Microsoft to Support Surface RT Tablet Hardware for 4.5 Years!


In an update to its support site, Microsoft has detailed its support policy for the new Surface tablet that runs the company’s consumer-oriented Windows RT operating system. According to Microsoft, the Surface RT will receive ‘mainstream’ support until the end date of April 11, 2017, or roughly 4.5 years since the device debuted. The company […]

Retina iPad Display Still Leads Tablet Screens


Despite Microsoft’s claims about the display on its Surface RT tablet besting the iPad’s Retina Display, DisplaySearch’s findings show that the iPad’s Retina Display, which is utilized on the third generation and fourth generation iPad tablets, still ranks supreme in the tablet display category overall. That said, the Surface still has a great display and […]

Microsoft Confirms Surface RT Sales Off to a ‘Modest’ Start


Speaking to a French newspaper, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that sales of his company’s first self-branded Surface RT are off to a modest start. This is the first indication of any sales progress for the tablet since it debuted late last month alongside the new Windows 8 desktop OS and the lightweight Windows […]

Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet to Cost $870?


Leaked pricing of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, which will run on Intel’s Core i5 processor alongside Windows 8 Professional, suggests that the tablet may land in the U.S. for the starting price of $870. In Germany, retailer is listing the 128 GB model for about $909 and the 64 GB model is priced at approximately […]

Windows RT Takes Up Half the Storage of Microsoft’s Surface Tablet


Microsoft had recently disclosed how much storage you’ll end up having on the various different storage configurations of its Surface RT tablets, which runs the embedded Windows RT operating system designed for processors with architecture designed by ARM Holdings. According to Microsoft, the base 32 GB edition of the Surface tablet will see half of […]

A Few Useful Surface RT Hints and Tips

Screenshot 11:5:12 12:09 PM

This is just a quick post to pass on a few useful links to hints and tips for those might be exploring the Windows RT experience. These all come from links to other sites where those folks did all the work, so credit where credit is due. With any new OS there are always things […]

Microsoft Reportedly Testing Windows Phone 8 Surface Smartphone

Windows Phone 8 launch

Microsoft is building and testing its own smartphone with Asian suppliers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft is still in early stages with the smartphone, so it’s not clear if the company intends to mass produce the phone, or if it is just testing a phone. The phone is reportedly in line with high-end […]

Microsoft Surface RT Torn Down, Deemed Difficult To Repair

Microsoft Surface Teardown

As with any major new device, now that Microsoft’s Surface RT is available iFixit has a new teardown to show the inside of the device and see how easy it is to repair. To disassemble the Microsoft Surface RT iFixit had to remove a total of 17 Torx screws from under the kickstand and the camera […]

Microsoft Surface RT vs Surface Pro: Which Is Right For You?

Microsoft Surface tablet

The Microsoft Surface RT is finally on sale starting at $499, but Microsoft has another version of the tablet on the way in a few months that power users might want to wait for. The Surface tablet that comes out on October 26 is the Windows RT version of Surface. It uses an ARM processor […]

Microsoft Surface Team Reveals Surface RT Design & Feature Details


Shortly after the Microsoft Surface went on sale yesterday the team behind the device went to Reddit, an online community, to answer a number of questions about the device. During the Reddit AMA, short for Ask Me Anything, the Surface team talked about why they chose the screen resolution for the Surface, why there’s no 3G […]

Microsoft Unveils First Windows 8 TV Ad


Microsoft is starting its advertising campaign for Windows 8 with a TV ad less than two weeks before the new OS goes on sale. The new Windows 8 ad shows off a few of the new features including the new start screen with live tiles, Xbox Music, and using gestures on an image to unlock […]

Microsoft’s Windows RT Surface Tablet Speculated at $350 Pricing?


It appears that Microsoft will be aggressively pricing its Surface tablets in order to gain market share in the competitive tablet space, which has been dominated by Apple’s iPad slate and is being crowded with a number of low-cost and feature-speced Android devices. The Microsoft hardware branded Surface tablets will be available in two models […]

Microsoft Could Launch Surface Windows Phone 8 Device


Shortly after Microsoft announced the Surface tablet rumors began swirling that it might make phones as well, which Microsoft denied. Now the rumor surfaces again with more details. According to BGR Microsoft could make its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone sometime in the near future to help build more interest for the platform. The device […]

Windows 8 Event Planned for October 25 in New York City

Windows 8 October 25 launch

Microsoft will launch Windows 8 on October 26, but it has a launch event scheduled for the day before in New York City. According to The Verge Microsoft sent out an email to some members of the press, inviting them to the Windows 8 launch in New York City on October 25. There aren’t many […]

Sony Announces Xperia Tablet S With Surface-like Keyboard

Sony Xeria Tablet S

Sony’s newest entry in the Android tablet market looks a lot like its previous effort, but the new Xperia Tablet S is more than just a beefed-up version of the Tablet S. According to The Verge Sony’s new Xperia Tablet S keeps the same basic design that resembles a folded magazine, but is slimmer than […]

Microsoft Surface Price Pegged at $199


The Windows RT Microsoft Surface could come in at the same price of the Nexus 7 when it comes to market on October 26. According to Engadget Microsoft plans to release the Surface with a $199 price tag. The price comes from a source who attended Microsoft’s TechReady15 conference where the company discussed the launch plans […]

Microsoft, Apple Had Inked Licensing Deal for Surface Tablet

As part of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung accusing the Galaxy-maker of patent infringement and copying the designs of the iPhone and iPad, it was revealed that Apple and Microsoft had inked a deal that would prevent either companies from blatantly copying each other. Reuters revealed that Apple and Microsoft had an anti-cloning agreement and that both […]

Microsoft Begins Surface 2 Development


A recent job posting by software giant Microsoft suggests that the company is looking to work on development for the Surface 2 tablet. The job posting would mean that Microsoft would at least begin the process of development–starting with recruiting hardware and software engineers–of the Surface tablet successor a few months before the first generation […]

Analyst Predicts Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Will Be Just Another Zune


Though Microsoft has not yet made its Surface hardware available until the next version of Windows launches in October, a lot of attention is being placed on Microsoft’s foray into the tablet hardware business. When the company debuted the Surface tablet to media, the clean design and innovative keyboard smart cover won praise from the […]