Titanium is the Claim to Fame of $300 iPhone 4 Bumper


*+-Third-party accessory-maker Case-Mate is releasing a $300 iPhone 4 bumper-style case that is machined from a solid chunk of titanium. The metal, which is found on aircrafts, expensive cars, and American Express Black Card charge cards, is durable, strong, while still being lightweight. While the case design is fashioned to look like Apple’s own rubber […]

Motorola Triumph Release Date Confirmed to Be July 19th

Motorola Triumph

*+-While Best Buy began offering pre-orders for Virgin Mobile’s highly anticipated Motorola Triumph last week, we were still unclear as to when the phone would actually arrive. Well, it turns out, that very same pre-order has confirmed that rumored July 19th release date which means you can go ahead and circle it on the calender. […]

Fring for iPad Hits App Store with Group Video Calling


*+-Back at the end of April, Fring released its new and improved application that brought group video chatting to the iPhone and to Android. Now, the company has brought the same feature along with their iPad application that was launched to the App Store today. The application is currently free and offers cross-platform compatibility which […]

Samsung’s First Android Slider for Verizon Caught in The Wild? (Photos)

Epic 4G

*+-It appears that Verizon and Samsung are prepping an Android device with a QWERTY keyboard for release at some point in the future because photos of said device have appeared in the wild. What you see here is Samsung’s SCH-i405 QWERTY slider which is extremely similar to Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G. It just received its […]

Apple Prepping Two New iPhones for Late September?

Apple iPhone 4

*+-According to Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, Apple will be releasing not one but two iPhone models when September rolls around. The first, the oft-rumored iPhone 5. The second? A pre-paid iPhone, which could be that “iPhone 4S” that we’ve seen lurking around, which will keep the same design as the iPhone 4. Whitmore states […]

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Surfaces in First Official Images

myTouch 4G Slide

*+-We’ve seen the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide caught in the wild not once but twice and today we finally have some official photos that got caught in the netting. CellPhoneSignal has managed to gather some official images of the device that was previously known as the HTC Doubleshot and one that recently passed through […]

HTC EVO 3D Coming to Europe Next Month


*+-HTC has announced that it will be bringing its HTC EVO 3D smartphone to Europe at some point this July, another sign that Sprint no longer has an iron grip on the EVO name. The device that is setting sail next month is the exact same device as the American version except the European model […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Getting Upgraded to Compete with iPhone 5?

Galaxy S II

*+-We still have no idea if Apple is going to be releasing a new iPhone this fall but if it does in fact hit shelves, it’s going to face some serious competition. One phone that will certainly give it a run for its money is the Samsung Galaxy S II which apparently getting a boost […]

Why I’m Nervous About OTA Syncing on iOS 5


*+-So, it’s lunch time and I thought before I headed out to grab a bite that I would check to see if any podcasts I listened to had updated. I also thought I’d check to see if any iOS Apps had an update. Sure enough there were updates in both cases. The podcasts came in […]

Droid Charge Gingerbread Update Appears on Video, Netflix in Tow

Droid Charge Gingerbread

*+-It’s not a lengthy session but the Samsung Droid Charge’s video preview that appeared today will give you a quick look at the update that still has no time frame and one that has yet to leak out to owners. In the video, you’ll not only see Gingerbread running on Samsung’s 4G LTE device, but […]

Nexus Prime First with Ice Cream Sandwich, Nexus Heading to All Carriers

Samsung Nexus Prime

*+-Samsung may be the manufacturer behind the next Google Nexus device. The Google Nexus Prime may be the first Android smartphone running Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich. Google has not officially announced the next Nexus smartphone, but rumors point to numerous Nexus branded devices — possibly lining up for a launch of several Ice Cream […]

Mac Screen Rotate: Turn Your MacBook Air Into an Ebook Reader

MacBook Screen Orientation

*+-Your MacBook Air can already read eBooks, but with a handy screen orientation app you can flip your MacBook Air on its side for a more booklike reading experience. The MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13 may look awkward while held in portrait mode, but if you are sitting in a big comfy chair the portrait orientation […]

Part 1 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Hardware

CL900 On Dock

*+-We spend time with the Motion Computing CL900 slate. It has multi-touch, digital ink, and up to eight hours battery life in a small, light slate. Does it live up to it’s potential as the perfect companion in the office, on the road, and sitting on the couch?

Fujitsu TH40 Sliding PC Tablet Gets Postponed Indefinitely

Fujitsu postpone the sales of its new TH40D Tablet in Japan

*+-Fujitsu’s TH40, the company’s answer to the Samsung Slider 7 shown at CES, is now postponed indefinitely without much explanations. The company is only citing development delays as the cause of the problem, but it’s unclear what these delays entail. The Fujitsu TH40 is another form factor for a netvertible with a tablet touchscreen on […]

Wireless ThunderBolt Charging Has Arrived at Verizon Stores

ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover

*+-It’s time for ThunderBolt owners to throw down their wires and pick up a Qi certified wireless charging battery cover for our favorite battery munching 4G LTE smartphone. After much waiting and a several online spottings Verizon stores are now beginning to get stock of the HTC ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover, available for the […]

AT&T Leak Hints iPhone 5 Will be LTE-Compatible


*+-A leaked AT&T document suggests that Apple’s iPhone 5 may in fact come with LTE-compatible radios as part of the carrier’s second stage of LTE deployment. The leaked document was created earlier this year and indicates that AT&T hopes to get its LTE smartphones ready by ‘phase 2′ of its network deployment, which includes ‘LTE […]