T-Mobile USA Is Now Open to Merge to Another Company


Following the failed sail of T-Mobile USA to AT&T last year, T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom AG revealed that the company is now open to a merger of its U.S. operations to another company rather than a complete sale. As T-Mobile is the fourth largest national carrier in the U.S., any sale of the company would […]

Apple Rumored to Create Its Own Wireless Network


Tired of AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint running your iOS life? Apple apparently wants to compete against its carrier partners, according to the latest rumors, and create its own wireless network. Wireless industry strategist Whitey Bluestein postulates that Apple would be launching its own network to provide service to iPhone and iPad customers directly and that […]

FCC Hoping to End Bill Shock With New Alert System


The FCC is hoping to protect American wireless consumers from unsightly–and unexpected–high cellular phone and data bills with a new alert system that would warn mobile subscribers when you’re near your limits. With the nation’s two largest national carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless having already moved to tiered and metered data plans, the FCC’s alert […]

I’m in Love with AirPlay, But Where’s My Mac Support


When Apple announced AirPlay support for iOS devices in November 2010, I was skeptical of its usefulness, but now that I have had a chance to use two Airplay accessories I’m sold and wanting more. AirPlay is a wireless streaming service built into iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. AirPlay lets you stream audio […]

Motorola Teases Wireless Power Charging Pre-CES


We’re not quite sure what Motorola has going on for CES just yet, but the company has just released a charger that sheds a single tear. Hopefully that means that Moto’s phones can be powered longer while away from your nearest wall outlet. You can check out the teaser video below: Previous speculations have it […]

How Will The Verizon Wireless Spectrum Sale Affect You?


Today Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Media announced a huge spectrum sale to Verizon Wireless to the tune of $3.6 billion. It appears to be a good deal for all of the companies involved, but what will it mean for customers? On the Verizon side, this sale means that the wireless carrier will […]

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 Accessories Leak Ahead of Launch


Verizon’s Droid 4 leaks get better every time. After an anticipated, yet still unofficial, launch date of December 8, we are now seeing some of the compatible accessories that will be available for this Webtop-enabled smartphone. The first accessory is a Lapdock 100, which is a more compact and lighter accessory that converts your smartphone […]

Wireless Association Hopes to Standardize Ratings for Mobile Games, Apps


The Wireless Association, also known as CTIA, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board are partnering together to create a standardized and unified rating system for games and apps on mobile devices. With Apple’s introduction of third-party apps through an easy-to-use centralized App Store for the iPhone, adoption of mobile software has taken off on the […]

Bill Shock to be Avoided As Wireless Carriers Hope to Be More Transparent

Image via Ars Technica

In a bid to fend off legislation to regulate the wireless industry, the industry, represented by CTIA, is now self-imposing measures that would mitigate bill shock through overages and roaming charges. The CTIA and its partner carriers, which includes the four national carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, will now send out alerts […]

Intel Pair and Share is AirPlay for Android, iOS and Windows [Video]

Intel Logo

Intel is showing off a new technology at IDF 2011 called Pair and Share, which lets your iOS and Android devices share video and pictures wirelessly to your Intel computer — and even on to your HDTV with a WiDi adapter. Similar to AirPlay, which streams video and images to your AppleTV connected HDTV, this […]

Are There More Bionic Similarities Between the Droid Bionic and Bionic Limbs?


Your smartphone today, such as Motorola’s aptly named Droid Bionic, may share in a lot in common with the artificial limbs and body parts of tomorrow. In fact, development in processors, networking, camera, and sensor technologies used in today’s advanced and high-end phones may be applied to developing artificial legs, bionic eyes, and insulin pumps […]

Future iPhones May Charge Faster, Without Wires

iPhone wireless charging

Apple is already working hard to cut the cord between your iPhone and your computer with iOS 5, but that’s nothing compared to what we might see on when new iPhone models arrive in 2012. Details are scarce, but we believe Apple may be working on wireless or express charging for future iPhone models. We are still covering […]

Verizon Confirms Tiered Data Plans Coming July 7

verizon tiered

Verizon, according to the folks at Fierce Wireless, has confirmed that the leaks were correct and tiered data plans will arrive on July 7. This marks the end of unlimited data for new Verizon customers, as the highest capped plan is for 10 GB of data per month. Existing customers, however, will be grandfathered in and […]

Will Apple Create Yet a New Wireless Protocol for the Home?


Apple may be looking to create new short-range wireless networking solution that will make it easy to pair and connect close-range devices in an effort to simplify home networking.  In a patent application called Local Device Awareness, Apple seems to be exploring home networking protocols, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID. The Mac-maker could potentially […]

From Now to Next, How Sprint is Evolving to Make the World ‘Smart’

Sprint's Human Kiosk allows users to video conference in an expert, great for medical or retail applications where experts are needed in the field.

With the rise of smartphones, tablets, Internet-connected and 3G-ready netbooks and notebooks, and MiFis and USB modems taking up space at Sprint and other carrier retail stores, it’s hard to not become myopic on the potential and possibility of mobile broadband data beyond computing, phones, and tablets. Fortunately for us, Sprint and its partners have […]

Wireless ThunderBolt Charging Has Arrived at Verizon Stores

ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover

It’s time for ThunderBolt owners to throw down their wires and pick up a Qi certified wireless charging battery cover for our favorite battery munching 4G LTE smartphone. After much waiting and a several online spottings Verizon stores are now beginning to get stock of the HTC ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover, available for the […]