Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Owners Reporting Ice Cream Sandwich Issues

The Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich updates are a few days old now and we’re now starting to hear reports of some initial bugs that users are encountering.

Back in June, Verizon announced that the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS updates would roll out on June 22nd. Starting that day, the updates then trickled out slowly to users, presumably because the carrier wanted to ensure that the updates were relatively bug free.

The updates were finally made available to all users over the weekend.

Droid RAZR owners are reporting ICS issues.

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Motorola and Verizon were working to meet a Q2 deadline for the updates and they probably didn’t want to release software that was too buggy to use. That doesn’t appear to be the case, at least not yet, but we are hearing reports, from Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX users themselves, that the software does have some bugs, some nastier than others.


Here is the experience from a user named Kevin who installed the Android 4.0 update only to see the phone take on a mind of its own:

Terrible. Downloaded to my Droid Razr, played with it for about 30 minutes. Phone Started acting funny. Rebooted and now the phone randomly just selects things rapidly. Opens facebook, then the settings, then turns on airplane mode, opens google, opens contacts, starts selecting the contacts. The thing is freaking out. Something wrong with the touch screen and the ICM. Rebooted two more times still unusable. Phone looks like a three year old is randomly selecting everything at the same time on the phone. Removed my screen saver and cleaned the glass. Same Thing – Not Happy!!

Oddly enough, another user named Drew also chimed in saying that his phone was doing the exact same thing:

I’m having the exact same problem as Kevin…hope a fix is released soon because this has turned my phone unusable.

Other users are reporting app compatibility issues (to be expected), an issue with the keyboard locking up, and the inability to connect to the Google Play Store itself, just to name a few.


On the flip side, users have also informed us that the update is working flawlessly. One user named William Hoehlein claims that:

I just updated my Droid RAZR on Verizon and it was a very smooth process. It did not have any problem with my installed apps. After the install the RAZR is smooth as silk. So far so good!!

A number of other users are also reporting that Ice Cream Sandwich has made their experience on the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX a better one.

So, that being said, how has Ice Cream Sandwich been treating all of you Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX owners out there? Are you seeing bugs or has the update been flawless?


  1. I updated my Droid RAZR to “Ice Cream Sandwich” over the weekend. It upgraded to Android 4.0.4. The only issue I had was that I had to remove and recreate all of my email accounts, including the Outlook sync account from my work.

    Other than that it has been awesome – no other problems whatsoever and the new OS is working perfectly, I love the interface and my Droid RAZR ROCKS with “Ice Cream Sandwich” – now bring on Android 4.1 — can’t wait!!

    • Oddly I was checking for updates in week prior to ICS showing up and my email FOUR accounts went dead – they were in MY_ACCOUNTS app, but on open mail wanted me to enter one as if I had none, I put this off. I got ICS update and my mail client started working again and all accounts loaded their content. One anomoly was my home ISP seems to no longer have a valid certificate – in ICS email both my wife and I had to tell it to accept all certs on incoming.

    • Hi, how did you “remove and recreate” all of your email accounts? All my contacts are coming out as unknown numbers every time I get a call. Thanks! Also, why doesn’t GOSMS recognize my contacts? Thanks!

  2. Had the same problem yesterday. Noticed that it did it when I left an application open. Since teaching myself to close the app when I am done, it has not done that again.

  3. Updated on Saturday. Tried three times – each time it would download the full 300+MB file and then fail validation. Finally had to factory reset the droid maxx, then it installed flawlessly.

    Only problem was I needed to re-download all of my apps and basically start with a new phone. Not too bad, since I’ve only had the phone a couple of months.

    Anyone know if there is a way to install an app and not have it create a shortcut on the home page?

  4. I manually updated my phone on saturday. The process took about 35 mins and after being installed i noticed some issues: 1.Phone lost vibration feedback 2.Web browser takes longer to load and FLASH was removed 3.Battery Drains faster then on Gingerbread(Im not a heavy user)But on the other hand, the 4g connectivitty issue seems to be resolved and the overall performance of the phone was improved.

      • After being forced to take the update, I have had the same problems that everyone has stated in this forum, so I won’t repeat, with the exception that It’s more than frustrating when both Verizon and Motorola have told me that they are “unaware of any issues” with the ICS upgrade to the MAXX. Verizon finally agreed that it must by my particular phone. They sent me a brand new (refurbished) phone and guess what, still does the same things, all bad.I was also told by Verizon, that the “fix” to the issue (oh yeah, I finally talked with a Verizon tech that knew of the problmes) was that we’d have to wait until “Jelly Bean” is released. Google was not going to try to fix ICS, just replace it. The tech told me that the release date was “sometime in the future, hopefully before the end of the year. It’s trully shameful when companies are more concerned about getting all of our money, forcing an “upgrade” on everyone, and not providing a fix for the problem. Don’t know about you, but it lets me know just where their loyalties are. As much as I loved Android before, I’m really contemplating paying the penalties and going back to (ugh) apple.

        • Im glad to hear other people having issues
          I called att the denied knowing about any problems
          I have galaxy s two
          Update caused screen freeze
          Notify volume goes silent after a few hours
          Other bugs
          Why do they deny it gees they sent replacement but dam thing already updated so same issues

        • Thank you Harold! Thank you for expressing my sentiments about being FORCED to accept this upgrade!, myself, feel the very same way. I feel forced to take it and like I was tricked into it. Had I knows that it would not only have change the appearance of my phone, but also its functionality (and not in a good way, as is being claimed) I would have declined when the little window saying system update showed up on my phone a few days ago. At least if they had mentioned the program, I could have researched what others were saying and been informed. Instead, I assumed it was like a Java or Flashplayer update and said yes.

          Poor me and poor my phone! It is pretty much unusable now. I see you posted in late July. It’s not nearly a month later and I just got this upgrade to my phone and not only did they not work out bugs before passing it onto more android users, the bugs seem to be even worse for other types of phones!

          I don’t hold out hope for Jelly Bean technology if the ICS is bad and they pass it around anyway. I also don’t hold out any hope for the producer of these programs who blatantly ignore unhappy consumers and tell them they just have to get used to it or completely ignore phones that are utterly unusable.

          I never wanted an iPhone… Until now!

        • Hi Harold,
          I have just bought a Droid Razr and I had an awful experience at our local Verizon wireless store. TBH, I was smarter as a street person than the store sales manager!!! and that to me is a problem for us consumers!!!!! js

        • I got my Motorola Razor Maxx in early June, worked like a charm, then ICS rolled out and the upgrade went smooth. Except now my phone does a full factory reset every two weeks. I have the automatic backup enabled NOW, but I didn’t the first time.

          I also spoke with a verizon tech, and mentioned some of the things I had done and after speaking with me about 5 minutes he said he was just going to send out a new phone…which I had two weeks yesterday when it did a full factory restore on me again….what a crock.

        • 5 months and STILL NO ANSWER from Verizon, Google or Motorola. My battery dies so fast. Still no answers, but now they sell the Razr Maxx HD. Makes me wonder if it is a “hardware” issue that cannot handle ICS???

  5. ok well i downloaded ics to my razr on saturday morning. well it wouldnt allow me to view any previous texts or even type a new one. so ofcourse I was left with the very invonvinient choices to either have no texting or do a factory reset. In the process, my apps said they had backed up, and now they are no where to be found. THANKS VERIZON, YOU SUCK AGAIN! Also the screen rotate works when it feels like it, i thought this was supposed to be an update, not a downgrade of the phone, bring back gingerbread, what a disappointment and mistake it was to download ICS. i know it sounds lazy and stupid reasons, but the whole point of this phone is to do those things and it cant do these simple tasks.. Also…when on the charger it has a mind of its own, everything under the sun gets selected or clicked on the phone when im nowhere near whatever’s being selected on the screen. wow what a pain…i pay over $100 for what? aggrevation??

    • Why blame Verizon?? They are a phone carrier. The phone is made by Motorola, the OS is Android (Google). Your problem is with Google.

