Everything You Need to Know About Verizon Share Everything Plans

Verizon’s new Share Everything plans are now available for new and existing customers. The Verizon Share Data plans shift the focus from a shared pool of minutes to a shared pool of data.

Verizon is the first major carrier to roll out shared data plans, but AT&T is reportedly working on a similar offering that may launch later this year.

The Verizon Share Everything plan offers an attractive set of features and prices, but it isn’t the best plan for every user. Check out our guide to Verizon Share Everything Plans to learn what’s new and how to figure out if the switch is right for you.

What’s New?

The new Share Everything plan offers a number of changes to the traditional cell phone plan, focusing on shared data and unlimited minutes. The new plans allow families to share data with up to 10 devices, the old cap was 5 devices.

The video below shows many of the new Share Everything plan features.


Verizon Share Everything Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Voice
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Shared Data Plans
  • Mobile Hotspot Included
  • Tablets and hotspots share data

If you have multiple smartphones, and rely on Mobile hotspot features, the new plans will offer the most savings.

Verizon Share Everything Data Plan Prices

The new plan pricing can be a bit tough to understand after all the attention Verizon and carriers have placed on minutes and messages over the years.

Base price for each line is as follows.

  • Smartphones are $40
  • Flip phones are $30
  • Tablets including the iPad are $10
  • MiFi, USB Modem and Netbooks are $20

The big difference is the size of the data plan. While there is no unlimited option, this data is shared among all devices.

  • 1GB – $50
  • 2GB – $60
  • 4GB – $70
  • 6GB – $80
  • 8GB – $90
  • 10GB – $100
  • 12GB – $110
  • 14GB – $120
  • 16GB – $130
  • 18GB – $140
  • 20GB – $150
  • Overage is billed at $15 per 1GB.

The data fee is charged once per plan, instead of once per device like the data plans used to be charged. This is where families with many smartphones will see the biggest savings.

There is no contract extension to upgrade to the new Share Everything plans. Once you upgrade to the new plan there is no going back to the old style plans.

Not Forced to Upgrade

Upgrading to the new Share Everything is not mandatory, and while Verizon hopes it is an easy way to take the unlimited data plans away from many users, plans users will lose the next time they upgrade to a phone at a discounted rate.

Users who choose to upgrade to the Share Everything plans will see the following warning;

You currently have an Unlimited Data package on one or more lines on your account. The Unlimited Data package is no longer available. To continue, please select a new Data Option for all of the lines on your plan. You will not be able to go back to your current Unlimited Data package

Read: Data is Not Data is Not Data on Verizon’s New Shared Data Plans

These users should stick with the current plans and budget for buying a new phone at full retail to keep the unlimited data plans long-term.

Save Money

The new plans offer a big opportunity for savings, but not every customer will see the savings.

Verizon offers a Share Everything calculator to help users see what their cell phone bill will be on the new plan. Existing Verizon customers can start the switch to Share Everything plans and compare the plan with their current bill at Verizon Wireless. The compare option includes any existing discounts.

Currently my family plan will be about the same on the new Share Everything plan, though all of our phones will now come with unlimited minutes, messaging and mobile hotspot feature.

The real savings are found when I factor in the cost of upgrading our last flip phone to a smartphone, which was on the way in July. The new Share Everything plans allow us to add this smartphone without adding another $30 data plan, saving an extra $20 a month ($30 data plan – $10 line charge).

Verizon Shared Data Mobile Hotspot IncludedBecause 3 of the 5 smartphones on our plan use very little data we will be able to share a 4GB or 6GB data plan between the 5 lines, to keep savings down further, all without the need to worry about minutes used. Verizon offers an easy way to view usage details for current customers, but the usage details are not available for all accounts at this time.

The added minutes and ability to use our phones as mobile hotspots dramatically increase the value of these plans for my family, even if they don’t represent a further reduction in our monthly phone bill.

Are you switching over to the new Share Everything plans? If so how much will you save?


  1. I don’t really follow the logic of this new plan as far as savings is concerned. We have 4 smartphones and a tablet and it will cost us $15 more and cut our available data from 10GB to 6. To break even we would have to go with the 4GB plan. So you get to use your phone as a hotspot for free but you now have less data to run your hotspot on. To get the same amount of data we have now we would have to get the $100 plan and then we would be even more upside down from a cost perspective. The other thing that makes little sense is the unlimited minutes thing. Smart phones won’t let you talk very much anyway or they run out of battery. You don’t need a smart phone to talk, we get them for the data usage which is now actually costing your more per GB. The $40 per phone is quite expensive and they are really just charging you for unlimited talk whether you need it or not. I ran the Verizon calculator and it is not a saver for me.

