Why Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Sold Me on the iPhone 5

For me, my smartphone experience revolves around the software on board. And that’s why I am so puzzled, so frustrated by Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announcement today. One of my biggest gripes with Android just got even worse.

As a longtime iPhone 3GS owner, I have been amazed with the support that Apple has given to the device. In the three years that I have owned the device, I have received two major operating systems in iOS 4 and iOS 5 and if I were to keep my iPhone 3GS, I would also get bits and pieces of Apple’s latest software, iOS 6.

Again, this is for a phone that I bought three years ago. That kind of support does not exist in the world of Android. At least not yet.

Today at Google I/O, Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which will be rolling out to users starting in July. It will be replacing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which was released back in December.

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Problem is, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t available on a majority of Android smartphones. Just ask owners of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch or the HTC Rezound how they feel about today’s Jelly Bean announcement and I guarantee that they don’t feel good about it. I wouldn’t either if I didn’t even have Ice Cream Sandwich.

Fortunately, I do have Ice Cream Sandwich. I have it on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon. Unfortunately, Google will be rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus in July.

No word yet on when or better yet, if my Verizon Galaxy Nexus will get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. So much for owning a Nexus device.

So again, I’m sucked into the world of waiting for Android updates. a world where there is no schedule, little communication, and often times, delays. It’s not a pleasant world and unfortunately, it’s reality.

The Android PDK that was announced today at Google I/O is a step in the right direction, sure. Google gave the PDK to select manufacturers prior to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but we don’t even know who they are and there is no telling whether it will actually improve wait times for updates.


Pinch me when there is actual evidence of change.

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Quite frankly, today’s announcement has pretty much sealed the deal for me as far as my next smartphone is concerned. Why? The above for one and two, I assume that Google is going to be releasing a new Nexus smartphone later on this year that might be running another version of Android, possibly Android 5.0.

No thanks. I’d rather buy into a platform where my phone is regularly updated with new software and is done so on time without a bunch of smoke and mirrors and promises and roll out timelines and moronic answers from support teams on Twitter.

And if that’s the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, which it appears to be, then so be it.


    • Exactly and as my 3gs continued to get updated with the latest iOS versions it became more and more lethargic to a point it felt like it was unusable.

      • And again that is another reason why it makes sense for Google to only provide updates for hardware that can support the software. It would be silly of us as PC/MAC users to become angry when a new operating system is released that our 3-5 year old machine can’t support, or runs poorly on. What software does not specifically detail the hardware requirements required to run it? Why release software on a device that can’t support it?

        Mobile contracts are for 2 years. If your phone has an OS that REQUIRES a serious upgrade within those 2 years to KEEP you happy, then maybe that OS sucked in the first place. And if you aren’t willing to upgrade your phone after the 2 years, then quit bitching, it’s your own fault, by your own choice. Mobile technology is moving at such a rapid pace, it would be ridiculous for software providers to attempt to create OS’s that support a broad range of older hardware, when so much functionality of a new mobile OS is non-functional because of older hardware limitations.

        When Google released Android in 2007, within 3 years it had become the leading platform in the mobile community. People vote with their wallets. Wake up and smell the Jelly Bean, and stop being a rotten Apple.

        • I agree with Damon, Sure its annoying to wait but if you don’t like the operating system you currently have then why did you buy the phone to begin with? If you do want the latest upgrades then rooting your phone is easier than ever.

    • Well not exactly….the 1st gen devices for the Apple mobile stuff have all been treated similarly, so you only have yourself to blame for being an early adopter. Secondly, at least Apple is supporting these devices with some form of updates/upgrades 2 years after, even longer in the case of the 3gs.

      Can’t say the same for most of the Android phones (tablets are too young still).

      • Like the iPhone 4 supporting Siri? Sure, Apple provides iOS devices with updates, the just withhold features when they do.

    • maybe he should have waited for ios6 and the amazing mapping programs to come out before he jumped to conclusions. If ics is better than ios6 than the update is only icing on the cake.

