Google Now Is Google’s Version of Siri With More Features

With Jelly Bean, Google is adding its own version of Siri for all Android users.


The new Google Now features voice control and search, just like Siri, but it also has a new card-based interface to help users throughout their day. The feature pulls users’ search history, calendar, and location to present the users with the information they need when they need it.

Google Now can give users information like the next appointment in their calendar, telling them when they need to leave to arrive on time. Now will also help users get to the appointment with transit help. When users come to a subway station the feature will bring up the next trains for the platform, or drivers will receive directions that direct them around traffic on the way.


The Google Now feature can also determine a user’s favorite sports team based on their search history, and give real-time updates for games, just like the new Siri except users don’t need to ask for it . Other Siri-like features include weather and nearby points of interest.


Unlike Siri, Google now can also provide translations, currency conversions, and flight information.

The new service looks like it can best Siri in a few ways, especially since users don’t actually need to ask the feature to provide the information. The information will just appear based on the time and location, though users should still have the ability to ask Google Now for specific information. We can see Google Now being more useful to many people, though it likely isn’t a reason to make iPhone users switch to Android.