  2. I cannot see any reason we should have to pay $30 more to share each tier of data. It’s ludicrous to charge that much and expect this to be a popular plan. Yes please let me pay more to share less data with a bunch of people. Grand.

  3. I ran the numbers with a VZW customer rep. My bill will increase by $15 and my available data will decrease by 2GB. This makes total sense, Verizon…NOT!!! I have four smartphones and, based on our average monthly usage, would need the 6GB data package because I am using barely over 5GB per month, most of which is me. My phone has the unlimited data plan that I really do not want to give up. I plan on paying retail for my next phone to avoid this. I’ve been with VZW for over ten years and, for the first time, am very disappointed. I was so excited knowing they were coming out with a family data plan. Now that it’s out, not so much. The unfortunate part is that everybody will follow suit so your only option to save money will be prepaid phones like Virgin Mobile who just came out with the iPhone 4s. I’m not making a move yet. In fact, I may never make a move unless VZW makes me which, in that case, I may move away from them entirely. Thanks for nothing, Verizon. You have a lot of unhappy customers out there!

    • I agree completely, Verizon is going to be loosing alot of long time customers with this nonsence. I, for 1 am going with Straight Talk, 45.00 per month and unlimited everything, its a no brainer!

  4. Thanks Verizon for treating faithful longtime customers like they don’t matter! I have been with Verizon for over 15 years and I don’t have a huge gripe about the new plan but why did they have to add a phone upgrade fee of $30? ! Don’t bother advertising free smart phones if you automatically charge this fee because that’s just BS! This fee should be waived for your best customers but obviously Verizon could care less. All they could say was that all carriers are charging upgrade fees. Well, I beg to differ because I did my research! Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Verizon and move on.

  5. I was kind of excited about the shared data so I could maybe have saved some money. However the new plans is going to cost more for me. S what for unlimited minutes and text. I barely use 500 minutes with 5 phones on my plan. Don’t think it’s going to be worth giving up my unlimited which is more less capped at 4gb then the slow your speed down. I think I’ll be buying my new phone full price and not getting a new contract. Another ting that isn’t right is that once you upgrade one phone at a dicount price you are then tuck changing your data plan for all the lines on your account. I bet we find out that a lot more people end up saving and just buying a new phone at full cost instead of upgrading. I also see for these plans to change in the near future to make them a little more inexspensive.

  6. I thought this plan was suppose to simplify pricing but now I see sharing 4GB for example can cost either $70 or $30 just for the data. The difference depends on what “share everything plan” you choose.

    There are different prices for the same amount of data in addition to the different cost for different devices. It seems there are multiple share everything plans. There is the “Unlimited Talk & Text + Shared Data Plans” where 4GB costs $70. But then there is also a
    “Share Everything Options for Mobile Broadband Devices” where 4GB costs only $30 dollars.

    I understand that a smart phone and a mobile hot spot have different capabilities and will be used differently but I though that is why the cost to add them to the “share everything plan” is different. $40 for a smartphone and $20 for the Jetpack hotspot. So if you have a smart phone and a hotspot you will be paying more than twice for the data than you would if you only had a hotspot. How much airtime and texts do they expect a hotspot to use on the talk and text plan?

    Bottom line – a GB is a GB so why should the price be dependent on whether you have a phone in your plan or not. The premium paid to add a phone to the plan should cover the talk and text portion.


  7. That bit about differing data costs is interesting. I mostly use my phone as a modem for my computers. Given the lower cost for modem data, I’ll be looking into using a usb modem with a lot of data and a phone with no data.

    If that doesn’t work, I’ll need to keep my current unlimited data and pay full cost for an upgrade phone. Otherwise my cost change is from $70 per month to $110 per month – an unacceptable increase.

  8. What if I already have 4 smartphones and want to upgrade one from 3g to 4g phone…will I lose my unlimited data?

    • only if you have unlimited data, and you want to upgrade at the 2 year discount , ,, if you want to keep unlimited you will need to buy a phone full price or buy a phone outside of verizon if need be , theres some pretty good phone out there for decent price for e,g craiglist etc.. etc.,,

  9. I have 2 smart phones and a non-smartphone on my plan currently. We share 700 minutes, mostly used by 1 phone and unlimited messaging. 1 smart phone has unlimited data, the other has 2gb data.

    Moving to a 4gb shared plan, would cost us about the same as we pay now but I would lose my unlimited data. Sure we would have more minutes, but we don’t use them. There is no benefit to this for me. I am very glad that my phone died and I decided to upgrade last week.

