No Windows Phone 7.8 Upgrade for Lumia 710 Owners on T-Mobile


Users on T-Mobile who own a Nokia Lumia 710–released with Windows Phone 7–are now informed by the U.S. carrier that the smartphone will not be getting a software upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8. T-Mobile has yet to update its support site with the unfortunate news, but one person was able to get a response from […]

LG Windows Phones Put on Hold, For Now


Did you even know that LG Manufactured Windows Phones? When I was checking out the Twitter chatter this morning, I was amazed at the amount of people out there that didn’t even realize LG even manufactured a Windows Phone device. I guess most people didn’t give Windows Phone a second look before Nokia started throwing […]

Good News Verizon Customers, Windows Phone Love Seems Inevitable Now


Last week, Josh if the Nokia Lumia 900 could be Windows Phone’s “Droid”. I think with AT&T, it can well at a lower level, but there’s no way it will reach “Droid” status. It definitely won’t succeed at that level if an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 isn’t on the docket, which is unknown at this […]

ChevronWP7 for Windows Phone Shuts Down. What Does Future Proof Mean?


On Friday, the guys behind ChevronWP7 announced that the program is now officially over. Those that participated in this program to unlock our Windows Phone devices were actually part of a “Beta Test” apparently. The program was put in place to give us an easy way to unlock our Windows Phone device. While many users like […]

Hey Microsoft, Windows Phone Still Needs Screen Shot Ability!


If you have ever used a Windows Phone device, you know that screenshots are not something that Windows Phone does. Sure, Windows Phone can post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Sure, Windows Phone allows you to take a photo without unlocking the screen. Sure, Windows Phone has a fresh looking UI. Sure, […]

glƏƏk! – A New, Unique, Well Done Twitter Client for Windows Phone

Screen Capture (67)

It seems like quality Twitter clients for Windows Phone are popping up every day. There are already some high quality clients out there like Mehdoh, Carbon, and my favorite Rowi. The developers that brought us “…i’m a WP7!”, Liquid Daffodil, has recently released a pretty solid new Twitter client called glƏƏk! They tell us in the intro that […]

I Am Passionate, But Can’t Use Windows Phone


Two of my friends have faced off recently about Windows Phone with different views so I figured I would chime in as well. Matt Miller, James Kendrick, and I are all friends from the similar background online. We’re all very passionate about mobile, all three of us were Mobius members, we each have a PDA […]

How to Hard Reset a Windows Phone


So you want to get rid of your Windows Phone or return it. You definitely do not want to leave your data for others to find. Here’s how to ensure that it’s gone before sending it out. I’ve been reviewing smartphones for years and I have seen some really wacky stuff left behind on review devices I have received […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Headed to UK in June

Nokia Lumia 900

Some good news and bad news here. The good news is that the Nokia Lumia 900 will indeed be headed to places not called the United States. UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has made its plans to sell the phone very clear as it is now offering up pre-registers for those interested in picking up Nokia’s […]

Skype Confirmed for Windows Phone


Microsoft: Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon Yesterday, Hillel Fuld wrote an interesting article on Business Insider titled, “Here’s Why Robert Scoble And The Rest Of The Pundits Are Wrong: Windows Phone Will Be A Success“. This article stems from all the negative vibes that Scoble has been putting out about Windows Phone. Hillel goes […]

Nokia’s Windows Phone Strategy Will Win: 10 Reasons Why


I am excited for the potential success of Microsoft’s newest offering, Windows Phone as well. I don’t currently use a Windows Phone device as a daily driver, but I am ready to as soon as Nokia brings a Windows Phone to Verizon. Most of the reasons I choose Android over Windows Phone right now are […]

Nokia Announces Lumia 900 for AT&T LTE


Today in Las Vegas at a press conference, Nokia announced the Lumia 900 which was teased at the AT&T Developer summit earlier in the day. The Lumia 900 joins the HTC Titan II as the only Windows Phone 7 devices in the US to operate on AT’&T’s LTE network. Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop was joined […]

CES 2012 – Nokia Going All Out on Windows Phone


There is no doubt that this marriage between Microsoft and Nokia seems, on the exterior, to be doing well. Microsoft is spending a ton of marketing money with all the Mango launch parties over the last couple months. Microsoft and partners are pledging to spend $200 Million For Windows Phone Marketing in 2012. Brand awareness and […]

No more ChevronWP7 Tokens, No more legal Windows Phone unlocks


Happy New Years? As I was winding down to get into bed after 2012 dropped, I checked Twitter one last time and saw a very interesting tweet from @ChevronWP7. They announced via twitter that they only have 18 tokens left and that they won’t be restocking. What is ChevronWP7 and what are tokens? You can […]

My Windows Phone App of the Week – WizTiles


WizTiles is an application that you can download from the Windows Phone Marketplace to change your start screen’s tiles. The beauty of this app is that you don’t have to unlock your phone to get some customization. One of the complaints I have gotten from a few Android friends of mine about Windows Phone is […]

I Am Now On Android Again! Why?


Well, you know I was doing the Android to Windows Phone 7 conversion a couple of weeks ago, right? It went well and I found that Windows Phone could be used as my “Daily Driver”. I decided to go with a swapping back and forth between the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the HTC […]

Want another way to score $25 worth of free Windows Phone apps?


Microsoft is giving away $25 Windows Phone Marketplace gift cards from December 12-16, 2011. This is a different promotion from the one I shared a few weeks ago where you get a $25 gift card if you purchase a Windows Phone in December. This one is a Twitter contest. To win, you have to follow @windowsphone on Twitter. Then […]

What will you choose as your next “Daily Driver”?


I know that contract length and ETF policies for most US carriers makes it difficult to play phone musical chairs, but some of us are foolish enough to spend extra money to play. I happen to be one of those fools. I do have the luxury of being able to test a phone before buying […]

Lync 2010. A Microsoft Lync client for Windows Phone 7


The Windows Phone Marketplace is getting better lately. I know I have complained about the lack of niche apps but give it time, the Windows Phone Marketplace is getting bigger and I won’t have anything to complain about eventually. An app that a smaller group of Windows Phone users and potential new users have been […]

Xbox Companion for Windows Phone and Xbox Dashboard Update [Video]


Yesterday, Microsoft released the Xbox Companion for Windows Phone. This app interfaces with you Xbox console. It allows you to control media, browse for videos and music and queue them up to the console. It also allows you to see what your kids are playing on the Xbox too. Maybe that’s not the main function, […]