Samsung Galaxy Note: Initial Speed and Battery Tests

Galaxy Note Speedtest Results

Update: Read our full review of the Galaxy Note for newer battery and speed results. I’ve had the Galaxy Note for 24 hours now and so far I’m a fan of the big screen, the speedy performance, and even the S Pen. However, there are two aspects of the phone that worry me: battery life […]

AT&T’s Upgrade Fee Doubles This Sunday


While many of you may have been on board with the changes that AT&T recently made to its tiered data plans, we still wish there were more options, you’re probably not going to like the change that the carrier will be bringing about this Sunday. The company has confirmed to Android Central its plans to […]

Best eReader Apps for iPhone and iPad


Book lovers have many choices for reading eBooks on the iPad and iPhone — too many, really. The best eReading apps have comfortable, customizable reading experiences and an easy to use interfaces. There are two contenders for the top spot on iOS: Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Bluefire Reader.

T-Mobile Rumored to Offer All Handsets for Free on 2/11 After Rebate


T-Mobile USA may be running a special Valentine’s Day promotion, if TmoNews has accurate information, where all phones and smartphones would be available for free to new and existing customers after rebate. The nation’s fourth largest carrier has yet to confirm information about the sale, but TmoNews claims that the ‘All Hands Sale’ will be […]

Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy Note Today


Should you order the phone today or wait until it’s actually out before buying? It’s a tempting device with a gorgeous 5.3 inch display, a digitized stylus, plenty of pre-loaded and free apps that support it, plus 4G LTE speeds.

LTE-Only Smartphones May Be Coming As Soon As This Year


Yesterday Ericsson and Qualcomm made an announcement that will likely have a huge impact on mobile users, though many probably didn’t hear about it or care. The companies revealed that they successfully passed a call started while on an LTE network to a 3G one for the first time. According to GigaOM this opens up […]

How To Watch The Super Bowl On Your Android or iPhone

NFL Mobile on the iPhone - image credit Electronista

The big game is Sunday and people all across the land are planning big Super Bowl parties… except those of you who can’t get to a TV for whatever reason. Fear not, we live in the future. And that means watching the Super Bowl on your phone. A few weeks ago the NFL announced that […]

Symantec Scares Everyone For No Reason (And I’m Not At All Shocked)

Symantec Malware OMG

A few days ago security company Symantec warned the world that malware is rampant on the Android Market and, via a little over a dozen apps, around 5 million users were likely infected. Cue panic. Except: there’s no reason to panic. Right away the makers of Lookout Mobile Security called shenanigans on Symantec’s labeling of […]

HTC to Release Fewer Phones in 2012


In comments made to Mobile Today, HTC has confirmed that it will be slashing its smartphone portfolio for 2012 and that it will shift focus away from the tablet market and instead focus on the quality of the company’s phone lineup. This confirmation comes just shortly after Motorola said something similar in that it will […]

Samsung Adding S Pen Stylus To The Next Generation Galaxy Tab?

Galaxy Note S Pen

In an interview with LAPTOP Magazine, Samsung product marketing manager Ryan Bidan says that having a pen interface similar to what we see with the Galaxy Note “continues to make a lot of sense across a number of screen sizes,” but won’t go so far as to say that the next 10.1-inch Tab will have a stylus. Still, the possibility has many all a-buzz with the possibility. I wouldn’t be sad to see a small stylus like the Note’s come with the next Tab as I’m a fan of stylii in general.

Evernote and Skitch Now Available As Dolphin Browser Add-ons

Evernote and Skitch Dolphin Browser add-ons

Users of Evernote and Skitch now have even more reasons to ditch the stock browser. Dolphin now has adds-ons for both apps which will integrate more of their functionality into the browser. Power users will appreciate the ability to draw or scribble on web content and clip web pages easier. And, since they’re add-ons, you […]

Watch the State of the Union Address On Your Phone

State of the Union Address

Tonight’s State of the Union address will air on all the major networks (and Fox) and on C-SPAN at 9PM eastern, but you don’t need a TV to watch the president speak. Just like last year, the White House will stream the speech online (with an enhanced version, even), as will CNN, C-SPAN, and Quora. […]

Women Outpace Men In Digital Habits, Buying and Engagement

Likelihood of Purchasing CE Devices: men vs. Women Q4 2011

The old stereotype that women are less engaged with technology than men is just that: a stereotype. And, according to research by Parks Associates consultants, untrue. Not only do women engage more online, they’re also more likely than men to buy “hot” tech products and use them for sharing and consuming media. The study says that once women buy a product, be it a smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop, they become heavy users. Not just of the “practical” aspects of the device, but utilizing all of the features available.

Scosche cellCONTROL Stops You From Texting While Driving


Despite laws against it, despite PSAs and documentaries that show the dangers, despite all common sense, there are still tons of people out there engaging in dangerous activities such as texting or web surfing with their phones while driving. If you can’t exercise any self-control to end this behavior or want to help someone else […]