Porsche Design BlackBerry Q10: Two Wrongs Make One Hot Mess


Porsche Design may be turning to smartphone partner BlackBerry once again to release a luxury smartphone based on the BlackBerry 10 operating system and with a keyboard in similar style to the consumer BlackBerry Q10, but can the partnership turn a success for the struggling Canadian smartphone-maker? This would be the second of such collaboration […]

Vertu Debunks Some Speculations Around Android Release


In an email to¬†GottaBeMobile, Vertu has debunked some of the speculations and rumors surrounding the release of what may be the company’s first Android handset. The company did not deny that it was working on an Android handset, as we had reported based on speculations on the Internet, but it did say that some of […]

Vertu Working on Android Luxury Smartphone?


It looks like luxury brand Vertu, which was formerly wholely owned by Nokia, may make the jump from Symbian to Android with its next handset release. The company is rumored to be working on a luxury Android handheld that could be launch at the end of February, perhaps at Mobile World Congress, and sport a […]

Nokia Sells Vertu to Private Equity Firm


Nokia has sold off its wholly-owned Vertu luxury subsidiary to a private equity phone. Vertu, which is one of the leading luxury smartphone makers in the world due to the phone being handcrafted with sapphire keys and crystal glass displays, is estimated to net parent Nokia $249 as a result of the sale, according to […]

Lamborghini: To Russia With Android Bling


It looks like Italian auto house Lamborghini will be turning to the old Kremlin state to debut a new line of luxury Android products, including three smartphones and a tablet. Unfortunately, though, despite the premium price points due to more luxurious metals, Lamborghini’s Android debuts do not have cutting edge specs. The tablet, dubbed the […]

Tag Heuer’s $3,700 Smartphone And 6 Other Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets


Fancy watchmaker Tag Heuer has everyone excited for their new Android smartphone, the Racer. It’s a very, um, special phone made from titanium, carbon fiber, and shockproof rubber. The Racer will run “the latest” Android OS (4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich, everyone assumes) and… well, the company isn’t saying much about specs. Though for the asking price […]

TAG Heuer Crafts Luxury Racer Android Smartphone for Performance


TAG Heuer is ready to enter the premium phone market with its own Android smartphone model called the Racer, a phone that’s crafted with materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. In a promotional video for the smartphone, the house of Heuer dubs the Racer as a ‘breakthrough in Swiss communications,’ Not much is revealed […]

Aston Martin Luxury Phone is a Glorified Samsung Nexus S


As with many premium brands before it, Aston Martin is now in the mobile business with a rebranded Samsung Nexus S. If you think that Aston Martin merely slapped its logo on the vanilla Google handset, think again as the company had partnered with luxury phone-maker Mobiado with the Grand Touch Aston Martin phone. Essentially, […]

Vertu Constellation: Nokia’s Latest Luxury Smartphone with Touchscreen and Symbian


Nokia’s wholly owned luxury subsidiary Vertu has recently announced the Vertu Constellation, a premium smartphone with Symbian and a touchscreen. Many of Vertu’s previous phones come with a feature-phone S40 operating system, the Constellation stands out from the pack with its touch-optimized Symbian operating system complete with a Sapphire crystal touchscreen. In fact, Vertu’s phones […]

TAG Heuer Brings Luxury to Android with New Link Smartphone

TAG Heuer LINK Perspective Tag Heuer Link Smart Phone   Exclusive Debut

If you’re sick of the cheap, plastic build of your current Android smartphone, perhaps you’ll be intrigued in Tag Heuer’s $5,000 Link phone creation, which melds luxurious metal, alligator leather, Gorilla Glass screen, and more. Puzzling, though, is why Tag didn’t go with a sapphire crystal screen considering the company’s legacy in making watches. Dubbed […]

Nokia Goes Luxe with Nokia Oro Gold Edition C7


Nokia, which already operates the luxury Vertu line that rivals high-end Swiss-made watches in price and craftsmanship, is creating a high-value Nokia C7 spin-off as the Nokia Oro. The Nokia C7, pegged as a flagship consumer Symbian^3 smartphone for its affordable price-tag and more modest fixed-focus camera than the flagship Nokia N8, will be gaining […]