  6. I was part of the soak test, give yourselves some time with ICS. there are more little things that are buggy. can’t send a video clip in a text…can’t upload a small video to an email even…My music is changed to Play Music….grrrrr!! signal has gotten worse, had full service and bars before no i’m lucky to get 3, had to lock my OG razr into 3G so the 4G doesn’t kill my battery in2 hours…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    • It was smooth at first I didn’t loose anything but two days after the download my phone froze and I let it die and pluged it it and it worked fine again then I started to notice the signal was gone from full bars to 3 if I am lucky some times droping from 4G to no signal… most of the time keeping signal but always half what it was before… and now some apps dont work when I first open them i have to close them and reopen… HELP i use my phone a lot and right now am not happy…

  7. Upgraded to ICS over the weekend. Problems occurring in syncing with Calendar and Contacts (ie. new outlook calendar items ok…calendar items that were in outlook previous to upgrade have many that have disappeared). New contacts not syncing with outlook.
    Also Service drops out occasionally. IT department at the company very concerned that the release is flakey

  8. Have had ICS on my Razr Maxx since Saturday. Had no issues with the update. Battery life seems to be somewhat less now. It doesn’t feel as “snappy” as before and there is definitely a noticeable delay with the touch screen on some apps. Also, apps load more slowly and are somewhat “jerky”. Some apps are not working properly now at all, probably need to be updated by the developers to work on ICS. 4G connectivity is the same as before; in and out randomly depending upon location. Wifi is not as good as my iPod Touch and hasn’t improved since update. Frankly, I’d prefer to have Gingerbread back. I was impressed with the Maxx before, but not as much so now.

    • Well Many people had to throw a fit because ICS was not released on time and kept getting stalled. Now many wished they would have just waited for them 2 work out the problems. Thankfully I was able to work out the glitched on my maxx and my wife’s razr myself b4 hand. I love the update now it’s way better than gingerbread now that it works. Lol

  9. I updated this weekend to ICS. First thing to go wrong was the “Starting Applications” message appeared for hours before I finally did a reset It then seem to come on OK but then strange things started to happen. My Winamps would not connect to my music on the SD card anymore and then I’d get a message it stopped working. Worst of all, when I plugged in the charger the back of the phone started getting hot. After charging overnight I unplugged it and it only had a 5% charge.

    I turned off everything I could and tried charging it again with the same results. I finally took it to a Verizon store thinking they would quickly diagnose the problem. They looked at it, tried to charge and told me they’d have to get me a new phone. Its being delivered tomorrow.

    I really don’t know it this is all a coincidence or not but if my new phone comes with GB I will not be upgrading it.

  10. Installed to my Razr today. Was pleased to find that the Motorola “Webtop” mode is available as a choice any time an external HDMI device is connected. In this mode you can use the phone pretty much like a fully functional PC with a hi rez display, and mouse and keybo.ard if you like . Previously you had to buy either a dockfor the phone (at least about $50) or an integrfated keyboard/display to make the phone look like a laptop for many more bucks. Now it just takes an HDMI cable, a fancy set of USB connections (cheap but a little comples for the uninitiated) and any wireless keyboard and mouse. I’m using it right now to do this posting with a logitech keyboard/mouse for under $30.

  11. I DID NOT install the update, although it showed up on my phone (Razr Maxx). I like to see how the update does, before I consider installing it. It seems many people are unhappy….INTERESTING today at 7:15pm in Florida my phone showed another HUGE update downloading, it has been downloading for over 45 minutes now. Does anyone know what this update could possibly be? I never installed ICS, although it was automatically downloaded to my phone prior to the update that is downloading now?????

  12. It sucks killed my signal i even bought a signal booster do not update!!!!! It has turned my phone into a very expensive paper wait

  13. Ever since I updated my phone, the Slingplayer still works exactly the same except, the screen now dims and times out after about 30-45 seconds. This makes watching impossible. I have looked at all the settings and have been unable to find one on the app or the phone that allows the program to bypass this action. Of course the Slingplayer does stay on when in the charging dock or plugged in but this defeats the whole “mobile” thing. Any advice?

  14. When I run my finger across the screen, I get drawn blue and red lines across the screen wherever I touch. There’s a strange strip on the top of phone with numbers and my phone is broken. Verizon is sending me a refurbished phone right after paying $200.00 for a new phone. ICS is a big mess

    • Virginia your phone is not faulty, there is just a new setting that is applied. To change it back go to system settings then Developer options and uncheck Pointer location. Problem will be solved good luck!

  15. Updated and now I wish I didn’t. My signal decreased, spoke to Verizon and they stated do a factory reset. This didn’t resolve a signal thing. Went to the store, the tech stated it was supposed to make the phone better, but this is crap. I was trying not to root this device, but……………….looks like I gotta find a fix again!

  16. For those of you with signal issues, if you are not dropping signal, run a speedtest. If the signal is the same speed in the same areas, without dropping this would confirm my suspicsions. ICS reads signals differently and dispalys them on your signal bar differently. In GB, 4g signal was not displayed with 4g data connection, only 3g. ICS now displays the proper dbm reading for 4g.

    3g signals should be about the same. Please check the dbm and not the signal bar to confirm this. If the phone is not dropping signal, and speeds are similar, it is probably just in your head.

  17. Android 4 has problems at least on my Razr. First, it dialed back my radio strength to less than one bar. Mext, it displayed a fake keypad and blocked anya ttempt to go further than being able to make “emergency” calls. It took three hours on the phone with Verizon to do a hard reset and to take back some level of control of my phone. How could Verizon and Motorola have missed bugs this big?

  18. Can’t get my photo’s to download into My Gallery from my gmail. It goes into the Download App and I can’t move it to My Gallery.

  19. It’s just different. I switched from the T-bolt to the Razr Maxx about a week and a half ago, and then I downloaded the update and installed it from my computer manually last Friday…ICS changed a bunch of things, and a lot of the problems that people have are just that Google moved things around for ICS.

    I’m excited that I can change the system font size now, which I couldn’t do before. I’m excited that I can uninstall some of the bloatware and disable others, so they stop showing up in the Play store. Face unlock is pretty useless, but it’s going to take some time to figure out all of the changes.

    One thing that I noticed is that there seem to be a lot of running services. On my T-bolt, I could always free up about 2/3 to 3/4 of the RAM. With ICS, it seems that no matter what I do, half of it is taken up, which seems to be a lot of RAM for just basic services, especially since I have more of it. I didn’t have it long enough with GB to know if it was an issue there, but that may be what’s affecting the battery life for folks.

  20. Just updated my Razr Maxx this past weekend. I have actually loved the improvements: runs faster, smoother, made the “Big Font” app work better (the fonts would revert to normal whenever screen was rotated for a second), gave me more favorite squares to name a few. The only complaint I have which is really not a complaint is that after changing certain settings and installing an app or two, my lock screen disappeared! I really didn’t like the lock screen anyway. Now I go from sleep to home screen! So far so good for 3 days running.

  21. Upgraded to ICS yesterday…No major quirks, yet…Only minor issues like bookmarks that used to be small icons are now large and you have to scroll down the list to get to them all, also when you rotate the phone in bookmarks you loose the right to left scrolling option…Any way to make the bookmark icons smaller to only fill one screen??? The other issue I have come across is speech played through the phone…One exercise application, that can speak your running splits, had a very real sounding womans voice…Now the voice sounds like something from a 1970’s atari video game, very computer generated, mono-toned and raspy…Any advise for fixing this??? Gman…

  22. I’m frustrated since the update to my RAZR Maxx. It gets hot wuickly. The battery runs out much faster. It jumps unexpectedly other things right in the middle of doing something. I was rally looking forward to the update. I hope they update the update and soon!

  23. I just updated my razr yesterday (July 2nd), my phone did the same as others mentioned, in that it showed the “loading applications” screen for about a half an hour before my patience ran out and I did a manual reset. After this, it seemed fine, but I was wrong. I kept it charging when updating and fully charged it after updating. I then unplugged it from my charger and tried to play around. ICS seems pretty cool, but I couldn’t get a bunch of apps to work, mainly facebook & weatherbug, which I use all of the time. Moreover, and this is the worst part, it seems my battery is being drained by ‘Media,’ to the tune of 67% of my battery is drained from media, which I can’t shut off because it is the software put on through this update. This all results in my phone lasting for a full charge a full 3 hours standby time. Went to Verizon, where everyone is just so helpful (sarcasm), and they will have a new one to me in two days (normally one day, but tomorrow is the fourth of July… Can’t blame them for Fedex not delivering on a holiday). Meanwhile, I think I’ll give ICS another whirl on my next phone and see if it goes any better, since it really does seem pretty snappy, and provides the user a lot of features not available on GB.