  1. As a Motorola Photon owner (fiormerly a 3GS owner) who got my phone 15 days before (Sprints return/cancelation policy is 14 days) before the 4S was announced for sprint and not long before ice cream sandwich was released I agree completely with everything here. I love the android os in theory but when I got my phone it was quite possibly the most powerful phone in the sprint lineup, days before ICS was realeased I am appalef that I won’t get ICS until 5.0 is realeased. Essentially, I am already in talks to get out of my contract with sprint and will get the iPhone 5 on virgin mobile. Until the fragmentation problem is addressed and fixed (instead of googles current answer which seems to be “Our customers are upset? Wait, We have customers? Why?”) I will never buy another google product.

      • not even close. There is only one iPhone release a year, corresponding with 1 iOS release a year. there are unlimited numbers of Android phones being released each year, and most of them are not easily updatable to the newest OS without serious intervention. (Flashing ROM’s and installing Custom Firmware is not what most users want to do, even if a section of Android’s fan base chose it for that very reason)

  2. Im a rezound owner and still waiting in the dark for ics which is sad, but i had the gnex on verizon and that phone seriously sucked ass in my point of view so i swapped it for a rezound im not regreting anything i just ordered the nexus 7 and waiting for a jellybean phone to come to verizon other than the trashy Gnex

    • I’m not entirely sure how you could think the Rezound could be that much better than a GNex. But okay, I guess.

  3. Don’t kid yourself, iOS is becoming just as fragmented but instead hides behind the veil of using the same OS number. The iOS 5 experience is different on a 3gs than it is on a 4 which is also different than on the 4S. And the reason for stripping down the features isn’t hardware related like they claim at all. It’s all about selling the 4S vs the 4. If not for siri the only difference would be a slight bump in processor. And Siri should run just fine on the 4 since all the intensive work is done server side anyway. So go to apple’s walled garden and pretend like you are not fragmented, but until you show me a 3gs or 4 or a 4s or a 5 that are all on the “same” OS all allowed to run the same features, I will continue to call it a deceitful fragmented experience.

    • unfortunately it seems you dont know what Fragmented means. a different experience on 4-5 different phones isnt nearly the same as a different experience on 100’s of different phones. a 3gs really doesnt have the hardware to run as effective as a 4. 4 and 4s are pretty similar, and 5 is slightly better than both. But they are all closer together than the wide range of phones that run some variant of Android. Compare the bare bones Free phones that can barely run 2.3, to something like the SGS 3. or even compare the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to the unlocked one that Google itself sells, and you can start to get a picture of actual fragmentation

  4. Thank you so much for this refreshing article. I own the Epic 4g touch since day one. I believe I was first in my town to get it. I check every day, call Sprint once a month, and just wait and wait for ICS. I get nothing, I also own a ipod touch 4g which has been updated 3 times since I purchased it. As soon as iphone 5 drops, ill be canceling my two year agreement with Sprint and never go back. Android is picky on what phone gets what. That is stupid. Also I cant stand android fans bashing on apple all the time like its the ghetto or prison. Get a life, im all for the best phone. If you treat phone makers like football teams then your in trouble. Just look at RIM and Blackberry phones. Android is too iffy and I cant stand shady people or janky situations. I vented . Now I feel better. From one disgruntled Epic 4g touch owner.

  5. You can update your KIA and add I high flow intake but it is still a KIA. The fact is a newer Android phone blows the doors off a IPhone. If you want to leave hit the bricks go for it. But, you will be back. Have fun with that phone made by underpaid slave labor in a country that makes weapons killing Americans. Sorry for the low blow, I am just keeping it real.

    • yeah, brainiac…because your Android phone was designed, manufactured, and assembled completely in the USA right? Troll fail.

  6. If you bought the Nexus S, you would be getting jelly bean. An older than crap phone getting the newest OS, but with all the features intact as far as I can tell. If you bought a Galaxy Nexus (not on Verizon) you would be getting Jelly Bean. If your Verizon Galaxy nexus never gets JB, that would be Verizon’s fault. Not Google’s.

