BlackBerry PlayBook Price Slashed at Best Buy

BlackBerry PlayBook

Shortly after Amazon stuck fear into the hearts of tablet makers around the world, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet saw a considerable price drop occur over at Best Buy. Yesterday, Amazon announced the Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet which will be priced at a modest $199 and in an apparent response, the PlayBook dropped down from $499 […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Price Cuts Begin

BlackBerry PlayBook Price Cuts Begin

Yesterday, during RIM’s Q2 earnings call, Co-CEO Jim Balsillie stated that the BlackBerry PlayBook would start seeing some price cuts. He didn’t specify when or how much of a price decrease the tablet would see only promising that something was coming. Well, sure enough, today, we have our first price drop on the PlayBook courtesy […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to Soon See Price Cuts, Major Software Update

BlackBerry PlayBook

Today hasn’t been a very good day for RIM. It announced that it had only shipped 10.6 million BlackBerry phones in August and it had only shipped a dismal 200,000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets last quarter. Notice that that says shipped and not sold. The sales numbers are unknown but I think it’s pretty safe to […]

RIM Preparing for Major BlackBerry PlayBook OS Update?


Leaked images of a BlackBerry PlayBook running the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 are now beginning to emerge from Sun Yat-sen University. The update to version 2.0 brings with it many long-awaited features to RIM’s debut tablet, which launched without many apps and the most important¬†omission is a suite of PIM apps, which the tablet-maker had […]

RIM: 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook in the Works

BlackBerry PlayBook

Earlier today, Sprint confirmed that it had canceled the WiMax 4G version of RIM’s tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Bad news for those who wanted to scoop one up and even worse news for RIM, a company that just can’t seem to catch a break lately. All hope for a 4G powered PlayBook is not lost […]

Russian Government Shuns iPad, Chooses BlackBerry PlayBook


In a win for Research in Motion, the Russian government is considering the ban on iPad for official use due to security concerns. Instead, Russia is considering adopting either Android tablets or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Another option would see a custom device created by a Russian agency, though it’s unclear whether that tablet would run […]

Android App Emulator for Blackberry Playbook Leaked

android on playbook

Do you remember back when the Blackberry Playbook was one of the many intriguing new tablets to set to launch earlier this year? You know, back before the mediocre reviews and dismal sales lumped RIM’s slate into the growing heap of non-iPad also-rans? Way back then, one of the most exciting features of the Playbook […]

Staples Coupon Will Slice $100 Off Any Tablet (No iPads Though)

staples tablets

If you’re in the market for an Android, ASUS, or *gasp* Blackberry¬†(the email-less wonder) tablet, we have a deal for you. As Cameron Summerson over at Android Police pointed out, Staples has issued a coupon that will cut $100 off of any tablet purchase in their stores through the end of July. Among the slates […]

RIM Has No Plans to Halt Production of WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook


Research in Motion has utilized Twitter to address rumors that the company may halt production of its PlayBook tablet, stating that it has no plans to do so and that the PlayBook is continuing to launch in new countries every week: “Pure fiction. No plan to discontinue. In fact, WiFi PlayBook is launching in new […]

BlackBerry Bridge Finally Available to AT&T Customers

BlackBerry Bridge

AT&T customers who are also BlackBerry PlayBook owners should be happy to learn that BlackBerry Bridge support has finally arrived and the application is going to be showing up on the BlackBerry App World catalog throughout the day. The release of BlackBerry Bridge to AT&T customers has been a long time coming. All the way […]

BlackBerry 4G PlayBook Reportedly Delayed Until Fall

BlackBerry PlayBook

More bad news on the BlackBerry front as Research in Motion’s Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has revealed that the company will not be launching 4G BlackBerry PlayBook models until fall, much different than the summer window which had been previously announced. Lazaridis’ statement was made in passing as he was talking about how he was excited […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Launching in 16 New Countries

BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has announced that its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be headed to 16 new countries at some in the next 30 days. And while the company specified which countries it would be launching in, it failed to provide any specifics as to when exactly we might see it show up. Sales of RIM’s first tablet […]

Sprint Announces WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook


Sprint has yet to launch its 4G WiMax edition of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, but the carrier has now announced that it will start selling the 16 GB WiFi edition through its channels, including its corporate-owned retail stores. The 16 GB WiFi edition of the PlayBook tablet will retail for $499.99. The device […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Still Coming to Sprint, Should Arrive June 5th

BlackBerry PlayBook

It looks like Sprint still intends on releasing the BlackBerry PlayBook and it appears that it intends on releasing it soon. According to remarks made by Sprint Market Director Gerald Evans – which have since been deleted – the PlayBook will arrive on Sprint in Wi-Fi form on June 5th. Here is what he said: […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 2 Gets Detailed: 10-Inch Display, 4G Radio

BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has only been out for two months, the company has yet to even ship their WiMax flavored PlayBook on Sprint and already we are hearing rumors of a sequel that is currently being dubbed, the BlackBerry PlayBook 2. N4BB is citing sources that are claiming that RIM is preparing to release […]

PlayBook Sales May Begin to Plateau


Despite an early good start to its debut tablet, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Playbook may be reaching a point where sales are plateauing, if not tapering off. Predictions of the latest sales number come from Wedbush Securities analyst Scott Sutherland, who believes that sales figure for the tablet will be no more than 450,000 units […]

PlayBook Giving RIM Big Pay Day?


Sales of the RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook appear to be exceedingly positive with some analysts estimating that the BlackBerry-maker has moved over 250,000 units of the debuting tablets in the first month of sales. Sales of the PlayBook now have surpassed Motorola’s sales of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb debut tablet, which sold the same number in […]