How To Watch Today’s Apple iPad 3 Event Live

The Apple iPad 3 event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco will be the center of the Tech Universe today from 10:00 AM Pacific /1 Pm Eastern.


Update: How to Watch the iPhone 5 Event 

Apple often provides a live stream of special events, but as of now we don’t think Apple will live stream the iPad 3 announcement to the world as they did for the first iPad announcement. We’ve reached out to Apple, but haven’t heard back yet.

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It seems obvious that Apple would want to share this event directly with as many people as possible, but for their own reasons Apple may skip the live stream in favor of allowing reporters and promo videos to tell the story of the new ipad.


Obviously GottaBeMobile will be reporting on the iPad 3 event as it unfolds, but if you want to ge the iPad 3 announcement as it happens, here’s how to watch today’s iPad 3 Event live.

Watch the iPad 3 Event Live in Video

The first place I check for a live video stream is Apple. They streamed the first iPad’s announcement, so there’s always a bit of hope that teh iPad 3 event will be live streamed to Apple devices.

The next best place to try to watch the iPad 3 event is Twit, Leo Laporte’s online streaming tech network. Laporte and his team will be live with news and today they plan to have their popular MacBreak Weekly crew on hand to comment as the news trickles out. They also have a team of behind the scenes fans and folks scouring the live streaming sites for pirated streams that sneak the world into the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to see the event live.


Speaking of live streaming sites, you might find a pirated stream from someplace like Justin.TV or Ustream.TV. If somebody sneaks a webcam into event, they will likely stream it using one of these two popular services. Keep searching and you might find one there. If you know of one or find one tomorrow, please notify us here.


Read About the iPad 3 Event on Live Blogs

Apple yerba beuna event 2012

The big tech blogs like The Verge, Engadget or Ars Technica will surely have a person on hand to live blog the event from the auditorium. You can find their live blog right before the iPad 3 event at 10:00 AM Pacific. Live blogs are updated in near real time with pictures and pretty faithful word-for-word text of what the presenters are saying.

As always our team will huddle over our computers sharing the goods on the iPad HD and maybe a new Apple TV along with all the pertinent news and details.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow morning before the event. We have a ton of great coverage that will go live ahead of the event.

We will share news as it breaks during the event and then we’ll our analyze the news afterwards with advice and information about how to get a new iPad HD or whether you should even bother.


You can find all our past, present and future iPad 3 or iPad HD news on the landing page.