MacBook Air Review Part 6: iPhoto ’11 Performance


The MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever used, but with mobility there are usually compromises. As a photographer, one thing that I’m not willing to compromise too much on is photo editing performance. I was a bit concerned about how iPhoto ’11 would perform on the MacBook Air since it has a lot […]

10 Pounds of Apple Mobility


I use a lot of Apple gear these days for a variety of reasons and had to quickly throw my four primary devices in my backpack so I could move some stuff around my new home office. I’m in the midst of writing a multi-part MacBook Air Review and I realized that it’s pretty amazing […]

MacBook Air Review Part 3: Keyboard and Trackpad


In this portion of my multi-part MacBook Air review I’m going to discuss the laptop’s keyboard and trackpad. Yesterday I mentioned that the MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever used (MacBook Air Review Part 1). One of the major reasons that I call it that is because of its trackpad and keyboard. There […]

MacBook Air Review Part 2: It’s Like Driving a Mercedes Benz

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 12.38.37 PM

I’m doing a multi-part review of my new MacBook Air and have gotten a lot of questions. Geeks and non geeks alike have been asking me about my latest laptop and why I call it the best laptop I’ve ever used. At first glance the MacBook Air has a lot in common with other thin and […]

MacBook Air Threatening iPad Sales


Despite recent predictions and projections stating that sales of netbooks and notebooks are being cannibalized by the emerging consumer consumption tablet category that is being led by the popular iPad, the tablet category may be cannibalized by the ultra-portable computer segment that’s being led by the newly unveiled MacBook Air. According to analysts at Rodman […]

Fake MacBook Air is No MacBook Nor Air


Chinese clone-maker E-Stary has received a lot of attention today for its 11.6-inch MacBook Air clone, though the design and device leaves a lot to be desired. Labelled the E-Stary HY118, the clone is essentially a glorified netbook running on Windows 7 stuffed into a chubby silver body and slapped with an Apple logo. The […]

Example of Why Apple’s iLife Matters

Screen shot 2010-10-20 at 1.53.42 PM

Apple announced iLife ’11, am updated suite of multimedia apps today. A lot of people criticize these apps as being too simplistic, but iLife is just what the doctor ordered and is a  big part of why people enjoy using their macs. I use iLife apps quite a bit on my MacBook Pro, even though I […]

GBM InkShow: Gear I’m Carrying at IDF 2010

Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 2.09.25 AM

At tech conferences the talk in the press room at some point turns away from the gadgets being presented and to what we’re actually using.Here’s a video of the gear I’m carrying this week at IDF 2010. I always find it interesting to peer inside of others’ gadget bags, especially those that belong to people […]

Apple patents touchscreen convertible designs for Macs


Patently Apple has put together an analysis of a patent Apple filed in Europe that describes a system for Macs to convert between their standard configurations and touch-centric configurations. PA believes it will switch automatically between Mac OS X and iOS. I’m not so sure.

A Decade of Difference in Mobile Tech


My mobile computing lifestyle has come a long way over the past decade. A lot of the gadget changes and upgrades were gradual, which meant I eased into what I and other geeks consider normal at the dawn of 2010. But during my trip to India this month I realized something – I live in […]

Track 11 fingers on your Macbook? Inconceivable!

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya."

You don’t by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand? If so, FingerMgmt will let you track the movement of all eleven of your fingers on a Macbook multi-touch trackpad. Yes, the latest Macbooks and Macbook Pros can track eleven points of contact on their pads. Seems somewhat excessive to me […]

Add a Touchscreen to your new Mac for $OMG

Is a thumbprint on the logo of a touchscreen company a good idea?

Good news, everyone: Troll Touch is now offering touchscreen mods for the latest iMac and Macbook models. Not-so good news: slapping a touchscreen on that $1,000 13″ Macbook will cost $700, while the iMac touchscreen can, in one case, double the price tag. I love touchscreens as much as the next guy (assuming the next […]

Matt Dillon Says “See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” To Netbooks

In what is part MacBook review / part Farewell to netbooks, GBM’s Matt Dillon lays out why he’s kissed netbooks goodbye. It is a great read, well written, and has some very good arguments on why a person should think twice before purchasing that next netbook. Check it out. Comparing a netbook to a notebook […]

Apple Brings Back Free iPod Touch Deal for Students


College students who buy a Mac their school or direct from Apple can score a free 8GB iPod   Touch after a $229 rebate. Apple offers students between $50 and $200 off MacBooks, making this a pretty sweet deal for those that who are set on getting a Mac and were already eying an iPod […]

A DIY Macbook tablet

Hardly the easiest DIY project I’ve seen, but I give this guy credit for assembling his own tablet computer using a Macbook and Intuos Wacom tablet, which  he calls an iTab. Apparently Wei of weistudio has been planning and building this thing for little more than two years and now has a polished product which […]

Hackintosh Netbook Benchmarked


Although putting OS X on your netbook may be illegal and certainly violates the EULA, one curious individual has taken the time to benchmark the MSI Wind clone, the Advent 2411.   JayPan at Apple Different has posted numerous benchmarks comparing the Advent 2411 to an older iBook G4, a MacBook Air, and a Dell […]

Latest Firefox Beta 3.1 Has Multi-touch Support


Interesting news. Very interesting news, but with all the GPU and memory issues swirling around I don’t think I’ll go buy a Macbook to test it out just yet. The latest Firefox Beta has multi-touch support for the OSX using the multi-touch capabilities of the trackpad. As quoted from MacRumors:

The Best Mobile PCs for Writers

I love to write about technology, life, and other topics that just come to mind. Productive writing, though, requires a decent keyboard, and in my opinion, tablet pc technology. The two go hand-in-hand: a great keyboard for pounding out those articles, and tablet pc technology for brainstorming, reading, marking up, and researching. Although Crave missed […]