  24. My update was doing good till today and now the new “lock screen” disappeared and it’s like it was before the update! I tried everything to see if maybe I might have not logged out of an app or something but it did come back on when I plugged it in to charge. Now it’s back to the old way again!

  25. If you read the forums, most of the Razr owners having problems did not do a hard reset on their phone either before or after the update. After completing the hard reset most of the problems were gone. This update certainly has some minor UI bugs but users that just upgrade without wiping their phones are creating false problems and preventing he community from finding the real bugs in the software.

    • From Verizons website:

      Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications. Only perform this reset if absolutely necessary) when an upgraded operating

      There should be no reason that we should have to do a “hard reset” when an upgraded operating system comes out…If they have coded the software correctly, it should accomodate our phones preloaded/downloaded applications with relatively few issues…

      We certainly do not wipe our laptops and desktop computers applications in order to get Windows or Mac updates…

      Having preload/downloaded applications, prior to the update, is giving the community the TRUE problems/issues and bugs that are in the new update…


      • I share your opinion, but as a last resort I did the hard reset without wiping the SD card data. All went well and I had the phone restored from google. It is completely back to normal.

        My issues were:
        1. couldn’t access ‘My Gallery’
        2. Couldn’t save new pictures.
        3. Battery usage (phone was hot).
        4. Couldn’t access music on device.

          • I got my update this morning, although i don’t know why it took so long. Same issues. Can’t play music or see pics/vids from SD card. Each time I tried playing music from my device, either from My Music or Amazon MP3, it would freeze. Also had the screen freeze again when I hadn’t been using it for a while. I’ve done 3 hard restarts today, after not doing one in my first 4 months of owning the phone…ridiculous. Also, the battery is nowhere near as good, and it gets incredibly hot!

  26. It looks like I’m the only one. But after updating, my 3mm audio jack no longer works. It will play audio off the phones speakers, and remains doing so even AFTER I plug headphones/car mp3 adapter in.

    • I just got the Ice Cream Sandwich update last night, and I am experiencing the same problem. Audio plays though phone speakers after I plug in headphones. Were you able to solve this?

  27. Droid Razr Maxx: Updated to ICS, Did a clean factory reset and now the camera does not work. Also the boot screen animations now loop and jitter. Poor wi-fi connection, Poor cell connection, Verizon has screwed me on the phone telling me that I now have to deal with Motorola. WTF! I’m done.

  28. got 4.0 and its crap. battery dies faster barely get 7-10 hours on it now. had the best signal now crap. wont come off of 1x. now today the gallery doesnt work. i mean come on. this was supposed to be the best. im miss gb to be honest and would love to know how to get it back. nothing works like its supposed to.

  29. I am having problems with my vehicle push to talk feature now that I have ICS. I can make and receive calls from my handset over my car audio but I cannot use the hands free feature. I have tried calling Verizon and Motorolla and neither have been any help. Motorolla denies there is a problem at all, but I see on other forums that other phones like the Samsung Galaxy are having the same issue. I am ready to ditch my android and get an iphone.

  30. Upgrade is total garbage- email interface is awkward and counter-intuitive (toggforth between multiple accounts is a nightmare) – verizon sends md to motorola who then tells me it’s google’s fault. I am beyond furious. Will never purchase another google/motorola POS again and will warn all of my friends.

  31. well it works ok but my phone has done some weird things as well. the keyboard does lock up sometimes and it will open random things but its not like it continues to flip out. but the worse things are the signal is crap now and the battery runs down way faster than gingerbread did. give us back the old OS or give us a fix. i have done a few hard resets and it still does the same damn thing. so thank you verizon and motorola for a piece of shit

  32. upgrade sucks. Corporate email not working now. I work for a big company and they have no idea how to fix it. Verison tech support doesn’t even have scripts/instructions for ICS. This sucks, prob neve getting another android or motorola phone again.

  33. Im not happy at all with my razr after I upgraded to ics,.
    Freezing, opening and closing. At will. Making phone calls
    And no media sound. Keyboard doesn’t work and battery life is
    Horrible. Very disappointed and hope that this is fixed soon.
    Thank god for my iphone

  34. Most things work fine. Phone will act erratically sometimes opening and closing apps. My phone speaker no longer works because the phone thinks that it is plugged in to an external speaker. Twice last night phone would just start ringing for no reason and only way to get it to stop was to shut the phone down. I also agree that I hate the new email shortcuts which will just toggle between your accounts instead of staying on the account you had it set up for. I assume that google will quickly fix these bugs, but it sucks in the meantime.

    • This exact same thing is happening to me! It seems to occur when I’m using Google Talk, but I haven’t been able to confirm. Have you been able to find a resolution? This is a showstopper kind of issue. I can’t have this thing just start ringing for no reason when I’m in a meeting.

  35. Phone scrolling and swyping is sluggish and not as fluid as with gingerbread. Notification icons are dim and much smaller with ics. Had to turn off auto brightness and have set it manually to around 50%. Text messages dont populate correctly and neatly. Words are scattered all over text bubble . Speech to text worked better in gingerbread. ICS is garbage. So much for the hype!

  36. My RZR Maxx upgraded fine, most of my daughter’s factory installed apps disappeared! Help please. Just bought the phones a few days ago…..

  37. Well since updating my maxx to ICS, it will just shut down when plugged in and charging at 20 percent. My reception has been pretty bad also.

  38. From what i have read there is not many people out there that have not had anyyhing but good luck with there razr since the update… although i will say my service does get funky sometimes… but other than that it works flawlessly…nothing ever force closes… nothing freezes…overall a very good experience so far….even though i am switching back to sprint to get the galaxy s3…so i still have a month to play with Ics on this

  39. Cursor has a mind of its own when filling in a text box. Touchscreen issues – scrolling is jumpy , inaccurate, and erratic. Typing is a chore, perhaps an auto-correct issue. Screen goes in and out of focus very SLOWLY.

  40. Please tell us how to restore Gingerbread! This update is actually a downgrade for the Razr Maxx! I bought the best and expect the best!

    • Chatted the day i downloaded ics with csr from Motorola . There is no going back to gingerbread , much to my dismay.

  41. So far a big thumbs down on my ICS update to my Motorola Razr Maxx. I did the update on Monday and since then I have very spotty voice quality on my cell connections and about 1/2 of the battery life compared to my pre-update condition. I’ve also seen a marked degradation in my 4G service quality since the update.

    I am going to give it a few more days then call Verizon support to start with. Let them have time to sort out some of the “known” issues.

  42. phone was working fine after I updated to ICS. I tried doing the encryption option all the way down on the bottom of the encryption screen (emails, text, etc) and now it’s been sitting on 0% encrytion for 4 hours. I’m furious

  43. Downloaded ICS to my razr maxx.. Flash doesn’t work.. Internet is jacked! .. sluggish.. battery loss.. what a disaster! Verizon said Motorola knows of the issues. Who cares? I have an expensive phone and plan so my S*** needs to work! They better do something real quick.. I’ll gladly go to another carrier!

    • I had to go to the play store and download Flash 11, then reloaded my web page and the flash worked fine… try that, it might work for you.

      as far as sluggish and battery loss – I have no solutions. I’d love a solution about how to connect to a PC for charge only. :\ seems like a dumb feature to remove.

      • Someone recommended to do a factory reset. Hope this helps! Though I still can’t do it since droid says that it is locked. Good grief!!! Stupid ICS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I did the upgrade and my phone went nuts. Come to find out that I am not able to have the SD card installed because when I do, it randomly shuts off, freezes, crashes, or opens apps up. I removed the card to fix those issues, but today I noticed a new one. When I am on the phone and another call comes in, my phone does not beep. Instead, it rings out loud, places the call that I am on on speaker mode, and is extremely loud to both me and the person on the other line. I have tested this about a dozen times after playing with settings and there is not a fix that I know of.

  45. Very excited that I got the ICS update on my Razr Maxx, but the battery life really took a hit. Before the update, the phone would literally last all day, even with the kids playing on it… now the phone won’t even last past noon if the kids are playing on it. I have also noticed that the scrolling effects is lagging.

    • Removing and then reinstalling my exchange account fixed that. However, since then problems have been rapidly escalating. Touchscreen responds terribly slowly, is not accurate for touching, and stuff bounces around. Several applications have really screwed up rendering.

