Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Could Launch in July

We could be┬ájust a month away from the follow-up to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.


According to CNET, Amazon is planning a Kindle launch event for July 31 where the company will announce the Kindle Fire 2. The online retailer could also ┬árelease a new Kindle and Kindle Touch with front-lit screens like Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

The rumored Kindle Fire 2 will address some of the problems with the first edition of the tablet. The device will apparently have a camera to go along with physical volume buttons. Both features will make the tablet useful for video chatting over services like Skype.

Some rumors from Digitimes claim the Kindle Fire 2 will cost $50 less, and have a 7-inch display with a 1280×800 resolution. The publication has a very spotty record however, so we don’t necessarily believe it. A higher resolution display would make sense, we just don’t trust the source.

Unfortunately we don’t know much else about the Kindle Fire 2. We don’t know what processor it will use, whether it will have Bluetooth, or if Amazon will offer more than 8GB of storage space. We’d like to see all those features, but we don’t know what Amazon will do.


The first Kindle Fire launched in September last year, but didn’t release until November. We expect the new schedule is to make the tablet ready for back-to-school instead of the holidays. Or Amazon could be sacred of Google and it’s rumored 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet. We know that tablet will use a 1.3GHz Tegra 3 CPU and 1GB of RAM with a 1280×800 display and a front-facing camera.


Amazon still has the lead over Android tablets, but a new Nexus tablet might pose a threat, especially if Google makes the UI easier to navigate. Even if Google doesn’t compete with UI, it will likely compete directly with Amazon in price, with a base model selling for $199. If so, Amazon might need something big to compete.