Nexus 5: LG VP Says No, But LG Open to New Nexus

LG isn't working on a Nexus 5, but the company isn't in a position to turn down a chance to make the Nexus 5.

LG will not make the Nexus 5 according to Won Kim, VP of LG Mobile Europe who took time to address a question about the Nexus 5 and a Nexus edition of the LG Optimus G Pro at a press conference this morning. Earlier rumors from the Korea Times in early May claimed LG was […]

White Nexus 4 Goes on Sale May 29

The W

LG will add a new color variant to the Nexus 4, the company’s flagship pure Android device this week. According to a press release made amiable by the company today, users will soon be able to pick up a version of the latest Nexus device with a white rear. The company expects to make the […]

Nexus 4: 5 New Things to Know

The Nexus 4 is part of Google's new focus on design and build quality.

While much of the talk of 2013 has been about phones like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3, there are still some very relevant smartphones on the market not called One or Galaxy including Google’s current Nexus smartphone, the Nexus 4, which is as relevant as it was […]

LG Hints at Optimus Phone With Unbreakable 5-Inch Flexible Display


LG Display is showing off a concept for an unbreakable and flexible 5-inch OLED panel that could be employed in smartphones, like the company’s Optimus series, in the future. Unlike rival Samsung, which is using a different type of technology for its flexible OLED/AMOLED display and is facing delays, LG uses a different process and […]

Will LG Make a Splash in the U.S. With Optimus GJ Phone?


LG already has the Optimus G on AT&T and Sprint and the smartphone-maker recently launched the AT&T-exclusive Optimus G Pro, but the newly announced Optimus GJ shows that LG is going after those with active lifestyles. After the launch of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, a waterproof and dustproof phone that debuted at the Consumer […]

LG Working On New Tablet?


Like rival smartphone-maker HTC, it looks like LG may be looking at renewing its tablet efforts with a forthcoming tablet that could debut as early as the third quarter of this year. At this point, there’s still not a lot of information known about LG’s tablet effort or which operating system that tablet will run. […]

LG Invites Media to See New Optimus G2 Launch


LG is beginning to send media invitations to a new smartphone launch at the end of the month. Though the invitation doesn’t specify which phone LG is aiming to launch, there are speculations that the press event will be for the much rumored LG Optimus G2, which was recently leaked in photos. The media invite […]

LG Optimus G2 With Snapdragon 800 Possibly Pops Up On Sprint Website

LG Optimus G2 leaked photo

An unnamed LG smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 recently showed up in the code for a Sprint web page, could hint at the rumored LG Optimus G2. Android Police first spotted the page with references to the phone as well as the phone’s filings with Bluetooth SIG. The phone uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800, which […]

Button-less LG Smartphone Leak Rumored to be Optimus G2


Newly leaked images of an LG-branded smartphone are believed to be for the unannounced Optimus G2, a successor to the AT&T and Sprint Optimus G in the U.S. Not much information is known about the device or where it falls in the Optimus Android smartphone family, but there are speculations that this phone may be […]

Is Google Working with LG on Nexus TV?


With rumors of Apple creating its own branded iTV HDTV unit, Google may be set to do the same thing with LG in developing a fully integrated Nexus TV. A Nexus TV would be a smart TV that may not rely on a separate, set-top box, like the Google TV boxes developed by Vizio and […]

LG Nexus 5 Possibly in the Works

Google is rumored to be working on a Nexus 5 to replace the Nexus 4.

A new report suggests that LG and Google could be working on a another Nexus smartphone together, possibly the Nexus 5, a device that has been rumored and is likely to arrive at some point later on this year. Last year, LG and Google teamed up to release the Nexus 4, the fourth version of […]

LG Optimus G Pro Hands On

LG Optimus G Pro 10

Today LG launched its new flagship phone in the U.S.: the LG Optimus G Pro, a 5.5-inch phablet without a stylus that’s meant to compete with the Galaxy Note 2. The new phone shares the specs if the Samsung Galaxy S4, but puts it all in a 5.5-inch smartphone that’s closer in size to the […]

LG Optimus G Pro Coming To AT&T May 10 For $199.99

The LG Optimus G remains on Android 4.1 in the U.S.

The LG Optimus G Pro will come to the U.S. as an AT&T exclusive on May 10 for $199.99 on a two-year contract. AT&T announced pre-orders for the phone will start on Friday, May 3. All users who pre-order the phone will get a free Quick Cover black folio case, which replaces the back panel […]

LG Optimus G Pro U.S. Launch Coming May 1st

LG Optimus G Pro invite

Last week LG announced it will hold an event in New York City on May 1, and today it confirmed the event will be the launch of the LG Optimus G Pro. The invitation to LG’s May 1 event now includes an image of the LG Optimus G Pro, the manufacturer’s 5.5-inch smartphone. LG already […]

Nexus 4 LTE Rumored for Google I/O


Much of the attention lavished upon Google I/O has been due to the presumed arrival of a new Nexus 7 2 and Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, the rumored upcoming version of Android. However, according to a new rumor, it could be that we see a new Nexus 4 debut as well in the form […]

LG Says Optimus G Successor Coming in Q3 With 5-Inch Display


While there are speculations that LG may announce the Optimus G Pro, a smartphone with a 5.5-inch display, for the U.S. market with a New York announcement at the beginning of May, the company’s more modestly sized Optimus G will see a successor in the third quarter. The Optimus G originally featured a 4.7-inch IPS […]

LG Announces Big Event In New York City on May 1

LG May press event

LG wants to “share the genius” of its new smartphone with the U.S. on May 1, at an event in New York City. According to Engadget LG recently sent out invitations to the New York event where the company invites press to “capture the spotlight in true brilliance.” The two quotes on the invitation don’t […]

Nexus 4 Problems: Broken Backs, Busted Wireless Chargers

The Nexus 4 was hampered by supply issues.

The Nexus 4 is supposed to represent the best pure Android experience, but Android fans are frustrated with the fragile design of the Nexus 4 and livid over Nexus 4 wireless charging issues. The Nexus 4 launch mess is over, but based on these complaints, Google is in for another mess as users become frustrated […]

Boost Mobile Rumored to Launch LG Optimus F7


Sprint-owned prepaid carrier Boost Mobile is rumored to be launching a higher end mid-range LG Optimus F7 Android smartphone for its network. The F7 along with the Optimus F5 comprises the South Korean manufacturer’s mid-range Optimus portfolio with the latter device arriving in the U.S. as the Lucid 2 on Verizon Wireless. Most recently, 9to5 Google had obtained some […]

LG Optimus G Pro Value Pack Update Steals Samsung Galaxy S4 Features


Early buyers of the LG Optimus G Pro will be getting a software update that packs new eye tracking and dual camera features previously announced to be included in rival Samsung’s Galaxy S 4. The update or what LG is calling the LG Optimus G Pro Value Pack will give Korean users access to new […]