    If I really want the newest OS for my Android devices, I can get it and any of the older ones. I just need to put in a little bit of work. Carriers and manufacturers have a vested interest in dragging their feet on these updates, because that could keep you from getting their new phones. Google doesn’t. Apple has an interest in keeping you locked in as long as possible by forcing you to update the OS via making the old one unavailable.

    • All current Galaxy Nexus phones come equipped with ICS, not JB. Never having access to JB as a user is not the phone company’s fault; it’s directly Google’s fault for not allowing Samsung to release JB to specific phones. After all, Google is the company with the rights to Android, not Verizon or Sprint (or any other company).

      You have to take into account that people CHOOSE to update their OS, it’s not forced upon them. In fact, a lot of my research has shown (I’m a marketing research director for a third-party cellphone sales company) that the average consumer would rather get a new phone than upgrade their OS, mostly because they’re concerned that a new OS was not made for their older phone. Think about how many iP4 users decided not to update to iOS 5 because they “heard” that it would make their phone slow or drain their battery life.

      Anyway, it’s a well-known fact that, in the android world, there is little access to OS updates to all phones without doing a root. How this becomes a carrier’s fault makes no sense to me.

      • JB was announced today and wont be released until mid july which would explain pretty easily why no Galaxy Nexus has it… If you knew anything about how updates are handled you would know that google provides the code and the handset manufacturers adapt it to their phones (usually this means skinning which is clearly not something google has control over) and then it goes for approval from the carrier. Android is open source so when you say google doesn’t allow a manufacturer to release a version of android, it shows how little you understand android.

      • “it’s directly Google’s fault for not allowing Samsung to release JB to specific phones”

        Huh? You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

        • BaggardVance is somewhat true when he/she states:
          “it’s directly Google’s fault for not allowing Samsung to release JB to specific phones”

          If android was closed software they could force phone carries to take whatever Google decide to give them. But that would be manipulating & controlling and would be just like Apple. Ugh, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

          I think it is because Android is open that it is so popular.

  7. I hate when people compare apple and android. 1st of all any company with an inc after it can make an android phone. I own one of each. One for work and one for personal. 1st of all google has there head up there ass. There are so many variants of android phones no one know what there fining to have for an operating system or if it will get upgraded. Let face it it’s unstable and has a ton of security flaws. iPhone a moron can run. It’s just easy. My personal phone is the new nexus and honestly I gave to restart it 3 times a day. As far of features on a 3GS to a 4s diffrence. Siri? FaceTime? There’s no front camera. That’s like saying Skype won’t work on the nexus one. I do like both phones but gotta say that my next phone will be an iPhone. It’s just better all around. As far as slave labor to buy guns Samsung makes a lot of parts for the iPhone so they (who also makes an android) must be at fault also.

    • Matt, have you ever been inside a school in your life? I understand when people are responding to a post, it is very easy to make typos (i.e. diffrence instead of difference), forget commas (i.e. “1st of all, any company…”)or even grammatical errors like or mixing up “there” when it should be “their.” Nevertheless, what I can’t get over, is the fact that you’re unable to make a complete a sentence. You have more fragmented sentences then Android has operating systems. By the way, can you please stop using numbers instead of words, it’s not 1999 and your texting on a flip phone.

      • Not to mention he starts two separate points with “1st of all.” Apparently, after first comes first instead of second.

      • I agree with you. Obviously I’m not a writer. I’ve been out of school for twenty years. That’s fine you can make fun of me and that makes you “the man”. Apparently you’re running android boy. Please tell me why every phone that comes out is compared to the iPhone? Not the nexus or razor ect ect? You always compare to the best. Give me a reason why android is better instead of critiquing my grammatical errors.

        • The only reason that Android is compared against Apple is because the iPhone IOS is the only major competing operating System/Device. Blackberry has fallen way behind the market.

          • To me Apple products are cheaply made I can’t tell you how many iPhone screens I have seen obliterated. The reason I will only use android is because I have different hardware options and I can change operating systems at will. IPhones are ok for noobs and inexperienced smartphone users plain and simple.