  46. Apps opening and closing at random. Netflix opens, closes, opens a video, skips around, then closes. Did factory reset, everything was fine until time to enter my gmail account. As soon as I touched the screen, it started typing random letters and then tried to submit the jumbled email address so problem obviously not fixed by a hard reset. The phone is useless and acts as if a 2 year old is playing around with it. What a disappointment. I called verizon and they claimed they haven’t heard anything about bugs and told me to come in to their store. We’ll see.

  47. I am having huge issues with my RAZR since i updated yesterday. it will not go 5 mins with out rebooting. it freezes over and over no matter if i am using it or not. i then have to do a soft reset (power button and VOL DWN button). i am having to do this at least 3 times EVERY HOUR! my phone has now become useless. Before i updated i was having issues with my phone charging and they are sending me a replacement so i’m hoping that it does not have the same issues. but for right now i need to know what to do for the next 4 days as i use my phone for everything and now i can not do anything. i have even resorted to doing a factory reset thinking that could help. still nothing has changed. somebody please help !!!!!!

  48. I can’t even install the update. The phone downloads the image, reboots, and starts the upgrade process. About a quarter of the way through the update, it tells me there was an error and gives up.

  49. My Razr was pushed the OTA update this morning. Since then, I have not received any email. Email freezes on the “Waiting for sync” screen. About to try removing and re-adding my accounts.

  50. This update is terrible. There is so much delay in almost everything that I do now that my phone is basically unusable now. Major bummer because I was really looking forward to this update. I don’t understand how these types of issues could have made it past a beta stage.

  51. Update SUCKS. The update did not complete correctly … has completely messed up my phone and I can no longer attach pictures to text messages. Battery life also has gone to the crapper. Not happy at all.

  52. I went a bad time with droid4x but it was due to a corrupted download.
    It is possible others users issues could have a similar cause?
    I was fortunate to get a replacement razr that was
    Clean so droid4 loaded successfully.

    If it is mandatory to do a hard reset to install D4 why arent
    Told to do so on the Verizon web site?

  53. I upgraded a couple of days ago. I’ve noticed reduced signal strength. It’s not just bars. In areas where I used to get consistent 4G coverage I’m now stuck on 3G only.

    Other than that, everything has been working pretty smoothly.

  54. Terrible! I’m stuck on 3G, phone randomly opens the camera, battery is awful and the unit itself is very hot. I want to go back!

  55. Awful. Can’t control notification & call volume on the side button anymore – have to go all the way into the settings to change them. Also, can’t just connect via USB as charge only. Am I missing something here????

    • I seem to be able to control volume with the volume buttons… but I can’t figure out how to set to charge only on PC connections either. And it’s very frustrating – I charge at work all the time and they have security settings in place so that the drivers can’t be installed to mount the SD, therefore the phone doesn’t charge at all… had ZERO problems charging before update. Such a dumb feature to remove!

  56. Ive got a Droid RAZR. I got the ICS OTA yesterday, and it has messed up my phone. I have no sound alerts, just vibrates. I can’t access my photos, nor can I text/email/attach photos to messages. Facebook sporadically works. Awful! Hope Motorola and Verizon fix the bugs soon, before I throw my previously beloved RAZR out the window in frustration!

  57. My wife and I both own a Droid razr. We are both experiencing reduced signal strength same as Erik. In our home, where we always had maximum signal we can no longer get more than 2 bars. Sometimes drops to 1. Sending and receiving messages has all of a sudden become a pain in an area with a ton of coverage. On top of that, immediately after the update, my wife lost an entire year’s worth of pictures to an error that states Error Displaying Media!

  58. Just updated today. Can’t play my loaded music; can no longer put widgets on the “desktop”; loss of signal strength and battery life; unit gets pretty warm, now. I hate it! I just switched to Verizon last month. I wish I could roll back this update. Loved my Razr Maxx then…:(

    • Seriously considering going back to my droid x. Voice recognition is much better. Notification bar is large and vivid, not small and dim. Calendar has many more reminder hours. X has a better keyboard. Had my made for 1month before the update. Had great battery life and 4 g was great. I want gingerbread back. I would pay money to go back

  59. updated before going to bed. appeared to be successful. took a tour next morning and found the names had been stripped from my google contact list: but phone numbers remained!
    my deja contact app has also been compromised: lost over 300 business contacts !(removed them from multiple categories!)
    unable to complete my business transactions today…..

    do you really need to ask what i think about this upgrade? (downgrade!)

    its been a bad, sad experience….and costly…

  60. Updated last week. Everything went smooth. My razr maxx works better than before. Same signal strength longer battery life. No cons here. Phone is brand new about 3 weeks old.

  61. So far, the ICS update on my MAXX has worked without any issues. I think the biggest problems arise with apps that are installed on the previous OS version, that will start to have conflicts when the update is installed. I have seen this happen previously on my wife’s Droid X. After an update, the volume went haywire and would never retain the desired setting. After much frustration, and even returning one phone, only to find out the replacement had the same issues, we found out that a previously installed game app was causing the conflict. While it worked flawlessly on the initial system, it was not fully compatible with the update. For this reason,..and the fact that ICS was a major OS update, I performed a factory reset immediately prior to upgrading my MAXX to the ICS update..and so far…no problems to date. IMHO, ICS is a significant improvement over the previous Gingerbread OS on the Verizon Razr MAXX.

  62. RAZR MAXX updated flawlessly and I think my critical apps all work normally, BUT two issues are apparent. Battery life dropped significantly and signal strength dropped to a maximum of two bars even when in sight of the tower. Haven’t figured out what to do about either issue yet, hopefully they will be addressed soon. Phone isn’t as “lightening fast” now either, but so far I can live with that.

  63. Preinstall Problems? Check list:
    Bootloader (SafeStrap or CWM Recovery) is installed. Uninstall it. 25% fail here
    Missing system apps/bloatware. Reinstall from market or backup.
    android build.prop was modified. Revert to continue.

    My Problems Include:
    Not Getting any calls
    unable to send MMS pictures
    Lose ability to recieve google voice calls
    Google voice callout uses Random Number instead of your google voice.
    Bunch of FC on System apps
    Bunch of FC on User Apps
    Loss of normal 4G LTE Coverage
    Camera Glitches
    Reduced Battery
    Hot Phone
    Random Freezeups
    Random Reboots
    and more…

    Please dont install ICS, save yourself the trouble

  64. Just got the update and battery life is certainly awful. Not experiencing any other issues but that luckily!

    I was able to manage 13+ hours battery life before…now I’m on the charger after 8!

  65. We have 2 RAZR phones both updates to the ICS 4.0.4 update. Once then same issue as above it does crazy selections on its own plus if ur typing
    it selects completely different letters on the opposite side of the keyboard. Out One other issue that 5 of us RAZR owners have data is sketchy to say the least and reception has changed all together. I hope these links get worked out SOON!

  66. Wish i did not use update to many problems to list. The saving grace is I have verizon they are the best. U have to wait for rep but worth it. I would not think of another phone company. I have had problems a nd have one right now with update. I am respectful to them .Thank u verizon and all that work there. Please keep up good work

  67. Horrible software. Battery life has tanked, signal strength is awful, phone is erratic and sluggish, and I can’t stand ALL of the new “features”, which by the way have made the screens, icons and notification symbols either unusable,unreadable,ugly or sometimes all three. The update has made everything on my phone harder to work and annoying. Went from loving the phone to hating it.

  68. Good:
    * like the new look and most features
    Bad (shortlist):
    * no sound on web, youtube, nor downloaded audio files
    * shorter battery life
    * apps open w/o me doing it
    * apps close on own
    * memory used up quickly even right after using ‘Advanced task killer free’
    * almost couldn’t leave a reply on this site b/c text keys would not appear nor respond to touch correctly when finally did appear
    * cursor does not appear where i touch

    Would to use to use phone for what i paid for it to do
    Please fix…

  69. updated to ics and now my phone is pretty much useless, i have no sevice, wifi doesn’t work anymore. gonna go to verizon and bitch and demand a fix or new phone. DO NOT UPDATE TO ICE CREAM SANDWITCH

  70. I guess I’m blessed to be able to say I didn’t have the bad experience some users shared. Update installed fine, was a bit choppy on the virgin voyage, but after a few reboots (which I do daily anyway, just like my comp,) it’s gotten much better fluidity (is that a word? lol) HOWEVER! I HAVE noticed my battery life draining MUCH quicker, which is pretty bad especially seeing as so many people probably BOUGHT the phone for its purported long battery life…AND my “Apps” screen no longer rotates into landscape mode like the last OS did, and I frequently go back and forth between apps. I like the new look, navigation is smooth, and I didn’t lose any apps during the update. All that said, Moto-Monks, I appreciate the effort, but considering how much we all paid for this Razr Maxx, I expect better from a company that’s been making beast @$$ phones for SO long.

