Talking Angela App Scare Skyrockets App to Top of Charts

The Talking Angela App hoax about a pedophile ring and a danger to kids pushed the app to the top 10.

*+-The Talking Angela app is in the top 10 free iPhone apps right now thanks to a scare that started on Facebook and quickly stirred up parents who worried that the Talking Angela app is the front for a “PEDO RING” exploiting children who play the game with a talking cat. This is the second […]

Google Play Store Makes it Easy for Kids to Overspend


*+-It looks like Apple isn’t the only one letting kids spend their parents hard-earned money on app purchases on the App Store, because Android users are facing a similar situation on the Google Play Store. Last week Apple settled yet another lawsuit for over $32 million in refunds for app purchases and in-app purchases on […]

LG Banks on Fingerprint Tech in 2014


*+-A report out of Korea’s ET Times suggests that both the LG G3 and the LG G Pro 2 planned for this year will come with a fingerprint reader after the trend was popularized by Apple with the iPhone 5s. It’s unclear how accurate this new intel is given that LG has not announced either phones, […]

Microsoft Throws Windows XP Users a Lifeline


*+-Microsoft is ready if not incredibly eager to put Windows XP, the operating system from the early 2000s that went on to dominate laptops and desktops, behind it. That’s why the company originally announced that it would end all support of the operating system and the tools device owners use as an excuse to continue […]

Starbucks Confirms Storing Unencrypted Passwords in iOS App (Update)


*+-If you’re a big fan of using the Starbucks app on your iPhone, today’s news might make you change your mind. According to Computerworld, Starbucks confirmed that its iPhone app stored username and password data in plain text and unencrypted. This means that anyone with access to your phone can see your username and password […]

Target Offering Free Credit Monitoring After Credit Card Breach


*+-It’s been a stressful few weeks for Target after over 100 million customers had their credit card information stolen from Target’s database during the Black Friday shopping weekend. The retail chain tried to make it up to folks by offering them a measly 10% discount on Target purchases, and now the company wants to try […]

How to Get Mugged: Own an iPhone in New York City

Samsung Videographer celebrates with the first person to get the iPhone 5S in New York City, Brian ceballo

*+-Social scientists and police departments have struggled to accurately identify the exact conditions that create a heaven for crooks and robbers since the dawn of the world’s largest cities. Apparently, they needn’t have bothered. Statistic compiled by the New York Police Department indicate that owning and using Apple’s iPad and iPhone are the only things […]

eyeLock myris is TouchID for the Eyes


*+-Apple’s iPhone 5s has brought biometric security mainstream thanks to the inclusion of the TouchID fingerprint scanner and since then other companies like HTC with the One Max have tried to capitalize on Apple’s success. However, a new technology that relies on scanning the human eyes is said to be much more accurate and powerful […]

Samsung SmartCam HD Announced for Outdoor Security


*+-Here at the Consumer Electronics Show Samsung revealed its new lineup of do-it-yourself home security camera to take on some of the competition. Delivering both indoor and outdoor security WiFi cameras capable of 1080p video capture. The new security camera options have a few things that make them stand out vs the others available. Offering […]

BioProtect Brings TouchID Authentication to All iPhone 5s Apps

photo (1)

*+-Though Apple introduced TouchID on the latest iPhone 5s flagship, its use is mainly limited to securing your iPhone and for authenticating iTunes and App Store purchases. Thankfully, thanks to the latest iOS 7 untethered jailbreak, a third-party developer was able to bring TouchID to all iOS 7 apps on the iPhone 5s so that […]

iPhone, Xbox & Notebooks…They’re All PCs and PCs Are Insecure


*+-As the world seems poised to begin another year, we find ourselves collectively asking how large security agencies and corporations managed to get around our sense of privacy and fair play. For sure, lawyers and Constitutional scholars will debate that for years, however I don’t think the early causes are that hard to nail down. […]

Researchers Break Into Samsung’s Fort Knox Smartphone Security


*+-Over the holiday, separate security research teams have uncovered a security flaw in Samsung’s Knox security system which is designed to secure data on the company’s line of Galaxy Android smartphones. Samsung introduced Knox as a way for consumers to use the same phone for both work and personal use while at the same time […]

How to Add a Password to the Google Play Store

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 12.27.52 PM

*+-One question I get all the time is regarding how to password protect Google Play from unwanted purchases. While you’re spending time with the family this holiday season you’ll want to add a password and save yourself some potential trouble. During the holidays and Christmas season many of you will be getting new smartphones and […]

As Android Grows, Users and Developers Lose

The Nexus 4 Android 4.4 KitKat update is still weeks out, just like the factory images, but here aretwo options to get Android 4.4 for the Nexus 4 today. Image via boykioy on XDA.

*+-A new research report indicates that as Google’s Android operating system continues to grow, users and developers stand to lose in terms of app sales and security. In State of Security in the App Economy, an app market research report that features data collected and interpreted by app research firm Arxan Technologies; numbers show that […]

Gmail’s New Policy Will Speed Up Email Viewing


*+-Google has enabled a new policy change that will take effect immediately for desktop users and will go into effect early next year for the Gmail application for iOS and Android users that will no longer ask users if they want embedded images in emails to be shown. By removing this step, Google will make […]

Microsoft Rolling Out New Security Features


*+-If you’re a Windows user, Microsoft is beginning to roll out some new security features that you might want to take a look at. These new features add to the two-step verification process Microsoft rolled out last April. The new features will begin rolling out this week. Microsoft is stressing that while security is a […]

Mobile Tech Specs We Don’t Need to Worry About Anymore


*+-For most of our mobile lives with gadgets we’ve been concerned about speeds, feeds, and mobile tech specs for the devices we lust after. And, I bet there’s been a spec or two that may have kept you from parting with your hard earned money if those specs didn’t meet your expectations. (Can anyone say […]

iPhone Security Not Enough for Presidential Use

Look for iPhone Black Friday Deals in 2013.

*+-During a health care speech at the White House on Wednesday, President Obama said that he’s not allowed to use an iPhone due to “security reasons.” Instead, the president uses a BlackBerry device, which are well known for being secure, thanks to the company’s focus on enterprise use. iPhone security is apparently not up to […]

Will Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Come with TouchID Rival for Easy Log-In?

*+-Samsung is reportedly chasing Apple’s iPhone 5s’ TouchID biometric authentication sensor with its own version, which is said to debut in 2014. As Samsung makes two flagship lines of smartphones–a Galaxy S debut in the sprint and a Galaxy Note refresh in the fall–it’s still too early to know if the TouchID fingerprint sensor rival […]

Beyond Fingerprints, Apple Turns to Faces for Mac, iPhone, iPad Security


*+-Apple was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an invention that would allow a personal computing device to be controlled by facial recognition. The purpose of facial detection would be for security and for convenience purposes, and the invention could be applied on Macs, iPhones, and even iPad tablets. […]