Tegra 3 Going Quad-Core Later This Year with HD Display Support


Along with going 3D for its Tegra 2 processors in Spring, NVIDIA will be upping the mobile processing ante with a quad-core Tegra 3 release come this fall according to a leaked slide revealing the company’s roadmap obtained by Engadget. The leak isn’t surprising as the company had previously already alluded to quad-core mobile processors […]

NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 Goes 3D in Spring 2011


With 3D displays and screens still attracting a lot of attention, especially on the smaller screen, NVIDIA is positioning itself to capitalize on the emerging market with its mobile chipsets. The dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based Tegra 2 will add 3D capabilities come this Spring according to a leaked slide from Tech Eye. The company’s Tegra […]

Google Cloud Printing Goes Mobile


Google announced Google Cloud Print for mobile documents. Like most all new Google services, Google Cloud Print for mobile carries the beta tag. The service will be rolled out to Google users over the next few days. Google Cloud Print allows users to print documents without having to worry about setting up software or drivers […]

Shout-out to SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive, runs ISOs virtually


Among other problems I ran into (literally) over the weekend, my media PC suffered a failure to save application data, which wreaked havoc with my ability to watch online video and reduced my Wacom pen tablet to a mouse in pen form. Internet TV and Netflix in Windows Media Center kept crashing. Saved passwords for […]

Motorola Xoom Tablet Priced at $799?


If true, this is a wrong move. Android Central has uncovered data that lists the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of the Motorola Xoom Tablet at $799. I would assume that is before any subsidy. Even so, in my view that’s steep for a Tablet in this day and age.

Toshiba Teases No Name Tablet And Smacks at Apple

Toshiba Tablet

Maybe the naming committee at Toshiba is just having a hard time or maybe not having a name for the promised new 10 inch Tablet is all a part of the tease. Regardless, Toshiba has launched a new web site to tease its upcoming Android Tablet. And it smacks at its competitors pretty much all […]

Internet is Wrong: Google Did Not Copy Java Code In Android


It looks like Internet reports that Google had actually copied Java’s code–owned now by Oracle–inside its Android operating system is incorrect. ZDNet discovered that the sensational article published recently by Engadget, which has been since picked up by numerous other tech and gadget blogs, is incorrect. Acording to ZDNet, the first set of files in […]

HTC Sense UI to be a ‘Sensation’ on Tablets?


It looks like HTC may be evolving its proprietary and customer user interface overlay on its upcoming tablet products. The company calls its custom UI HTC Sense on its smartphone, but a recent trademark filing in the EU for the term ‘HTC Sensation’ may reveal that HTC Sense may get a new name in future […]

Motorola Atrix 4G Approved by FCC


Motorola’s Atrix 4G for AT&T, which made waves during its unveiling at CES as being a pocketable, portable mini-computer, has just received the FCC’s seal of approval. With the model number MB860 going through the FCC getting approval for AT&T’s 3G HSPA bands–which will get a speed jump to 14.4 Mbps theoretical download speeds by […]

Gorilla Glass Gets Competitor in Form of Asahi’s Dragontrail Glass


Current market leader for virtually scratch-proof, break-proof, and shatter-proof glass Gorilla Glass, made by Corning, will soon get a competitor from Japan’s Asahi Glass known as Dragontrail. Asahi Glass hopes to capture up to 30 percent of the glass market, and Dragontrail can potentially be seen shipping on smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. Because […]

Leaked BlackBerry Sedona Blurs Line Between Curve and Bold Lines


Leaked images of Research in Motion’s unreleased BlackBerry Curve smartphone, codenamed Sedona, reveals that the device maintains the Curve’s beloved keyboard while taking on some higher-end specs once reserved for the higher-end enterprise-driven Bold series. Known internally as R010, the Sedona’s overall aesthetic is similar to the Bold series, though significantly thinner than the Bold […]

Will NVIDIA Announce a Quad-Core Tegra 3 CPU at MWC?


In an interview with NVIDIA’s Tegra general manager Mike Rayfield with Hexus, the launch date for the next-generation Tegra 3 chipset was revealed. Though Rayfield didn’t mention an exact date, he did say “It will be in production around the same time as my competitors’ first dual-cores will.” In the past, NVIDIA has stated that […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 to Get 1080p HD Video Recording Support


With reports of an ‘evolved‘ next-generation Galaxy S successor around the corner with a potential announcement from Samsung at February’s Mobile World Congress, we’re hearing more information about the Android super-phone’s leaked specs. According to TechRadar, the Galaxy S’s successor will be named the Galaxy S2 and will come with a dual-core processor, either from […]

Angry Birds Move Beyond Phones to Take Your TV Hostage with Cartoon Series


Angry Birds-maker Rovio is eying your big screen television to sling its flock of aptly named ‘angry birds’ at. After success as a game on a number of mobile platforms–including iOS, Android, and Symbian–Rovio is looking to take its franchise to the TV and to have an animated cartoon series created. The game studio’s CEO […]

MSI Integrates Pico Projector Into Tablet Design


At CES, Notebook Italia has reported that MSI has shown off a Windows tablet concept that integrates a swiveling pico projector. The projector can be used to display the tablet’s screen onto a wall to generate a larger display, or swiveled around to display a keyboard in front of the tablet for typists. The 10-inch […]