      • To each his own, but please don’t criticize grammar if you’re not GREAT at it.

        “You have more fragmented sentences then Android has operating systems.”
        -The correct word is THAN. Not then.

        “it’s not 1999 and your texting on a flip phone.”
        -The word “your” is possessive. YOU’RE would be the word you want.

        Don’t be a hypocrite.

    • Hey Matt – one more error “google has there head up there ass”.. that should be “Google has THEIR head up THEIR ass”. We can tell you are an iPhone user.

    • You say iPhone is just a better all around phone, a lot of iPhone owners say that but NEVER give specific reasons why they feel that way. Why is that?…the “iPhone is easier to use” excuse doesn’t fly with me because that’s just a subtle way of saying ” it lacks functions to learn how to use”.

  8. I’m quite fed up with Google’s bullshit upgrade path of their phones. We were told nexus would be first to be upgraded but about a month after my galaxy nexus purchuse on Verizon they say cdma is excluded from the group? Really?? But at the same time I feel Android is wayyyyyy more powerful and customisable than an apple iPhone and can’t bare switching. I’ll just have to root my phone to upgrade. Those who blame Google for updates its not purely their fault, manufacturers add their crappy skins and carries then slow that process as down even more for god knows what reasons. But I blame Google for not trying hard enough and accepting and apologizing for such a terrible update system.

    • Dude, it’s Verizon. That’s what you get with them. Really? Google should be crawling up Verizon’s skirt asking for them to hurry up? It doesn’t work that way. Verizon (and most manufacturers) are not going to just dump a release on a device and send it out to the public without thorough QC. I come from manufacturing, Quality Management, so I see both sides and understand the end user’s frustrations. However asking Google to speed up other companies workflow is akin to your waiter to hurry up on the well done steak your ordered. The time it takes is the time it takes. Ofcourse they could do it like Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 3… put it out with tons of bugs, have loads of pissed offed customers, and spend the next three+ months fixing it. Or we can all just wait patiently for something mostly stable.

  9. Sure, your iPhone 3GS will get updated to iOS 6, but it won’t actually get any of the new features, like Siri or turn-by-turn. You have to buy new hardware for them. iPhone software updates are a joke, only new phones get the new features. It’s fragmentation, pure and simple.

  10. The issue is not with Google but with the OEM’s and carriers. They are both slow to respond. If you have a Nexus device less than two years old you will get the upgrade within a few months. Look at the sprint phone the EVO. EU got the ICS update but not the US model. Why not? So your 3GS was a full blown version of IOS 4? soon to be IOS5? I think not. Apple has less devices to worry about and a closed echo system so its eaiser to control the updates for it. With Android the OEM’s have to build it for thier device. How many models of Iphone are out there compared to number of models for android? Do the math

  11. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. “No word yet on when or better yet, if my Verizon Galaxy Nexus will get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean”? What do you mean IF? If you follow tech at all, you would know that Verizon is going to be releasing JB. Verizon has committed to providing updates for at least 18 months on all Android devices if the device can run it (http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/Android/news.asp?c=29739) which it obviously can since the GSM is getting the update. Also, you mention that you are so satisfied with Apple giving you updates. Their updates are notorious for severely hindering performance on older devices. Apple’s updates forced me into getting two new phones because of how slow the latest update made the old one. The 3GS is victim of the same thing. You clearly don’t use your phone much for anything other the phone calls if you haven’t noticed all the glitches that have been there since iOS5. If you are still using a 3 year old phone, what are you doing writing a tech column anyway?

  12. Nexus devices (the ones supported by the software vendor — Google) have a support lifecycle that includes updates just like iOS.

    Is your argument is that because Google licenses its apps to third party hardware vendors (anyone can build android w/ google branded apps) you want an iPhone? I don’t get it.

