Why the iPhone 6 Plus Might Pull Me Back to the Apple Fold

iphone 6 plus gold

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus looks like a beautiful piece of hardware. Apple unveiled it, and then promptly began taking record pre-orders. The phone sold so well that few outlets will get buyers a phone ordered today until some time in October. I stayed up late and claimed an iPhone 6 Plus with 64GB of […]

iOS 8 Keyboard Finally Catches Up With Android

Screenshot 2014-06-02 10.58.07-L

Today is Apple day with the company hosting its annual WWDC event in California, and one announcement (of many) should make millions and millions of iOS users extremely happy. We’re talking about the keyboard of course, as Apple aims to reduce all those auto-correct fails that happen on a daily basis. iOS 8 was finally […]

Swype Now Available in the Google Play Store


As of today, Swype, the keyboard add-on that allows Android users to speed through text input by not having to remove their fingers from their device’s touch screen, is now available in the Google Play Store. Until this point users who had a device that it wasn’t preinstalled on weren’t able to get their hands on […]

SwiftKey Flow Adds Swype-like Gestures

SwiftKey Flow

The popular Android keyboard replacement SwiftKey will soon have gesture support to better compete with other keyboards like Swype. SwiftKey is best known for its great autocorrect and predictive text. The keyboard is smart enough to break up multiple words if the user misses the keyboard, and will recommend the next word the user will […]

Swype Now Available for Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.0

Swype Now built into Galaxy S3 on AT&T

While Swype wasn’t able to hit its the January target that it had set for an update to add support for Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and thus, the Galaxy Nexus, the company has now delivered the app for devices running the latest version of Android and that means that if you own a […]

Where is Swype for the Galaxy Nexus?


I have been itching for Swype on my Galaxy Nexus since the launch. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work on the Galaxy Nexus or ICS for that matter. I went through a lot trying to get my fix. I have become addicted to this input style and had to have something. I shared with you all several […]

Swype update to support Android 4.0 expected by the end of January


I absolutely love having Swype on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 through the unofficial version that was hacked and fixed by an XDA member. It seems we won’t have to wait too much longer for the official version to support Ice Cream Sandwich on our Galaxy Nexus. I shared a way to get […]

How to Get Swype on the Galaxy Nexus


Merry Christmas GBM Galaxy Nexus Owners! Swype is here, unofficially. By now, I am sure everyone knows that Swype doesn’t work on the Galaxy Nexus. I expected them to have already worked on a version compatible with both ICS and the 720p screen resolution that the Galaxy Nexus sports since the unlocked GSM version had been […]

Swype Beta Incorporates Dragon Dictation And Provides Better Accuracy

Swype Beta with Dragon dictation

Happy users of the Swype keyboard for Android may be getting a new version of the popular app soon. The popular trace-to-type keyboard — pre-loaded on many smartphones — just launched a new beta that includes two major upgrades. The first is Dragon voice dictation by Nuance, the company behind Dragon Naturally Speaking and the […]

Swype Alternatives for the Galaxy Nexus


If you’ve picked up the Galaxy Nexus, you probably already know that Swype isn’t on there. When I got my Galaxy Nexus last Thursday, I was surprised to find this. Filling out all those user names and passwords by tap tap tapping the default keyboard drove me crazy. I poked around and couldn’t find it. […]

Sony Swipes Swype Keyboard for Xperia Phones

Sony Gesture Typing

Sony has been paying attention to the needs of Android users, and found that many of them are fans of the Swype keyboard, which allows you to slide your finger across keys to type. Instead of paying to put Swype on the new Xperia smartphones, like many other manufacturers have started doing, Sony decided it would be […]

Nuance Buying Swype


After a huge public announcement alongside Apple for the launch of the iPhone 4S as the voice engine to power the Siri virtual assistant software, Nuance is looking to grow its natural UI portfolio with an acquisition of Swype. Swype is a software keyboard that’s pre-loaded on a number of Android smartphones as an alternative […]

What is iOS 5 Missing?

iOS 5 "widgets"

On October 4th Apple is holding an iPhone event where we expect to learn more about the next iPhone. Apple is also expected to announce an iOS 5 release date and share more details about the software which will come to most iPhones on or around October 12th. While details are still fuzzy on the iPhone 5, […]

5 Things the iPhone 5 Can Learn From the Droid Bionic

iPhone 4 landscape small display

The iPhone is generally thought of as a leading smartphone, one the competition learns from and copies, but this time around, there are several features that I hope the iPhone 5 learns from the Droid Bionic. The iPhone 5 is even more anticipated than the iPhone 4, but it is facing stiff competition from several […]

HTC Launching Trace Keyboard on Sensation to Compete with Swype

HTC Trace on the HTC Sensation

The newly announced HTC Sensation smartphone will not only come with a number of new hardware specs, but will also launch with a new software keyboard called HTC Trace. HTC Trace will be competing against Swype to provide users with a different method of entering text on a touchscreen smartphone. Rather than pecking away at […]

How do you get it on with your Tablet?

Lets move forward folks!

One of the best features of a tablet PC is that it does not require external input devices. On slate tablets in particular the lack of a keyboard and track pad, as well as the slim form factor makes them portable, easy to use and in many ways downright fun. Ultimately although the concept of […]

CES 2010: With Swype, I’m all thumbs

At the Samsung domain at CES, I got a chance to give Swype a quick runthrough on the Omnia II. While the Samsung rep doing the demo was quite adept (though obviously running through a list of words he’d practiced), my one thumb style was Swyping out nothing but gibberish.

Would you Swype instead of type?

TechCrunch has leaked a video comparison of the new typing system called Swype that allows a user to type by dragging their finger from one key to the next on their handheld touchscreen device. Accuracy is enhanced by a predictive system devised by the creator of T9. The first device to use the system, which […]