  71. I updated my razr from GB to ICS earlier this week and within a half hr I noticed a considerable difference in functionality. One would think it would be a better experience, but this is not the case. I escalate to VZW and scheduled a conference call with MOTO and VZW reps to discuss these issues and determine when a patch would come thru to resolve the numerous issues other user are having as well as I. Currently I have issues like app compatabilty (no warning), streamline functionality it just seems to lack the response the oh so great GB provided. Yes I would say it has an appearence of awesomness, but appearences can be much deceiving. If my security lock is set and Im currently using an app and the display times out, it does not actually secure the phone, the only way to secure it is to press the button power/sleep on the side. browsing latency, notification bar is horrible it is extremly difficult to tell which icons are which and all my preset sounds are back to default except one ring tones all others such as email, sms, etc. The dialer dosent revert back to its default screen. Apps like that need to revert back on there own. Poor battery life now, limited widgets, can no longer clear individual notifications, only can be done in mass by one clear button. The keyboard response to auto texting is rediculous. The keyboard used to respond weird but messages are set to left margin?!??! seriously dumb. If i open apps which are displayed alphabetically which Im ok with, but now you select an app to use and when your done your app screen is left running on last screen used when back button is pressed, that should allow it to revert back to default screen but respond no different the the home button. SMH very poor roll out. Im know there is more, but done thining about it for now.

  72. Same thing happened to me! I downloaded ICS and the keyboard becomes almost completely awful to use. I can’t stand it. I’ve been sent a replacement phone from Verizon and have contacted Motorola and Verizon Tech Support at least 6 times in the past 3 days and it’s been ridiculous. No one can help me and no one really wants to. So far I HATE ICS and I hope it rots. I realize this is a Google-related issue and not Verizon’s fault but seriously? Rude much? I’m getting a new iPhone 4S near Christmas. I can’t take these issues with my Droids anymore. This is the 2nd Droid I’ve had that was horrible to use so screw it…going back to Apple!

  73. Updated my Razr on 7/6 and am not thrilled. Have not had the huge issues others have had, but I do agree, battery life has sucked, signal strength has been reduced at most times. I hate the top bar icons now. Miss my color coded battery giving status of charge (even thought it would be orange/red just about all the time now). Hate the muted colors of my optional programs running in the top bar, everything looks grey.
    Memory usage is at least 100M lower then before. Even after running Advanced Task Killer, open right back up and barely have 300M, used to have 400+. Phone seems much hotter.
    And splitting apart the ringtone/notifications is a pain to have to go into Settings/Sounds just to adjust them separately. And not being able to completely mute instead of just setting to vibrate is nuts.
    Misc stuff, but don’t like changes that make things more work.

  74. CONS-
    Low battery life. Not like before.
    Runs slower
    Can only seem to figure out how to turn off
    vibe for texting. Not anything else.
    Seem to make more typos.
    And new #’s that text me I can’t long press to
    Camera quality decreased
    Not diggin the return to last view on everything. I
    don’t want an iPhone :(
    Guess I had the impression that I could remove bloat.

    Speak to text has way way improved :)
    Screen is looks great
    Can move cursor around better
    Like the widget preview list.
    NO JOKE LITERALLY JUST learned how to shut off
    vibrat on key press. Ahh…… :)

    Still more upset then anything. My battery life bums
    me out. Miss my auto end list. I’m sure the two go
    hand in hand.

    And a question too. Why can’t one remove an update?
    Seems funny that with all the phone can it can’t do that?

  75. I am having the same issues with the update. Phone decided to place randomly. Battery Life on my Maxx would last ALL day.. now I have to recharge every 6 hours. That is when I only sent out 6 texts and did NOTHING else. As someone else stated the phone now has a mind of it’s own. It opens apps all on it’s own. ICS is Possessed? Also, where the hell is the task killer????

  76. Short battery life ( 4 hours vs 15 hours) under my normal use. Warm to the touch screen. Forever (e.g. 12 hours) to recharge. Double downloading of my Exchange Server email (the phone makes it look like the same email is two different accounts! and merges them!), never sure if an icon will show up or not each time I shut down and re-start.

    What a miserable experience. I would have expected Google was smart, but this is the DUMBEST thing I have seen! And my Verizon carrier is clueless!

  77. After doing the ics update my signal has been real crappy don’t get more than two bars and I usually get 1X service and not 3G phone has been acting up as well searching for service all day long which drains my battery half way through my work shift

  78. I am starting to really dislike ICS as well. Wasn’t too terrible at first, but the more I use it the worse it seems to be getting. I am getting two copies of almost all of my text messages, I still can’t get my email accounts to connect and sync, and I am a Web Developer, so it shouldn’t be this difficult. It is pretty on the eyes, but the functionality isn’t there. I absolutely hate the fact that I can’t get the WIFI On/Off widget on the home screen. Hate that they separated out the phone dialer and contact list. I miss my old OS for sure.

  79. Battery life is worse
    Some good features are missing that I liked before the update.
    My screen stays on all the time, and I have the screen set to shut off after 1 minute.
    I liked the old software better. ICS has some quirks to figure out.

  80. I am having a problem with my text messaging app as well as everything else acting up. I was wondering if anyone else was having that issue. I had installed ChompSMS, and after the update all my old text messages are gone and it blacks out the screen and force-closes every time I try to use it. I tried to use the built in text messaging app and it force-closes as well. I’m just curious if anyone else is having this issue.

  81. I was having trouble with the keyboard jamming (not responding to individual letters or swYpe) and semed to be making more type-o mistakes also. A couple times I thought the camera opened on it’s own, but I may have just swiped the unlock screen in that direction accidentally. Also having issues with Google Store access intermittently. Battery seems about the same as far as I know, but just got the phone three weeks ago. I used to have an iPhone on AT&T – wanted to try Android and definitiely wanted Verizon – and iPhone performed flawlessly and updates always on time. Of course when you only have one phone model (more or less) to deal with, it’s a lot easier to work out the bugs. Hopefully the Android market will become more organized and their operating systems will be more streamlined as this mature. I’m a tech layperson so what do I know. Worst case I go back to iPhone with Verizon when my phone plan qualifies for an upgrade.

  82. Updated my razr maxx to the ics… initially i was super impressed and i do love the way the phones customization has sky rocketed but like most of you i am having the screen twacking out issues.. especially when i text i mess up or it spazes then try to delete the errors and it send the text… i have noticed that my battery isnt getting the usual 2 days that i used to get.. real bummer.. i’m really hoping that this gets fixed ASAP! It doesnt happen daily it will happen.. then itll come back a couple days later… so this is getting annoying anyway im just ranting about the same thing. follow me on twitter @stormsoto

  83. I’m having random videos loading issues on the internet the browsers not what it should be. Also I can get slacker radio to play properly it keeps freezing up on me

  84. This update just wrecked my which I use heavily I have to travel 20 miles to a Verizon store to hopefully fix this somebody needs to pay for this

  85. LOCATION SERVICES is screwed up as reported earlier on Samsung and others (fixed with patch apparently). Google Location services and Verizon Location service are no longer compatible with Google maps!!!! Check it out on your Motorola Razr Droid!

  86. The new browser is my main concern i havent had any of the weird screen issues but when i use the default browser on my phone it is very very laggy. Also, it decides sometimes not to load pages at all just to freeze at the very beginning of the load the only fix is to clear data, cache, and force stop the browser. Battery life definitely sucks now and it does take a very long time to recharge. I hope they send an update for our issues soon.

  87. This update is terrible. The phone gets extremely hot. I can no longer watch espn or crackle. I have uninstalled both without luck. The web pages stick and are not smooth.Spent 45 minutes on the phone with Verizon rep doing a factory reset. I could have done this myself. Needless to say, it didn’t help. I wish there was a way to undo this update.

  88. Gingerbread was perfect. I loved my phone & it always worked. ICS is total junk. Battery life was always bad, but now I barely get 4 hrs out of it. Camera is slow. Will not show photos to fill screen. UI is ugly & unbalanced. And, who wants a dailer without direct access to contacts? If this is not fixed, I will be done with android. I guess I will have to go with I phone. It certainly couldn’t be any worse.

