New Firefox for Android Sports New Design, Faster Speeds

The new design for Firefox for Android is finally available in the stable build of the browser, bringing a sleek design and a faster browser to all Android smartphone users.


Mozilla announced the new version of Firefox for Android on its blog. The company claims the new Firefox is the fastest browser on Android, even faster than Google’s Chrome for Android. The browser outperforms other browsers in SunSpider, as well as Mozilla’s own Eideticker which it claims “measures the actual user Web experience.”

We’d be worried if Mozilla’s browser didn’t win its own benchmark test, however.


The new Firefox for Android has a new design that looks nice and is easier to use. The browser’s new “Awesome Screen” syncs bookmarks and history from the desktop version of Firefox, making it great for users who use Firefox on the desktop. Firefox Sync also syncs form data and passwords from the desktop version.


Firefox for Android also now includes privacy options like a master password and Do Not Track.

In our brief test of the new browser on the Samsung Galaxy S III we can say that it definitely feels fast. On a fast WiFi connection pages seemed to load about as fast as a desktop browser, which is impressive. Easy access to tabs is nice as well, though we’d live to see an option to swipe them away from the list instead of having to tap a small “x” to close them.

Overall, the new Firefox for Android is one of the best browsers on Android. Users who also use Firefox on the desktop will certainly want to use it if only for Firefox Sync. We doubt it will tear many people away from Chrome on the desktop and smartphone, however. Although, desktop Chrome suers might still want to use it if they don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich on their smartphone yet.