  13. This is how I see it, Google has made a mobile operating system called Android. They have made it open-sourced, meaning, anyone(with a bit of skill) can get the source-code for the operating system, look at it, and change it around how they like. Large corporations, namely HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and others have seen the vast potential of this amazing operating system and said, “Let’s put this on some of our mobile devices. We can change it however we want and make it more competitive with our competition by putting in personal touches.” They then do this, and make these great products. This is the first change. They then say, “Hey carriers! I’ll sell you my phone/ tablet!” And then they the carriers have these devices and say, “We’ll sell your devices, but we need to differentiate ourselves from our competition.” This is where carrier bloatware comes in. That’s change two. So now, time passes and Google inovates and improves upon their mobile OS and a new OS version is released. Before the update is released to the consumer, it has to go through the manufacturer, and the carrier, who both have to deem it a necessary expense of putting their developers’ time and resources into making this new OS available for their device. With so many factors, it’s no wonder a ton of devices are still behind in Google’s latest OS. Google has remedied this somewhat by launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. And they have also launched the Android PDK. They are also launching the Nexus 7 tablet. I can’t wait to see what else they launch DIRECTLY from google seeing howas Google has bought Motorola Mobility. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  14. And that’s why I’ll get the iPhone 5….?! Ask the owners of the HTC Rezound how they feel about their devices. They love them! Would they like to have 4.1? Duh, but their device is head and shoulders above your 3gs. Congratulations Apple, you released yet another device with a 3.5 inch screen! Of course you can send out software updates to all devices in the line. That’s because they’re all the same. Changing the casing is not a new device. And if they, Rezound owners, want to change things, they can read for ten minutes on XDA.com and learn how to do it themselves. But sure, if you like shinny objects that everyone else has and you want it to get the exact same software as EVERYONE ELSE HAS, then get your iPhone. Lemming. For someone who expects others to read his work, you can’t spend time reading through a few forums to really learn how your device works. Welcome to the land of iPhone owners…

    • I’m an htc rezound owner and agree with you 100%!…in fact, I’m so pleased with it that, although it has ics coming, i wouldn’t care if it never got it or jelly bean! You know why? Because I focus on features not OS ‘upgrades’.

  15. There is no real gain from updating to ICS or JellyBean. I had no issues using GB and wasn’t that fond when I updated to ICS on SGSII. All apps runs fine on GB. Just looks a little bit more flash with ICS, but I lost a lot of my tweaks on GB. I certainly won’t be in any rush to update to JellyBean as I would like to keep flash functionality in the browser as Adobe said that ICS was the last OS update that will support flash.

    • Apple makes a big Hoo Haa about being able to update to the latest version of the OS…but on older devices..this tend to make them slower…and new functionality of the updates are also missing..usually making the update useless anyways…So what’s the point? My wife have an iPhone 4..but turn but turn navigation will not be included in iOS6..I have turn by turn navigation on my old Galaxy S running GB!

      • ^^^ This.

        My HTC Thunderbolt was an early adopter 4G phone, and as such it has some faults (battery life being chief among them). It is on Gingerbread and we’re all fooling ourselves that ICS might come to this phone, but we’ve all danced this dance before – ICS is not coming.

        But I have added an extended battery to get me easily through a normal couple of days of usage and a day of heavy usage, I’ve loaded a custom launcher and keyboard, and I loaded Firefox so my tabs and shortcuts are synced between my desktop and phone. I’ve had an 8mpix camera on my phone for two years and someone backported the ICS camera to GB, so I have all the features from ICS. No jailbreak involved – my phone is still completely stock.

        So, yes, maybe I’ll never get ICS, and I know I’ll never get GB, but feature-for-feature I can easily compare my 2-year-old Thunderbolt to the iPhone 4S and probably the 5, and still feel like I’m out ahead. Larger screen, expandable memory, replaceable battery, my choice of dozens of keyboards and launchers, turn-by-turn navigation, 2-way video chat over 3G, etc.

        I think the iPhone is great, and I recommend it to certain friends. They are generally the ones who want to just pick up a phone and use it stock with no interest in having the latest and best features. And they’re generally happy with it. But most of those folks will be looking at a new phone in 2 years anyway, so they won’t really care if it gets upgraded to iOS 9.