  89. I have had the same problem with random programs opening but I also have a red ‘box’ around the outside of the screen and it slows everything down. I took it to Verizon store. They told me it was a program I downloaded and when they deleted it it appeared to fix the problem but I notice today it is back. As far as the TASK KILLER; hold the ‘Home button’ for a couple of seconds and when the list appears just swipe away the programs to kill. Hope this helps some. I still need help with the random life of it’s own thing and the red box….

  90. Not sure if it is just the razr is a bad phone or ICS kills phones. First, it automatically upgraded my phone, 2 days later is completely froze up and wouldnt do anything. Got my replacement friday afternoon, and today 1t 1, not even 2 days after getting my replacement and upgrading to ICS, and the same thing happened. So lets hope ICS doesnt kill my 3rd replacement phone. 3 months of verizon and im gonna be on my 4th razr……. not sure which end but somebody needs to take a little more time with R&D.

  91. Holy battery-life NIGHTMARE: before ICS — 2 days before my Droid Razr Maxx needed re-charging. After ICS: Maybe 6 hours. Seriously. Is it something I said? But here’s the biggest pain in the a**: I literally cannot put new widgets on the home screen. Meaning: before, when I long-pressed the home screen on the prior OS, I’d get a menu that allowed me to add widgets, including (to me) an all-important “Bluetooth” on-off toggle. And an all-important (to me) “satellite on-off” toggle, for when I needed to use the Navigation app. Now, NO WIDGETS. It is simply not an option. Boy, if Google is going to buy a company (Motorola Mobility) and then take it over, at least they could have made sure they didn’t roll out an OS that utterly sucked (the life out of the battery). If you’re reading this, and you haven’t taken a bite of ice cream sandwich, tie yourself to the mast and RESIST the siren sound of “Upgrade!”

  92. Can I give ICS a minus rating? Updated to ICS 2 weeks ago and have been having nothing but problems with it. Shorter battery life, hot battery, battery scale isn’t acurate, signal is poor now, keeps going to 1G in the same areas that I used to constantly get 3G on GB. Can’t select “LTE” so my MAXX keeps looking for 4G all the time. MSN mail sucks. Even tried an app from “Play” and still doesn’t work. Will automatically delete emails, won’t keep my “read” emails. Keeps “pushing” mails even though I’ve selected “manual” update. Notification bar has shrunk in size, need a magnifying glass to see the &^$ thing. Can’t even change the background/icon colors. Support from Verizon support, Store support, and Motorola support have all been the same, POOR at best. I agree with above, if you haven’t upgraded from GB, please, please, don’t. I even went to the “forum” site at Motorola to post my dissatisfaction only to find out that Motorola doesn’t read the darn thing. Tech support stated that they didn’t have time and no-one had called in to report any problems with any of the ICS upgrade issues that I mentioned above. I used to love Andriod, especially GB, now I’m seriously thinking of reverting to iPhone.

  93. Haven’t seen any of the bugs mentioned aside from the keyboard issue. The keyboard just . randomly locks up and disappears…very frustrating. Hopefully this is the only bug I get…because this is frustrating enough. Don’t need another one to make things worse. Hopefully it doesn’t take months for the fix to come out

  94. I Hate this new update so much, I wanna go back to gingerbread, on ICS I’m it problems with the browser now I can’t watch south park or smallvillve because of this stupid update. My droid razr use to be a very good phone now it sucks

  95. I own the Razr MAXX. Prior to the ICS update, I would go 2-3 days on a single charge. Now, the phone discharges overnight ( 6-8 hours ) in standby with screen off. 4G signal strength is greatly reduced. Used to get 4 bars, now getting 1 in all same locations. Phone seems to toggle between 3G and 4G incessantly. Browser now is slow as molasses. Overall the phone interface feels sluggish now. Text messages get dropped and returned as UNSENT. Moving between zones on opposite sides of the city ( for example, in an above ground train ) causes signal drops and losses.

    I called both Verizon and Motorola on this issue. Spoke to 2 levels of tech reps, everyone said the same thing: There is no way to revert back to prior version which worked OK (which was Gingerbread) I call B.S. on their statement. In software, anything is possible. It just depends on how much time and effort a person and/or company is willing to put into fixing the problem.

    Any lawyers on here? I smell a class action lawsuit. Someone, please advise us on what to do. Many, many users on forums are experiencing crippled devices with no recourse and no way to fix their issue with Verizon. The problems ICS introduced seem to be ignored by Verizon and now paying customers are stuck with seriously downgraded performance and functionality.

  96. Is anyone out there having problems with either @msn.com or @live.com email since the update? I can’t get my @msn.com email to work properly since the update. Automatically deletes unread email, won’t keep the “read” emails. At the recommendation of both Verizon and Motorola, I’ve tried a 3rd party app with the same results. Even had a tech at the local Verizon store look at my phone and he had the same results. Like so many of the previous comments, I’ve received absolutely no help from either Verizon or Motorola.

  97. Weirdly enough, I’ve only noticed my phone “taking a mind for its own” when its charging.

    Swyping (even regular texting) while charging is an impossibility. It either picks different letters then you want, doesn’t even put the letter, or randomly selects all the text and deletes it. I have also had it randomly call the person I’m texting.

    I don’t think I’ve noticed this problem when its not charging. Now, when I have to text and my phone is charging (which is all the time when I’m home, since ICS has destroyed my battery life), I have to unplug then replug when I’m done.

    The thing thats bugging me the most is the battery life. I’ve had to turn off 4G (through an app that enables 3G), gotten rid of all of my widgets, don’t use GPS, take vibrate when selecting, turn off all background data, replace my background with a pure black bg, and more just to allow my razr to make it through the work day. Just the work day! It’s about dead by the time I get home from work if I do anything on it other than have the display off.

  98. I used to have a droid x before my razr maxx, and carried an extra battery to run my GOLFLogix to complete 18 holes of golf with the app running, then I bought the razr maxx that let me run the same app on a full charge and left me with 60% battery left and after ICS, I can barley get 9 holes in, let alone can’t get through a work day!!!!! Also I live in a 3G area that usually has full service, and now switches back and forth from 3G to 1X but stays mostly in 1X and has only 1 to 3 bars of service now. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT, they need to over write something and let us go back to GB, especially for us ppl that bought phone outright for over $600.00

  99. With ics update, my Droid is consuming immense
    Ram that whole functioning has become bad. Like as if i am using
    500 processor phone. Issues with keyboard too.

    Get solution to free Ram !! System its consuming it whole

  100. Bought a razr maxx with ics already on it. My girlfriend has the maxx with gingerbread still.
    Corporate email on ics is running extremely slow it takes me a few minutes to select multiple message and mark them as read. Not able to browse sub folders of my inbox. Battery seems to be worse with ICS as well.
    Tried factory reset a few times, remove add accounts, still nothing.
    Email is the most important thing for me on the phone, but it seems to have gotten worse with ICS.

    • I wish I were so lucky. Wait until the fixes come out before updating. The current ICS is absolutely trash. Ruined my RAZR MAXX and neither Verizon nor Motorola are any help.

  101. Does anyone know how to change your USB connection to charge only? It seems like they removed this option with the update which is SO INCONVENIENT. I charge on my laptop 90% of the time – and I’d like my phone to be completely functional, which it’s not when connected as a mass storage device. Does anyone know how to get it to charge only? Or know of an app that will do this?

  102. The forced push of the download absoulty killed my phone. Screen frezes when managing apps. The lockscreen apps start mysteriously while in my pocket. Great they restored but dialing. Thanks for the 90’s flashback.
    Some verizon apps can not exit from the app manager without rebooting the phone.
    Neither verizion nor motoroola were helpfull. I posted two bad reviews on verizon and motorolla hpeully that will get their attention.
    Smartphones are like computers. I can select what software version I want on my tablet or laptop why not my smartphone.

  103. Hey everyone, I am currently on the phone with verizon and they said that WE CAN GO BACK TO GINGERBREAD. Then when they do have a fix for ICS you can download it after they have fixed all the bugs.

    • When and how are they going to do this? I hope we can get the original keyboard back as well! They have ruined my phone!
      Did they give you a time line?

