible with my preferred smartphone thanks to the proprietary Apple dock connector. Fortunately I found a product that lets users connect an Android phone to the many cars and audio accessories which have Apple connectors. […]

iPhone 4 SLR Mount Snaps Best Instagram Photos on the Block

iPhone 4S SLR Lens Mount

Photojojo is offering one of those iPhone 4 accessories that makes a photographer drool and then scratch their head. The iPhone SLR Mount is a special case and lens mount for the iPhone 4 that allows you to connect your expensive (or cheap) SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 for taking the best iPhone 4 […]

Dot Camera Brings 360 Degree Video to iPhone 4

Dot 360 iPhone 4 Camera

The Dot camera attachment for the iPhone is a Kickstarter project from Kogeto that will allow the user to shoot a 360 degree panoramic video of an environment in real-time instead of taking multiple shots and later splicing them all together. It uses the same technology that the company created to help keep track of […]

How to Use Your Android Phone with iOS Dock Equipped Audio Accessories

CableJive Dock Input Connector

As someone who has recently entered the Android arena after being a an Phone user, one problem is using my collection of iOS audio accessories with my new HTC Thunderbolt. Many accessories have a headphone jack, but for those that don’t, we’ve found a great adapter from CableJive. The CableJive Dock Input Cable ($18.95 )has a female 30-pin […]

iPhone Transformed into LEICA Camera via Case Concept Design

LEICA i9 iPhone Camera Case Concept Design

The synthesis between phone and camera would be complete if a design concept produced by BlackDA came to fruition. The case would turn the iPhone 4 into a LEICA 12MP digital camera. The iPhone would fit into the case and essentially be the camera’s storage and view screen, making the smart phone into an accessory […]