        But there’s nothing I can’t do back on Gingerbread that ICS or JB really offers me at this point, and certainly nothing that the 4S would offer (great phone, but I’ve come to love being able to customize my phone). Any new features I’d want to have (16mpix camera, more RAM, etc) would really require new hardware.

        Plus, if I ever did find a feature in ICS that I really, honestly wanted, I could simply load one of many ICS aftermarket firmwares available for my phone, and have ICS any time I want.

        Can’t exactly say the same about my iPod Touch Gen 2. Apple dropped support for that and no futher upgrades will be offered. And since the OS is not open sourced, it’s hard for someone else to backport new features on it.

        • I agree. So many people get caught up on the whole update thing while ignoring what really matters, FEATURES. What good is having the latest OS update if it doesn’t have features as good as an older version of another OS?

  16. As a Rezound owner, I am still eagerly awaiting ICS. I feel a bit “behind the curve” as far as cell phone awesomeness goes, but that doesn’t mean I’m complaining. In fact, Gingerbread is pretty damn good if you ask me (does everything I need it to do). With that being said, I’m gonna leave this 1st world problem to you guys to keep bi**hing about, I’m gonna go have some beers. :D

    • I also have the htc rezound and I’m so pleased with it that I couldn’t care less about not receiving 4.0 or even 4.1. People would be a lot less disappointed about not receiving OS updates if they purchase smartphones for their out-of-the-box features and functions like they do everything else they buy.

  17. Are you kidding me? If you want Jellybean and your cell phone vendor isn’t rolling out a version of Jellybean then I can assure you that you will be able to find a ROM online for your device that is Jellybean, Apple straight up sucks, everything about them. You never actually own an iPhone you just rent it from Apple, because I know if I OWN something I can do what I want with it, that is not the case with iPhones.

  18. What is it with people who just want an OS upgrade because its new?! It’s plain ridiculous to me that so many people are WAY more concerned about OS updates than actual features. Nevermind that their current version has so much more to offer than the latest version of the ‘other’ company’s. The writer of this article is clearly one of those people. The reason for leaving one OS for another should be based on features and functionality not something as dumb as software update frequency.

  19. “Just ask owners of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch or the HTC Rezound how they feel about today’s Jelly Bean announcement and I guarantee that they don’t feel good about it.”

    You’re goddamn right. My ET4G has all the hardware I expect to ever need, and with rooting and third party launchers Gingerbread isn’t bad, but it’s embarrassing to be two Operating Systems behind on what was a flagship phone a few months ago.

  20. Apple has only 1 phone people the iPhone of course they will be able to update there phones for multiple years but the updates become useless mostly because each phone lacks something the others have.(I.E Siri) Android has thousands of handsets out and its usually the manufacturer who chooses what devices get updated. Don’t blame google, and if you want every update buy a Nexus phone that’s why they are made for stock android experience stop buying crappy phones with skins over it. That’s why the updates take so long because of sense, moto blur,touch wiz and all that crap. Every nexus will get the update that’s a definite. The android os is better than iOS IMO the only thing they need to work on is better battery management. Buy Google products get Google updates its simple

    • Couldn’t agree anymore on with my S3…with the exception of the use of periods in the event you write something else I want to support.I like your thought process, but navigating that was prolly the equivalent of iOS maps:highly hazardous and neglectful use of a decent thought process.jk.

  21. Your a straight up tool. Instead of attacking Google who does support their devices and does provide active updates yearly, attach the other manufacturers. Your ignorant in the fact that you don’t understand how things work. Apple has 1 device, the iPhone. Yes there are certain variants but they do cut off each model as they get older and they do not get updates after that. Android being open sourced is available on too many devices and that is out of Google’s control. Google has 1 device which is the Nexus, whether it be Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus they are all Nexus which do get the latest and greatest in a timely manner. The carriers control whether or not their variants get the update. This is NOT an issue with google, it’s an issue with Manufactuers and Carriers. If each manufacturer only released 1 flagship device per year for every carrier then you would have what the iPhone has and that’s every single Android device running the latest system. Manufacturers and Carriers make more money if you are tossing your old phone each year and getting the latest one rather than getting a software update. Android is better than iOS on any given day and I will never buy another Apple product after what they have done to slow down innovation with their vague patents.