  104. well, I’ll be a horses ass!!!! the verizon customer service rep. connected me to a tier 2 tech person who said that jelly bean is supposed to FIX ICS ISSUES and that JB is due out at the end of July or sometime in August. He said he is going to call Motorola (BFD) and then call me back just to double check. He probably went on a coffee break. Everytime I call VZW, I get a different answer. Soooooo, that means that we can’t trust what they say to us. I don’t understand….I pay my VZW bill on time every month, yet, they lie to me, or they shuffle you off to motorola. They are both inept. I feel like no one is helping me with this piece of crap phone. GINGERBREAD WAS MORE STABLE THAN ICS.

    • That sounds about right for them both.
      A T-MOBILE Rep told me ICS is like a virus and that was the reason for jelly bean to be released so soon.

        • No they did not, I will ask tho.
          I know how stressed you are, I hate this phone too.
          I told them they were writing the script to an NBC Dateline documentary….. there was silence on the phone from them.
          I have called verizon 6 times, gone to the local store twice, and talked to motorola 3 times. No 1 cares about us.
          So I am now looking into a prepaid account and dumping verizon because of their poor customer service skills.
          They all take the easy way out and blame google for their operating system. That is a cop out. They should stand behind the products they are authorized to sell.
          I now have a new routine were I consistently charge the phone

          • Ditto. I’ve already made arrangements with another carrier to buy out my contracts. Wensday morning Verizon is losing a 300 month for 6 years Business client. Fed up with Verizon saying it’s Motorola and Motorola blaming Verizon. AT&T did that to me 15 years ago and I still hold a grudge.

  105. ok, so the tech person calls me back after speaking to moto and he (vzw) wants to send me out a replacement device, like a thunderbolt or some LG device or a Nexus phone (the first nexus). I told him to F…Off!!!!!I just paid 299. for a NEW RAZR MAXX 4 months ago and he wants to send me a t-bolt which only gets 4 hours of battery per day. WTF?????? is wrong with this picture????????? Soooooo, anyone (which seems like a lot of people) who are having issues with their razr’s are shit out of luck until Jelly Bean rolls out, and God help us all because will that have bugs as well????? I really need to get a frigan life and stop all this shit with these useless devices.

  106. i just have to resolve myself to the fact that the maxx was ruined by ICS and that it is what it is and accept it. I would be less stressed with going back to a land line phone, LOL

    • I think we need to find someone that can actually reinstall gingerbread. I am sure there is someone in the usa that can do this for a small charge. Sure it may for the warranty, but our phones are broke now and manufacture cannot fix it!!! So what kind of warranty do we really have???? Think about it we have none!!!
      We all paid 300 dollars for a junk phone!!! Don’t get me wrong I was happy until it updated…….. or down graded in this case. I gotta go I just lost 20 percent of battery life typing this out.

  107. I used a laser pointer style thermometer ( the kind mechanics use to measure engine temperatures) too test the temperature of the screen……….wait for it,…………..109°F. My wifes razor still using GB, 81°F. If this thing explodes, im suing. And no flash? Go f yourself. Verizon already lost me as a landline and long distance customer, i think ill be finding a new phone company for our cell phones now too.

    Ice cream sundae? How about ICS- It Completely Sucks.

  108. I woke up to a new phone, no email or calendar and am in the middle of closing on a house and we are having a baby. I just bought my Razr because I have always been an android phone guy. Right now, thank God for my iPad! I would be screwed. Fix an update to fix the upstate. Just got use to new phone, now I have some alien phone. Pissed to say the least. The people at Verizon are worthless, again WORTHLESS!!!

  109. Isnt motorola or verizon doing ANYTHING about this piece of garbage ICS?????? Surely, after so many complaints, they must be doing something, no??? I am just so upset how this piece of trash ruined my beloved droid razr!!!!!!!!!! I HATE this!! How can they do this to all of us???

    Still, someone suggested to do a factory reset, but how if my phone says that it is locked??? Stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I have had two problems since the update: I
    Couldn’t answer an incoming call for some reason.
    Also I couldn’t find the voice recognition after the
    update. Please tell me what to do. Thanks, Nora Koonce


      • Switching carriers is not an option! HTC and Sprint forced this useless and horrible “upgrade” on us just a few days ago… And if you all think it’s causing havoc with your phones, it is even worse for people like me who have EVOs. I can’t even turn my phone on and use it while it’s on the charger because the power drains faster than the charger can replace it. So it has to be powered off all the time and on the charger just so I can make ocassional outgoing calls. I can’t receive incoming calls unless they’re call waiting because my phone always has to be powered down. The camera and video camera only go to a black screen. I can’t get to my gallery (and I use those pictures for both family things and work and now I can’t get to them!) The 3D camera was the primary reason for me getting this phone and now it doesn’t work at all. The weather and clock have completely disappeared and I used those several times a day. A hard reset fixed not a single one of these issues… But it did delete ever single app I have gotten in the past year, paid and unpaid.

        It sounds like Verizon is being a lot more supportive than Sprint and HTC are being to their customers. I’ve been told point blank to deal with it and get used to it. And I’ve been outright lied to. Certainly no one is willing to even try to fix my phone, let alone replace it with a phone of equal value. They certainly aren’t concerned about keeping the good will of one of their customers!

  111. I updated to ICS and now all my music is scrambled. All Artists albums contain ALL THE SONGS ON MY PHONE! Except for the 4 albums I bought after I changed phones. Any ideas? Thanks, Doug

  112. ICS = POS. I have a Droid Razr on Verizon.

    Now, the whole phone is SLOW….the default text application no longer works smoothly. Double tap spacebar for period, even when selected, no longer works. For someone like me who types/texts quickly, that just needs to work. In addition, the auto contacts no longer keeps a separate option of texting vs. emailing, so now you have to do one more tap just to get what you want. All in all, I see an additional font, some font smoothing, more battery drain, and no improvement to the user experience. Why do I need to swipe notifications away? just tapping was too easy?

    Thanks for hosing my phone. Esp w/ the new VZW data plan rules in effect, I really love the idea of having to pay full price for a phone only to have Google screw it up w/ an update and then refuse to support the hardware…all while Verizon refuses to support the software or the hardware…

  113. Like most users I too have experienced a phone that heats ups alot more tha it used to. Also I noticed that internet connection is not as good as it used to be. I get alot of no netoork connection. Phone call bars are almost never full strength and I live in NYC!! I hope this gets issue fixed soon!

  114. Where is the update to bring my email and battery back going to happen? Hindsight is 20/20, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I love the way Verizon acts like they don’t know anything about it. Thank GOD for my iPad, it still works, but I have to lug it around like I’m trying to look cool, no my new Razr sucks. Should stuck with what works the iPhone. Thank you Motorolla and Verizon for selling me this once cool gadget, that now can’t get email in 2012, really!!!

  115. I have the Droid Razr and the upgrade process took about 7 hours to load. I was in a very poor reception area and I wonder if that plays a bigger role in all of the issues I have.
    1. Web browser takes longer to load.
    2. Applications (i.e. MSpot, Netflix) randomly shut down or won’t start
    3. Battery drains faster then on Gingerbread and I am a heavy user it was a problem before and I am very envious of the Maxx’s battery life.
    4. 4g connectivity issue seems to be resolved (I lost it a while back and have only had 3g for quite sometime).
    5. BUT… now I can’t switch to 3g when I want to conserve battery and as I already stated battery drain is a HUGE issue.
    6. The screen lock is not consistent. I can set it down and walk away and it won’t time out even though it is set at 1 minute. Most of the time it does, but not always. It also will not require my password sometimes if I blackout the screen and leave it in the middle of a text. The security is set for my password and it will occasionally not require it.
    7. May be coincidence, but my car charger no longer charges it. All my other chargers work just fine.
    8. The phone overheats like CRAZY! There were times during the first week (I have had ICS since the 4th of July week) where it was seriously too hot to touch. Once it even gave me a heat warning I had never seen before. If I take a call at the gym (yes, hot & sweaty me) it invariably not function for the next 5 minutes until it cools.
    9. The text alert volume doesn’t adjust unless I turn it to vibe. Otherwise, it is a consistent volume of TOO LOUD FOR MY OFFICE!
    10. It freaks out randomly (like a 3 year old selecting too fast) opening and closing apps or a specific contact page over and over and over… Sometimes it even just randomly restarts.
    11. Outlook contacts took about a week to come completely back. Names were all stripped and just the numbers remained in most cases.
    12. When selecting the “Recent Calls” tab in the phone, it does not always go to the top of the list… the most recent… but rather half way down the page causing me to ask my mother who she was and why she was at my house (she wasn’t & thought I had lost my mind).
    13. And the most annoying to me at this point due to the fact that I live and breathe by it… It is not pulling in my Outlook calendar. I have changed my default, deleted/reloaded accounts, checked/unchecked which ones (I have 3 available: work/Outlook, home/Gmail, & internal phone) I want to sync. Nothing. Not even using my internal phone calendar! It is only pulling in the Gmail calendar.
    14. Final complaint is more overall functionality of ICS. I suppose I had just set my hopes too high, but I had downloaded GoLauncher EX in December and loved it. I was particularly fond of the screen rotation, ability to manage home screens and the scrolling menu bar at the bottom, and the tool bar (loved the flashlight too!). I read a review that led me to believe ICS was going to provide me with many of these types of upgrades & flexibilities. I removed GoLauncher EX prior to the ICS push JIC it would cause glitches. I am tempted to bring it back just to see how it acts in conjunction to ICS. I mean really… it can’t make my phone any worse at this point. :(