    • the only difference for you would be then the new plan offers hotspot in your situation then its best to stay where your at

  10. I evaluated the Share Everything Plan and compared it to my current Unlimited Plan and this is what I came up with:
    Current. Share Everything Plan
    Unlimited Talk/Text $89.99. Unlimited Talk/Text Smartphone $40.00
    Data 4GB w/mobile hotspot $50.00. Data 4GB shared (hotspot) $70.00
    Assuron Insurance $8.18. Assuron Insurance 8.18
    Block Call Controls $4.99. Block Call Controls $4.99
    Wireless Charges $4.18. Wireless Charges $4.18
    Government Charges $8.00. Government Charges $8.00
    12% Corporate Discount on Data Plan. 15% Corporate Discount on Calling Plan
    Total Charges–$161.59. Total Charges–$129.35

    I’m saving $32.24 on my monthly bill. So it depends on what your current plan is and what will save you the most. For me, the Share Everything Plan is a better fit ciao decision, plus I cac; add up to 10 devices instead of only five, I get my corporate discount back whereas with the other plan it wasn’t eligible, and I keep more money in my pockets. It’s a win win for me. Hope my billing explanation above helped.

  11. The only times that this plan will save money are if a family is already paying for unlimited talk //text, a bunch of data plans (4+) and people who actually pay for wifi tether. I don’t need unlimited talk for my family so there is no value in paying more for that option to me. I also don’t use wifi tethering so that is 20 dollars of value that could be taken off for me. If you knocked $10 off of the smartphone buy in and 20 off the data package to allow for my lack of need for these features, it would be a great value for me and I would definitely switch.

  12. I have a smartphone with unlimited date + 500 texts. I share that plan with my elderly parents. They have 2 voice-only phones. I currently pay about $118 per month including fees, taxes, the whole deal.

    With the Share Everything plan, my base bill goes up to $160 with only 2Gb of data. Adding tax and fees, this is going to cost me an additional $50+ per month.

    Looks like I will be dropping Verizon when I have to upgrade my phone.

  13. This is UNBELIEVABLE!! We have been with verizon for a long time and for the past year and a half they have been leaving a bad taste in my mouth. We are constantly having to pay them more and more. Last year before our wedding we had to payed them almost $3000.00 in 6 months and them said we owed them $500.00 more. I was on the phone with them for 3 days (time I really could have been using to tie up loose ends for our wedding) to break down where all these charges were coming from and still NEVER GOT AN ANSWER!! As of right now we have 4 smartphones on our plan and we are paying around $270.00 a month. Today I went online to upgrade my sons phone and I was informed we would have to change our plan and now it will cost us OVER $350.00 or MORE a month!!!! THIS IS UNEXCEPTIBLE!!! Is it not enough for the past year they have drained out savings just to keep our phones but now they want MORE!! Verizon has no respect for their customers and this is a smack in the face for using there services!!!

    • OMG~this is the same thing that Verizon has done to us!!from 280.00 all the way to 400.00! What a bunch of horse $#!%..!!22 yrs of Verizon service and this is what we get…I’m on my way out..Hello Virgin Wireless..* )

  14. I have read all of the above reviews and have also compared all of the cost. I have four smart phones that would be affected if I switched to this new plan. The amount of data would be reduced to stay within the plan. As a long time Verizon customer I am very disappointed at the treatment. I have always been an uncompensated advocate of Verizon defending them as the best especially in customer service. After waking up to this insult of my intelligence I’ve decided to wait out my current contract with my intention of dumping Verizon for good. Between my Verizon Fios account and wireless account I pay in excess of $700 a month. I’m fed up with Verizon.

  15. Not saying if this plan is right for everyone or not, but everyone who is saying that they will lose their unlimited data, don’t forget, sometime this summer Verizon is eliminating the unlimited data, even if you are “grandfathered in.” Nobody will have the unlimited anymore once Verizon puts this in place in a couple months or so…..

  16. Mac, the elimination of Unlimited Data occurs when the hardware device or the account owner changes, according to Verizon Customer Service (I called yesterday to ask). If one keeps their phone, and makes NO CHANGES to their account, the Unlimited Data will be grandfathered for the near future. I was told that replacing your current device with a device of your own purchase would trigger the change as well, so I am planning on using my Droid X2 until all 5 lines on my plan are off contract, and then switching to another carrier. My oldest child was just about to get a new iPhone, but I nixed that, and he will get his choice next June when we are clear of Verizon.

  17. Surely Verizon users weren’t so gullible as to think that any new plan offered by Verizon or any other telephone company would result, long term, in any savings?

