CheapAir Now Includes In-Flight Wi-Fi Availability In Search Results

CheapAir Now Includes In-Flight Wi-Fi Availability In Search Results

I’ve never been a big airline loyalist, but for the past few years I’ve been trying to travel exclusively on Virgin America and Delta because there’s always Wi-Fi available on the former and a good chance of it on the latter. Other airlines have Wi-Fi, just not always as consistently. And not all flight finders […]

5 Ridiculous SkyMall iPhone Accessories


Open up any SkyMall catalog while on your next flight and you’re bound to find a number of awful products, but when it comes to technology SkyMall has a number of ridiculous accessories. If you look for iPhone accessories, the list gets even crazier with a number of out there products for your iPhone. On […]

Tripit is My Essential Travel App for Android and iPhone

Tripit app for travel

If you travel, even occasionally, you definitely need to install the Tripit app on your iPhone or Android device. This free app combines with the Tripit service to “automagically” transform your travel itineraries from popular sites like Travelocity and other details about your trip into an easy to read format that is easy to read on small […]

Will U.S. Customs Really Accept A Passport Picture on an iPad?

iPads as passports

Canadian Martin Reisch has an interesting story to tell about his latest encounter with U.S. Customs. On a trip to Vermont the holiday season Reisch discovered that he’d forgotten his passport. Since he was so close to the border he decided to take a chance crossing over with just a picture of his passport, which he’d stored […]

PlugBug Charges Your MacBook, iPad and iPhone With A Single Plug

plug bug Macbook and iPad charger

File this one under, awesome accessories for travelers. The PlugBug is a small adapter that attaches to your Apple notebook power adapter and adds a USB charger capable of charging your iPhone or iPad. The add-on couples to your Apple charger, in place of the extension cord or plug adapter, allowing you to leave one of your […]

More East Coast Amtrak Routes Get Free WiFi

amtrakconnect wifi

Good news for travelers who prefer the train over the plane: Amtrak is bringing Wi-Fi to more of its train routes. Starting today on the East Coast (with California to follow by the end of the year), train riders will be able to surf to their heart’s content via AmtrakConnect. This follows the addition of […]

Travel Tech and In Flight WiFi Usage Trends [Infographic]

Travel Tech and In flight WiFi Infographic

When you have to grab your gear and hit the road, what do you take? When you fly are you using the in-flight WiFi service? I’m not your average traveler, normally carrying two notebooks, at least one tablet and a smartphone when I fly, but based on this infographic from GoGo, the in flight WiFi […]

Skype WiFi Brings Per Minute WiFi Access to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Skype WiFi App

Skype just made it easier to get online at over a million hotspots worldwide with the new Skype WiFi app for iOS. Skype WiFi, which used to be called Skype Access, let’s you connect to hotspots in airports and coffee shops with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without buying huge blocks of time and pulling out […]

Great One-Minute Travel Films, How to Make Your Own

Screen Shot 2011-08-05 at 8.43.01 AM

A trio of globetrotters recently trimmed down 44 days of travel into three one-minute films. A lot of talent, creativity and technology went into making these videos. You won’t get the same results by shooting videos on your mobile phone and editing them on your tablet, but these films can serve as inspiration and teach […] Offers Free Kindle With 3 Night Stay

Hotelscom Kindle Free

Want a free Kindle just for taking a vacation? This may sound like an offer that’s too good to be true, but it’s not. is giving away a free Amazon Kindle to anyone who books a three-night stay at participating hotels on by August 2nd. To take advantage of this book lover’s bundle […]

3 Ways the ThunderBolt Beats the iPhone when Traveling

HTC Thunderbolt and 4G from Verizon

I use both a Thunderbolt on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network and an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s 3G Network. The HTC Thunderbolt  is a much more satisfying travel companion than my iPhone 4. I’ve been both to the test on my family’s summer road trip across the southeastern states. There are three primary reasons why I’ve been happier […]

8 Great Road Trip Apps for iPhone

Navigon GPS iPhone App

My family and I are enjoying a road trip across the southeastern US and thanks to the following apps we’ve had a great trip so far. The iPhone apps below have helped us find our way, get good prices on both gas and hotels and discover cool activities and places we would have otherwise drive […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps – Summer Apps [June 2011]

hulu Plus for iPad

Now that summer is officially in full swing, we thought we’d bring you the best apps for using while travelling this summer. We chose the categories below because they would be useful while on a road trip, waiting for a plane or in a hotel room. You can read, watch video, or play a couple […]

HTC Thunderbolt Charging Port in Wrong Place for Video Use

Thunderbolt Kickstand is great, but power port is in wrong place

My family and I are on our summer road trip across the Southeastern US and my HTC Thunderbolt has been a wonderful companion but has one major problem – charging it while watching video in portrait mode with the phone propped up by the built-in kickstand is awkward due to poor placement of the charging […]

Summer Road Trip: Tech In Our Bag & On The Road

MacBook Air On the Road

This week my family and I will be leaving on a long two-week trip around the Southeastern United States taking some of our favorite mobile tech toys with us. I thought I’d share with you what we are taking to make the journey fun and efficient. Last summer our editor Josh Smith took what he […]

What to Know Before You Take Your Smartphone On an International Trip

Taking your smartphone on an overseas trip can be an easy way to stay in touch while traveling, but there are plenty of horror stories about data usage skyrocketing due to miscommunication, user error and unintentional connectivity. With more and more users switching over to smartphones and taking them with them while they travel, these tips are […]

40% off SCOTTEVEST Gadget Clothing This Weekend!

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 5.32.57 PM

Our friends over at SCOTTEVEST are offering 40% off several items through early Monday morning. We’re big fans of SeV here at GBM since we carry more than our fare of gadgets everywhere we go. The SeV Carry-On Coat is only $135 and is just what the doctor ordered if you want to avoid airline […]

TechnoCel PowerPak Portable Battery/Charger Saves the Day at CES


At CES, and really any mobile environment, one of the biggest challenges is keeping your gear charged. While the iPhone users have Mophie Air Juice packs and other cases those of us with other devices like a MiFi, Android smart phone or BlackBerry devices need something else. That’s where the Technocel PowerPak portable battery and […]

SCOTTEVEST Carry on Coat to Help Beat the Airline Baggage Scam

Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 11.48.00 AM

Flying has been a lot less friendly since airlines implemented tougher limits on baggage and charging from checked bags. A new SCOTTEVEST jacket is designed with enough pockets to store everything most people would pack on a weekend trip. The SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Carry on Coat has 33 pockets, including a couple of large ones that […]