  22. Lol I’m using the galaxy nexus fro Verizon and I am currently running a flawless version of jelly bean. Just because it jot officially released doesn’t mean its jot available. If you want to blame anyone for any problems you have with android blame the carriers. Unlike apple the carriers have a lot of power over android ( something Google is trying to end by launching there own line of contract less nexus devices over the Google play store) wait it out as android has been growing more rapidly then apple and apple will soon be dominated by Google.

  23. Once again, an iPhone user is comparing his device to an operating system. Please, if you are going to do a valid comparison then compare your iPhone to another competing phone, such as a Motorola Razr, or really any other device. But comparing an iphone, with Apple’s proprietary operating system, to only the Android operating system without specifying the device, is very much like someone saying “Apple sucks because I can’t use IOS on my Droid.” It just doesn’t make logical sense.

  24. I would like to add an analogy to help clarify my previous statement. If there many other devices were using IOS, and not just a single device, don’t you think that there would be similar issues?

    The obvious resolution to this is simply to choose an Android phone that works well, meets your needs, and stick with it. I found that the Droid X worked well for me for two years. It was updated regularly and I never had a single problem with it. So how is my experience different from the author’s experience with his iPhone?

  25. Another apple fan girl. How are you planning to buy a phone that you don’t know what’s going to be like jus because is an apple. A rotten one I would say.

  26. Really? Sold on a device you have absolutely no idea about yet?

    Typical. Something tells me you would be “sold” anyway.

    Given the awesome new features in 4.1, and the fact that there IS a line of phones directly supported by Google (the Nexus line), your whines are nothing but noise. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again: if you want something comparable in terms of support, get a Nexus. It’s the only one Google is actually responsible for. The OS is free for everybody to use however they see fit, so if they use it, they support it.

    A more accurate depiction would be: Samsung’s Android vs. Motorola’s Android vs. Google’s Nexus Android vs. iPhone. Nexus owners have just received two major updates in around 9 months. What’s wrong with that?

  27. Why are you people attacking the article’s writer? She has a valid point. I left Android due to the lack of untimely updates. Someone made a comment that if you want regular updates stick with the Nexus line. This only applies to the Nexus devices purchased directly from Google. The Sprint and Verizon Nexus devices are not to be updated at the same time as the GSM model. You folks sound as bad as the Apple fanatics….

    • 1a)The are right in saying stay on the Nexus line. What phone/provider were you on? If you want timely “me first” updates get the host device on the host device’s main supported network. In other words get the Nexus on a GSM provider. AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

      1b)Don’t be so upset that you didn’t get your cookie. There is nothing that is coming in an update that is going to alter your life for eternity.

      2)Many of the “features” can be found in the form of an app. I’ve always had those “missing features” by just finding an app to do it. You can download a launcher to even make it look like the latest release. Or….see #3

      3)Then there is always the forums like XDA. You want to update your phone ahead of the pack get online and wait for it… learn how to do something new on your own! Ive had my phone on ICS 6mo. before Sprint released it. It’s not Google’s issue to deal with if a carrier drags their feet and goes through 6mo. of QC to assure their end customer doesn’t have any issues. Which brings me to…

      4)This has nothing to do with Android. It’s a carrier issue. If the carriers didn’t want each sell a different version of the same phone the manufacturer could push the updates themselves.

      5)Apple has done what I wish most manufacturers would do. And that is not sell 4 different versions of the “same” phone for each carrier. As for the Nexus, Google should do the same and not allow Sprint and Verizon to make any changes on the flagship phone. Verizon is notorious for removing/blocking features. However the customer usually gets what they want.