  18. I am about to switch over to the Share Everything plan. I ran the numbers, and for me it makes sense though i see why it may not for everyone. Currently I have a family plan with five lines. One smart phone with unlimited data, and four basic phones, one of which has $10 for VZ Navigator and such. We have 4,000 minutes and unlimited text. I pay $300 a month for this. Under the share everything plan i will lose unlimited data (i’ve never used more than 1GB month) but for essentially the same plan i will pay $220 a month for a savings of $80. Likewise, i can switch everyone to smart phones with 6GB of data for $280 per month and still save $20. We use mostly voice minutes and lots of text. For people that use tons of data i see where you would lose but for my family we will save money and gain in features.

  19. I’m beginning to buy an iPhone 4 8GB but I don’t know if i should buy that iPhone with my parents existing plan. Basically i’m trying to find the lowest price to pay monthly for the phone. So is it less payment if i have my parents plan or is both new and exist plan have the same monthly payment. But if they both have any differences please tell me, even though I know they do.

  20. Nolan, good luck with that. In no time at all, your family of 5 will easily exceed a mere 6GB (check your kid’s typical usage on your home internet – mine use up to 25GB/month!) of data once they have smart phones in their hands. Verizon knows this. You’ll discover this yourself in a painful way soon enough. Paying more money (not less) is all part of Verizon’s master plan. But then look what we all get for it: super fast 4G speeds, an amazing internet experience on the smart phone, and unfortunately that costs us all (Verizon included) more money in the long run. Hopefully costs will come down for us all in the future, but that’s probably only a pipe-dream.

  21. Oh, something else to factor in. We currently pay $45/month for a home phone with AT&T. However, now with everyone having unlimited talk min on their smartphones, we are dropping the home phone – FINALLY! That will factor in a savings of $45/mo. and that is something we can live with. The rest of you families should look into this as well.

  22. Reading some of the replies concerned me so I called customer service. They said that if you have the unlimited data plan, you will not be forced to change your plan, if you wish to renew your contract and get a new phone. I asked the representative 3 times to reconfirm what they were saying and they reconfirmed every time that customers will not be forced to give up their existing plan with unlimited data if they are due for contract renewal. Can someone call up customer service to verify if that what I was told is the truth?

    • I called again and the rep said that customer can keep the old plan but will need to pay full price for the new phone.

  23. I just switched over to the Share Everything plan. We were paying $220+ a month for 4 multimedia/smartphones and a basic phone with 700 minutes and “unlimited” texting (in reality its 5,000 texts to outside Verizon, unlimited to Verizon when you read the fine print; which I do, on everything). Without fail, every month we kept going over. In actuality, I’ll be paying less overall, and everyone can benefit from the data, when usage averaged to 1gb for the 2 smartphones. I kept the 4gb, it comes in handy with the extra devices we have to use with hotspot. I generally use WiFi whenever able, but it’s nice to have on car trips, where there isn’t WiFi, and you never know when you need google maps (my GPS broke in the middle of a trip, and I hadn’t printed directions). SE plan also eliminates the $10/phone line every month. Also, if you back log when you change “in the middle of the month), it does eliminate all the extra charges. We were expecting $40 over minutes. It was wiped out, and we just paid for the 2 months, like when you first start a plan, and everything is great

  24. What concerns me is how do you really know how much data you are using…at least with voice and text, I can actually count minutes and number of texts. Now, we are trusting VZ to be honest in calculating how many GB’s of data you use. How can you argue with that? I need a chart of certain activities = data usage…i.e. watching a streaming movie on Netflix = 500 mb. I have no clue, do you?

  25. People need Unlimited I think that’s just the stupidest idea to share data. It’s been 6 days and already used 2 gb. I am highly considering just dropping my contract.

  26. We shouldn’t half to keep worrying or checking online bout how much gb are being used how fast and wich phones. Just fucking irritating

  27. From my research to drop my husband’s Unlimited Data plan and go to the Share Everything Plan is not in our best interest. I understand the whole unlimited talk/text and added Hotspot but what they don’t tell you is that they still charge the monthly fee for VZ Navigator and the Asurion deductables are NOT what the Verizon representative tell you they are. We found out the hard way. Also keep in mind if you have a basic phone and you try to replace it using your insurance coverage Asurion will attempt to force you to get a “smartphone” hence being required to get a data plan. Totally catch 22!!

  28. I’m a late comer to this discussion because I have to decide whether to upgrade my plan with a new phone. What Verizon is doing just gets better and better… and I mean that sarcastically. Currently voice and data are running on two different networks. Verizon’s next generation network is called VoLTE which will allow data (4G) and voice to run on the same network. This will allow talking and surfing the internet at the same time along with HD voice. Of course they will give us ”unlimited” voice now but what the sales rep will not telling you is that the voice network is going to be phase out. They are also not telling us how this will affect voice and data plans moving forward.


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