How to Use the LG G4 Remote Control App

LG G4 Remote

The LG G4 features an infrared sensor on the top that turns the smartphone into a remote control for almost any device in your living room. Our guide below will explain how to quickly setup and use the LG G4 remote control app to control your home theater. LG’s new G4 smartphone has a big […]

How to Use the HTC One M9 as a Remote Control


The powerful new HTC One M9 is packed full of impressive features and a stylish two-tone aluminum design, but the phone can also double as an easy remote control. Just like the Galaxy S5 last year and a few phones from LG, the HTC One M9 can act as a remote control for any room […]

How to Use the Galaxy Note 4 as a Remote Control


The powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packed full of impressive features and sensors. From a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, UV sensor, and stylus, to even an Infrared blaster to act as a remote control. Just like the Galaxy S5 last year, and a few phones from LG, the Galaxy Note 4 can act […]

iPhone Remote Control Apps to Control Your TV

Use these iPhone remote control apps to do more with your iPhone.

You don’t need to spend money on accessories to use iPhone remote control apps, but there are some trade offs that come from using free apps that may only control your cable or satellite boxes. While some TVs may offer iPhone remote control apps, the trend is back to IR and RF controls that require […]

Finally, A Remote to Control Your Whole House in New Ways

Logitech Harmony Home - API -  1

Logitech already controls living rooms across the country, but the company that makes the best universal remote control is taking aim at the entire smart home experience with the new Harmony API that delivers access to over 270,000 home entertainment and automation devices right to wearables, voice control systems and You don’t need your remote control […]

How to Use the Galaxy S5 as a Remote Control


The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed full of features and sensors. From a fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, to even an Infrared blaster to act as a remote control. Just like the Galaxy S4 last year, and a few phones from LG, the Galaxy S5 can act as a remote control for the entire […]

How to Use the LG G3 as a Remote Control


Just like the LG G2 last year and a few phones from other manufacturers, the all new LG G3 is packed full of features. One of which is using your new smartphone as a remote control. The LG G3 is extremely powerful and can do a lot of things, and here we’ll show you how […]

How to Run Windows Apps on iPad Using Parallels Access

Parallels Access lets iPad users control their Windows desktop apps.

Thanks to the huge collection of apps from Apple’s App Store an iPad can do most of what average computer users want to do. But sometimes there’s a special Windows PC program that does something not possible on an iPad. The newly updated Parallels Access lets users run specialized piece Windows software from an iPad, iPad mini or […]

How to Control Your Apple TV Using Your iPhone

Apple TV Remote

While the Apple TV hasn’t become quite as popular as the iPhone or iPad over the years, it’s still a staple in many households and it serves as a vital accessory of sorts to iOS device owners. The Apple TV can do a lot of neat stuff, but it’s practically useless without a remote control. […]

Satechi BT Media Remote Review: Great iPhone 5 Car Companion

Satechi Bluetooth Remote Control - iPhone Bluetooth remote - 1

The Satechi BT Media Remote is a Bluetooth remote control for the iPhone and iPad, and for the past month it’s my in-car Bluetooth remote control for  the iPhone. The BT Media Remote controls the iPhone when I am driving so I don’t need to look for an on-screen control. I use the bluetooth remote […]

LG Announces Optimus Vu II With IR And Universal Remote Control App


Ahead of the rumored launch of Verizon’s Optimus Vu variant known as the LG Intuition 4G on the U.S. carrier’s 4G LTE network, manufacturer LG has just announced the Optimus Vu II for the South Korean market. At this time, though the phone has been announced, it’s still unclear what the specs for the hardware […]

Apple Needs to Make this Bluetooth iPhone Steering Wheel Remote Control

Bluetooth iPhone Steering Wheel Remote Control Patent.

The U.S. Patent Office granted Apple a patent for a steering wheel remote control that clips to the steering wheel, controlling the iPhone wirelessly. PatentlyApple discovered the new in-vehicle Apple patent, originally filed under the names of the inventors instead of under the Apple corporate name, which is why it flew under the radar for […]

iRemote Concept is What the Apple Remote App Should Be (Video)

Magic MacBook Pro by Yanko Designs

I love Yanko Designs concept designs of cool products that could be. Today they showed off a dream product called the Magic MacBook Pro with iRemote. Designer Enrico Penello dreamed up the cool idea for a MacBook Pro with a palm rest and trackpad that you can slide off to expose a small touch panel […]

iOS 5 iPhone Camera Hardware Shutter Button Extends to Headphones


With iOS 5, Apple is allowing camera phone photographers to make use of the volume up button as a shutter button to capture images, rather than relying on the touchscreen button to snap a photo. However, it seems that the next-generation iOS operating system–still a developer beta–also extends the capabilities to headphones and headsets as […]

Google Makes Android the Center of Your Home Experience


Moving beyond smartphones, tablets, and Google TV, Google wants to make Android more ubiquitous in your home with the Android @ Home project. Though Google is laying the framework and is demonstrating the potential of Android @ Home at the Google I/O conference today in San Francisco, California, the company is hoping that it’s eager […]

GDC 2011: A.R. Drone Flying Remote Control Plane Demo (Video)


At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, Parrot was showing off its popular remote control plane/helicopter, which is controlled via an iOS device like the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Combined with the hardware, the company has also released a social augmented reality game for the A.R. Drone, and says that it has […]