      3)As for the writer.. The writers article just sounds like a pissed off rant with no real substance. Plus he is arguing and operating system vs a device.

  28. To me this whole article just sounds like “I’m upset I’m not getting Jelly Bean, the grass is greener on the other side”.

    I must admit that even with a Nexus phone I have not got updates at the same time as other Nexus phones, so you know what, the article has a small point.

    Am I really going to buy an iPhone just because of that? For a few updates later on and I had to wait a few months longer?

    Did the iPhone 4 get Siri? Did the later version of iOS fix the reception issue?

    Someone is wearing apple glasses. When you looking through apple glasses, everything in white/black polycarbonate with a machined aluminium one piece shell is just another rush.

    Of course Apple never drop devices from updates. iOS 4 dropped devices, iOS 5 dropped devices. Some devices that are supported by later iOS versions run badly with the new software too, being overstretched. Oh and iOS 6 betas and demos appear to be dropping more devices.

    If you buy a Nexus from the Google Play Store, not you’re carrier, it gets at least as good as support as Apple offer your iPhone.

    If you’re beef is with the carriers and rebranders, why not go after them instead?

  29. You picked the wrong carrier to get a galaxy nexus on if you want it updated in a decent time period.

  30. As others have said, I have a Galaxy Nexus and it’s already on Jelly Bean. Other Nexus devices are as well. If you always want the newest Android, stick with Nexus devices. If you want bloatware and waiting for an update released for your device, don’t get a Nexus. Nexus updates come straight from Google and come almost immediately after release of the newest Android. All other phones, the manufacturers and carriers have to prepare an update for your device with their crapware, then test, modify, retest, etc. This is why most Android devices are still on Gingerbread. It’s not Google’s fault.

  31. This article was well written. Too bad the point behind it was well…STUPID!!! I’ve seen and used Iphone 3gs’ running later versions of iOS, and it was PITIFUL!

    Seriously dude, what were you thinking? My Epic 4g Touch on Gingerbread was still 10x the phone that my buddies Iphone4s with the latest iOS, and I just got the upgrade to ICS. So hop off Apples nuts, because the rest of us like phones that do what WE want them to do, not what Apple wants them to do. Like say…expandable memory? Thats one example. I bought a 16 gig Epic 4G Touch and just put in a 64 gig MicroSd card for 40 bucks. Do you know how much apples 64 gig iphone is??? Outrageously overpriced.

  32. on THREE ‘erm Major upgrades, You got ‘cut n’ paste’ and android ‘like ‘notifications’ pheewooey baby!!! Keep drinkin’ the cool aid…what next, flash and free GPS?

    • androids are great for tweakers who spend the majority of their free time tearing things apart and never finishing what they started.

  33. My wife and children all use iphone 4s’ and have had 0 problems. I have had 4 android phones over the past 5 years and just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy 3 and have had nothing but problems. The poorly constructed Samsung is falling apart after two months and there are countless software bugs with the android software. I am going to switch to an iphone 5 as soon as possible. No more cobbled together android crap for me. I want apple where all is made inhouse with nothing cobbled together in the outhouse like android.

    • You’ve been buying the wrong Android phones. If you had bought the HTC rezound you would probably have a different viewpoint…you must not be aware that the only component of iPhones actually designed by Apple are their casings. Most parts, including the ‘retina display’ and CPU, are made by Samsung and LG along with other companies. Google it for yourself and you’ll see.

  34. Lol @ this article. Iphone is really a waste of a smartphone. When will they change the user interface?
    I thought about buying the Iphone 5, but after I saw the specs, and what it has to offer, I changed my mind. iphone is crap. Iphone is becoming more and more obsolete as the years go by.
    The Samsung S3 hands down destroys the iphone 5. You should write an artice, and the title shoud say, ” 5 Reason why you should NOT buy the Iphone” Adam Mills you’ll be greatly disappointed.

  35. Dude stfu. I’m tired of reading all your stupid articles. Your an Apple fanboy Just admit it douche. If you had one clue to as how the update works, specially because you have to wait for Verizon to push it through.

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