Motion Drops New F5t and C5t Rugged Tablets for Enterprise

Motion F5t rugged tablet.

Motion Computing announces the new Motion F5t and Motion C5t rugged Windows tablets. These new Motion tablets feature the latest Intel 3rd gen processor, up to 6 hours of battery life  or 12 hours with hot swappable batteries and an outdoor readable display with Corning Gorilla Glass that supports touch and pen input. The new Motion C5t […]

Motion Computing Talks Enterprise Tablets and Productivity

Motion CL900 Tablet

AT CES 2012 we caught up with Mike Stinson, the Vice President of Marketing for Motion Computing, a Tablet PC manufacturer known for rugged and work friendly tablets. We’ve looked at how company’s like SAP are expanding tools and deploying Android tablets and the iPad into the Enterprise segment, but sometimes a consumer tablet just won’t cut […]

Part 1.5 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Performance

CL900 and Kindle

While testing various scenarios with Ink and Touch on the CL900 I am reviewing I found several significant issues with the reliability and consistency of Ink on this tablet.  I reached out to Rob Bushway to discuss his experiences with this device and the digital pen.  He told me he was not experiencing any problems […]

Part 1 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Hardware

CL900 On Dock

We spend time with the Motion Computing CL900 slate. It has multi-touch, digital ink, and up to eight hours battery life in a small, light slate. Does it live up to it’s potential as the perfect companion in the office, on the road, and sitting on the couch?

Rob Bushway Checks out the Motion CL900 Tablet

Rob Bushway has his hands on the Motion Computing CL900 Tablet and has put up a few posts and videos about his early usage on the slate that is being billed as light and rugged. You can check out all of Rob’s posts so far here, here, here, and here. Rob, as you would expect […]

Motion CL900 Tablet Drop Tested


The Motion CL900 Tablet PC is now on sale and as we mentioned earlier, the device is rugged. Motion released a video today demonstrating its durability. The tablet was dropped from a height of 48″ onto plywood over concrete 26 times to live up to MIL-STD-810G specifications. In the video you can see that the […]

Motion Computing CL900 Tablet PC Goes on Sale


Motion Computing is now taking orders for the CL900 Tablet PC and expects to begin shipping units out to customers within four weeks. The 10.1″ slate runs Windows 7 and has some durability features, including Gorilla Glass. We first saw the Motion Computing CL900 back at CES 2011. The device looked pretty solid, but it […]

Is Tablet Inking Dead?


This morning I received an email from a long time reader asking the question in the title of this post. Here’s an except from that email: I’m a vice president in a large company and have relied on my tablet for more years than I want to admit. WHERE IS ONENOTE IN ALL THIS MESS?  […]

Motion Computing Brings Intel Core i3 to C5v TabletPC

Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 1.21.33 PM

Motion Computing has just released an update to its enterprise-targeted C5 line of tablets in the form of the C5v, which brings a lower cost Intel Core i3 option to the slate. Previous models of the C5 line use the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and the addition of Core i3 support will provide […]

Motion CL900 Docking Station and Accessory Module


Motion Computing’s CL900 Tablet PC might look like a consumer slate at first glance at first glance, but the device is all business. The docking station and accessory module look sharp and will help businesses adapt the CL900 to their needs and working environment. In these photos you can see how the CL900 might be […]

Dr. Tablet Still Using Tablet PCs


I went to my doctor on Friday and as always we ended up talking about technology. Dr. John Selle is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and has used Tablet PCs for a long time. He excitedly showed me that he’d upgraded to a Motion Computing J3500. He really likes having the […]

Motion Offers New Tablet PC Support Programs

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 12.15.31 AM

Motion Computing announced two new support programs designed to minimize downtime caused by faulty or damaged Tablet PCs. Many of Motion Computing’s customers work in rough environments and a downed Tablet PC can have a serious impact on their organizations. Customers who purchase Motion Express Tablet Exchange service will receive a replacement C5v, F5v or […]

Motion Computing now offers ritePen 4.0


More good news about ritePen this week, following last week’s the release of 4.0. Recognizing the power of the new version, Motion Computing has signed up as a reseller of ritePen, offering it to their Tablet PC customers.

Why wait for a Windows 7 slate when you can get one now?


It’s great that Steve Ballmer is getting people fired up about Windows 7 slates and that Microsoft is promoting the concept at their Worldwide Partner Conference. A lot of people seem very excited at the prospect of a slate running Windows 7. Here’s an idea: if you’re excited about Windows 7 slates, why not buy […]

GBM InkShow: Motion Releases J3500 Slate Tablet PC


Very nice. Motion has released the J3500 Slate Tablet PC, a ruggedized entry into their lineup that in review testing seems to be not only a reliable performer but one that will give users an excellent touch and pen experience. I was fortunate enough to spend a few days with the J3500 Slate, and I’m […]

Motion Computing Unveils Updates to F5 and C5 Slates


Motion Computing is releasing updates to its vaunted slate line of computers the F5 and C5. Both now sport options for I5 and I7 processors and other advances. These rugged beauties descend from Motion’s work in the medical niche with the original C5. When the F5 made its debut it was targeted at folks who […]

How I use a Tablet PC


Xavier mentioned in my intro that I am lucky enough to have access to all kinds of Tablet PCs on a daily basis. And I do enjoy getting to try out so many different Tablets. When Xavier asked me to write about how I use a Tablet PC, I have to admit that I had […]

The History of Tablet PCs… featuring one Tablet PC


Ugh. I don’t know why I bother looking at anything in the mainstream media that mentions Tablet PCs. Oh right, I run all those feeds through my reader and filter anything with the term. Too bad I can’t filter out the items that do no justice to the term.