This Phone Blows the iPhone 6 Camera Out of The Water


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are excellent phones, but there’s another new phone that has a far superior camera that photographers should consider before ordering the iPhone 6. Panasonic’s LUMIX Smart Camera DMC-CM1 is a 20-megapixel camera that happens to also be an Andoid phone. in other words, it is much more camera […]

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-M1 Rugged Windows 8.1 Tablet Announced

panasonic toughpad fz-m1

Panasonic added to their line of rugged tablets with the new Panasonic Touchpad FZ-M1 rugged Windows 8.1 tablet, announced at CES 2014. They built the ToughPad FZ-M1 for business and government uses where workers need something more sturdy than an ordinary Windows 8 tablet. It withstands impact, water and even chemicals while giving the user […]

Panasonic Bringing Firefox OS to Smart TVs This Year

Panasonic and Firefox OS partnership

LG might be bringing webOS to smart TVs, but Panasonic will be trying to one-up LG by introducing Firefox OS for smart TVs, which will release at some point later in the year. Mozilla and Panasonic say that they’ll “work together to promote Firefox OS and its open ecosystem,” hopefully boosting the awareness of the […]

Panasonic Toughpad UT-MB5 4K Tablet will Cost You $6000


Panasonic has been known for quite some time for its ruggedized Tablets. Who knew they were also into 4K display technology? That’s right, Panasonic has a ruggedized Tablet with a 4K display ready to come out in January of 2014. The cost? $6000. Yep. This 20-inch Tablet will set you back a pretty penny. But […]

Panasonic Streaming Media Player an Apple TV For Android Users

Panasonic DMP-MST60

Today Panasonic announced two new streaming media boxes available for $79.99 and $99.99, bringing Apple TV-like features to some Android users. The new $79.99 Panasonic DMP-MS10 and $99.99 Panasonic DMP-MST60 both support Miracast, which lets Android 4.2 users stream videos, music and photos to an HDTV. The feature also lets users mirror their display of their Android phone […]

Panasonic Bets on NFC, Rather than Smart OS, on Latest Lumix GF6 Camera


Panasonic had unveiled its latest micro four thirds Lumix GF6 camera with WiFi and NFC, the latter wireless sharing standard is still a rarity on camera systems. The inclusion of NFC is both nice and surprising. Instead of choosing to go with a smart mobile operating system, like the adoption of Google’s Android OS that […]

UltraHD Panasonic 20-Inch Windows 8 Tablet Hands-On


UltraHD, more colloquially referred to as 4K, displays are the meme of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show much like how 3D displays were a large theme a few years ago. And It’s good to see that UltraHD will be migrating from both large HDTVs to smaller monitors and tablets, and Panasonic was on hand to […]

Panasonic Windows 8 Toughpad Offers Enterprise-Grade Security


At the Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic introduced a ruggedized enterprise class Windows Phone 8 Touchpad FZ-A1 tablet. With the power of Windows 8 under its belt, the Touchpad would be a great fit for enterprises that require security and the rugged form factor of the Toughpad. According to Panasonic, the Toughpad family is designed to meet […]

Panasonic Debuts 4K Tablet Prototype

Panasonic 4K tablet prototype

With the 2013 CES show a steady trend up to this point has been primarily focused on tablets. While there have been a lot of Windows 8 tablets, and assorted Android tablets, the new Panasonic 20″ tablet prototype is in a league of its own with an UltraHD resolution display. The announced prototype is a […]

Panasonic Enters The European Smartphone Race with the Eluga

Panasonic Eluga

Panasonic isn’t a brand that’s typically associated with smartphones if you live in North America or Europe. In its native Japan, however, Panasonic has made mobile phones for years. In fact, Panasonic is one of the biggest mobile phone makers in Japan. Today Panasonic is entering the global smartphone race with the Panasonic Eluga which […]

Panasonic Debuts Rugged Touchpad Android Tablets


Following Lenovo‘s lead of trying to port the Android slate experience to corporate, government, and enterprise users, Panasonic is debuting two new Android slates that bring the company’s ‘Tough’ brand to what is traditionally viewed as a consumer mobile operating system. With the Panasonic Toughpad A1, which has a 10-inch display, and the B1, which […]

Panasonic Announces Toughbook Android Tablet Aimed at Enterprise


Panasonic has announced an enterprise-grade Toughbook Android tablet that that will feature a 10.1-inch display and will be on the market for businesses at some point later this year. The Toughbook tablet will bring a secure, durable and functional device to professionals that work in an environment where those attributes are needed on an electronic […]

Panasonic Smartphones Coming to the World, But Not U.S.


Panasonic has introduced its plans to release its first smartphone in Japan and then to continue to spread out to other regions worldwide, but company president Fumio Ohtsubo warns that U.S. residents should not hold their breaths for Panasonic to launch phones there. The company has focused solely on the Japanese market for cell phones and […]

Panasonic Attempts To Enter the Tablet Game with Viera Tablet


I guess it is everybody into the water or Olly Olly Oxen Free when it comes to Tablets at CES 2011. Panasonic is apparently trying to get into the game with an Android Tablet, that I believe is to compliment its web connected Viera TVs. Think of this as more of a companion or large […]

Congress Passes CALM Act, Regulates TV Commercial Volume


Congress apparently took a break from still arguing about unemployment benefits and tax rates to address a very pressing issue: TV Volume. The CALM act is crafted to solve what’s apparently a major crisis in the living room. You know the problem…you have volume set to say 50% while watching your favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant. […]

Panasonic Looking to Join Smartphone Race with Android


Panasonic is looking to capitalize on the gaining popularity of smartphones and hopes to monetize off of the Android platform by releasing its own smartphone in Japan in 2011. The company says that it plans to enter broader markets outside of Japan in 2012 with its Android phones. Japan is a very competitive market for […]

Panasonic ToughBook U1 Aids Chilean Miner Rescue

Screen shot 2010-10-12 at 9.51.07 PM

The first of 33 trapped Chilean miners were pulled up a 2,000ft shaft last night after spending 69 days underground. The ascent up the shaft in a tiny capsule takes about 20 minutes, but the miners won’t be alone. Each miner will have a Panasonic ToughBook U1 attached to them to monitor their location and […]