Leaked Info Emerges for Native Google Maps App for iOS 6


With iOS 6, Apple made the bold and controversial move to switch away from Google’s mapping services for its native iOS Maps app in favor of an Apple-developed back-end service. While the service does have its weak points–like inaccurate mapping–it does have its strong points like being the first version of a native iOS solution […]

Google Maps Street View Arrives on iPhone & iPad

Google Street View iPhone 1

Street View, Google Map’s real world look at locations across the world is now available in the web browser for iPhone and iPad users. This new move makes it easier to use the Google Maps webpage to find locations and plot out the last step of a trip. Apple recently switched to Apple Maps on […]

Apple Maps 80% More Data Efficient Than Google Maps


While Apple Maps has been a sore point for Tim Cook and team on iOS 6, Apple’s home-built mapping app and service uses 80 percent less data than the rival Google Maps, which has appeared on the iOS platform and the iPhone since inception. When Apple announced iOS 6 and debuted the iPhone 5, it […]

iPhone 5 Review: The Next Edition of a Serial Saga


Writers of serialized fiction have to accomplish two things. They have to keep their audiences coming back for more of the same thing that got them hooked in the first place. And then they have to provide just the right amount of change or surprise that won’t upset those same loyal fans. The greats know […]

Apple’s Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has put forth a letter apologizing for the problems with Maps. Saying the company “fell short” of its own standards and Apple is “extremely sorry” for the frustration this has led to. Cook says that Apple is working hard to improve the App and recommends that consumers use other third party […]

Google-Owned Motorola Used Fake Address To Mock Apple Maps

Motorola Apple Maps iLost ad

It’s clear that Apple’s new Maps application is struggling with its fair share of issues,which is why its strange that Motorola decided to fake an address to mock Apple’s mapping effort. According to AppleInsider the address Motorola used in an image on Google+ isn’t accurate. The problem in the “iLost” image is Apple’s Map actually […]

Losing Direction with Apple Maps


There have already been more words written than can possibly be read about Apple’s issues with its new Maps App. Many of those words are just words without meaning as they counter other words written previously. There’s a PR war going on between Apple and Google over who did what when, both trying to save […]

Apple Ended Google Maps Contract One Year Early and Surprised Google


Google was reportedly caught off guard and surprised when Apple had announced its plans to stop using the Internet giant’s mapping service a year earlier than the contract was set to end. Instead, with iOS 6, Apple had unveiled a replacement Maps app that eschewed Google’s backend mapping service in favor of Apple’s home-grown service, […]

Garmin Adds Google Street View To iOS Apps

Garmin iOS app

The biggest complaint with iOS 6 is the lack of Google Maps and the features and data it once provided. In an attempt to fill one of those holes Garmin added a few new features to its iPhone navigation apps. According to 9To5Mac today Garmin added one of the biggest features of Google Maps to […]

5 Navigation Apps to Replace Apple Maps in iOS 6

no iphone maps

When Apple replaced Google maps on the iPhone 5 and in iOS 6, users howled due to the incomplete search results and inaccurate turn-by-turn directions the new app shows. We recommended that users wait before relying on Apple’s new Maps app during emergencies and even showed you how to replace it with the Google Web […]

Don’t Count on the iOS 6 & iPhone 5 Maps App in an Emergency

iphone-5-review- 4

The iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 devices do not map emergency rooms reliably, which can be a serious problem for the sick or injured. Getting lost during an emergency or being directed to a medical facility without an emergency room while there are plenty of good ones nearby is the stuff of nightmares. Nightmares […]

Embark Helps Make Public Transit Easy in iOS 6

Embark NYC

One of the biggest downfalls of the new Maps app in iOS 6 is the lack of public transportation in the app itself. Thankfully Apple lets other apps fill in that hole, and companies like Embark are here to do just that. Embark recently updated its public transportation apps to work with Apple’s Maps app. […]

iOS 6 Release Brings Modern Maps, Navigation to iPhone

Apple Maps Navigation iOS 6 vs iOS 5

One of the best features in iOS 6 is the improved Apple Maps app. This app replaces Google Maps on the iPhone when users install iOS 6, and brings modern maps with navigation to the iPhone. The iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS all receive this update today, but the best features like Flyover […]

Apple Shows Off iOS 6 Maps with Turn by Turn and 3D


At their Apple iPhone 5 event today, Scott Forstall showed off the new iOS 6 Maps app built into the new operating system that ships on the iPhone 5. It comes with some nice new features that bring iPhone maps up to speed with Android’s map and navigation apps. Apple announced most of the Maps […]

GottaBeFunded: OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

With the new Maps in iOS 6, Apple is relying on third-party apps for public transportation, and thankfully there’s an organization that wants to help fill the gap. OpenPlans is a nonprofit based in New York City that builds open-source apps for cities, and it wants to help iOS users with an open transit app. […]

Apple Adds More Features to Maps App on Latest iOS 6 Beta


The third beta of iOS 6 delivered by Apple to developers on Monday comes with new features added to the Maps app. With iOS 6, Apple will make the move away from its partnership with Google in the mapping space in favor of a robust in-house solution that will no longer rely on Google Maps […]

iOS 6’s Maps App May Also Come to OS X


Apple may be looking at porting the mobile Maps app for iOS 6 to its desktop OS X operating system in the future. A recently discovered code dump by Technically Personal reveals that there are lines of codes with references to Intel graphics chipsets that are found on Mac hardware, suggesting that Apple may bring its in-house […]