  116. My Razr’s biggest issues since ICS is that it won’t send MMS messages:
    1. When the text gets too long, it switches from SMS to MMS, tries to send, and returns with, “invalid destination address.” The address is quite valid. SMS messages still send.

    2. When I try to attach a picture, it says “resizing” (which is normal), but then always (no matter the camera MP setting) says, “message size too large, cannot attach.”

    I cleared the cache, updated all my apps, restarted 23498 times. I am putting off factory resetting until I get to the Verizon store and ask.

  117. Since updating to ICS, I am having issues with camera. Even though the flash is “on”…its taking pics with no flash. I have to exit out go back in click flash on even though it shows on and THEN will it take a few pics with the flash on, then it shuts itself off.

    I also the phonebook, and the way the call logs and Favorites are. Very annoying.
    The phone gets really HOT often also.

    Its only been two days…havent had too many other issues YET. But I am sure I will find them soon enough.

    • Crap! Yes, add #15 to my list above:
      15. I can turn off the flash on the camera & it will STILL flash!!! :(

      FYI: cleared my cache partition last night because i had read elsewhere that it might help. Not so much. :(

  118. ICS downloaded automatically…now the dictionary part of texting is blue on black which sucks if your eyes arent’ 20 years old or in the shade. The cutsey bubbles were annoying enough. Everything takes twice as many clicks. The ring/vibrate slide is now right where you hit it accidentally all the time so you miss your calls. Put things back where they were!!!
    ICS sucks!

  119. I’ve had several of the issues mentioned here…overheating and poor battery life (which I fixed by removing taskos…go figure), picture size too big to send, contact information never returned, apps disappeared AGAIN (I’m on my FOURTH round of reinstalling all of my banking apps), lost the blue chevon navigation button/app completely… but the most interesting now is I can’t put a camera icon on my homescreen or my “favorites tray”! The only way I can access the camera (so that it is actually functional) is to hit the side button and return to the screen with the four apps with the circular loop graphic? I’ve got small kids, can’t tell you how many pics I’ve missed trying to get the camera functioning…has anyone else had this issue?

    • Oh yeah…forgot to mention, I was never able to get my corporate email to push to the phone (I’ve given up, I just send everything to a gmail account which works)…and now, when I take the phone off the car dock, it remains in vechicle mode until I “reset” it with the side button (similar to how I access the camera), “unlock” the phone and select the “home” button

  120. Yamine, just go away.

    After ICS installed, everything seemed to work fine. Then my sound starting acting a bit flaky. Now I have no sound at all, just vibrating. No alert sounds or ringtones. Even though sounds are set to on, with all the correct ringtones and alerts set, no sounds. I can talk to people fine, just no sound darnit!

    Any one else having this same prolem? I think I might have to switch to an iPhone 4S now, as I can’t wait for a fix that won’t be available until who knows when, and if it will even fix my problems!


    • Yes all the above and all the below problems. I am soooooo Tired of Verizon and Motorola and there GD Downgrade’s I am seriously thinking of getting rid of em altogether.

  121. Installed ICS today. (July 29) No more touchscreen, can’t unlock phone, factory reboot does nothing to change anything, and can’t power the blinking thing OFF to do a factory option (recovery) boot mode. (Just factory resets/reboots)

    A tad upset as I waited for a month after I started to get update downloaded messages before I did the ICS update-was leery of it doing something like this.

    ICS is a pure POS in my humble 20+ years of IT engineering work. A big “stay away” unless you are a high-rolling gambler.

  122. Hate 4.0.4 on Motorola RAZR.

    There was no reason to change the user interface to text messaging, phone, and contacts. NONE.

    Text messaging did not find my contacts. Contacts were moved around. Still have issues finding people I text multiple times per week.

    Text messaging hangs. Keyboard locks up. Going back deletes your message and you get to try again. 10 attempts to send one message. Message box is horrible. Its not obvious where to enter the MESSAGE after typing in the contact name. What is it about a Text MESSAGE app that makes it difficult to send a MESSAGE.

    I’m not impressed nor amused. Hate it hate it hate it. Its horrible. I see no benefit. Tried to find a contact, called a different contact by accident. Did not HANG up and dialed anyway until I figured out that the phone call was still being made in the background.

    Dialled 911 and it pulled my work emergency number which also has 911 in it. WTF. Hate this phone. I’m taking it in first chance I get to throw it at them. It was so nice and now its shit.

    I don’t like all the apps along the bottom of my screen. I don’t like the blue battery indicator. Green was much better. I don’t like loosing my quick apps to set airplane mode and wifi and bluetooth. Now I have to hit multiple buttons to do the same thing. I don’t like having to hunt for my contacts to find out where Verizon and Motorola moved them too. This update stuff is for children. Leave my phone alone thanks.

    Why would anyone design a phone and change it on your customers just for the Hell of It? To annoy them every time they go to use it? Do you think we really want to relearn how to MAKE A PHONE CALL? NOT. Or Text? NOT. Or use features we’ve been using for 2 years? NOT. Keep your grubby fingers off of MY PHONE.

    If you can’t tell that I’m extreemly pissed off at Motorola and Verizon and Google then you haven’t read my rant.

    Maybe I’ll cancel my data plan next time I upgrade and go back to a simple phone with just a keypad.

  123. Today I had more issues. Took a picture using the camera. Selected the picture by its icon. Went to email myself the picture. Selecting the image lets one delete it but no choice to send anywhere. Very frustrated with this update.

    Went to my gallery. Selected the camera folder. Then I could select the image and offered options on sending it.

    Later selected the camera again. Then selected the image icon and selecting the image brought up the option to send it. Don’t know why that option was unavailable before. Don’t know if it will disappear again or be available when I take more images. This is a horrible upgrade NOT.

    Don’t mess with my phone thanks.

  124. Loved my maxx. I just got it a couple months ago. Now after the ICS update, I HATE this phone.Battery life sucks, hate the email and texting, the dock clock is no longer user friendly, making calls without easy access to contacts is stupid, sugnal strength is pathetic, photo gallery makes no sense…shall I go on? I hate this update. Its a huge downgrade from GB. This is NOT what I paid so much money for. I was a diehsrd droid AND Verizon fan, now I can’t wait to get rid of both.

  125. Same feelings as Cheryl above. This is twice this has happened to me after being impressed with a Android phone to have it lose its battery and signal strength and this is what Verizon’s Corp Rep pushed was so great. We have bought six of them. I told my wife to not update for a while and her battery lasts days, mine barely eight hours. The answer, we will fed-x you a refurb phone for the price of a new one you bought a month ago…..great!!!

  126. So I’m not alone…
    My update came 3rd week of July. It was forced upon me and I want the old system back!
    My phone happens to be my life. Most of you might be using it for calls and some audio/video but I use my RAZR MAXX for business. Blueprints come in and get edited, sent, copied, emailed back out. Now…all transactions are ultra slow, phone is glitchy, lags behind me whereas before the phone and all apps kept up with me. Contacts have been lost. Email should not have been retooled; it was perfect before and so easy to navigate thru. GPS signal is more difficult to attain; phone now takes over a minute to recognize. More…. I subscribe to the MLB At Bat and now the weaker signal that I got hit with thru the ICS upgrade downgrades the video definition where before all games were in high def. THE WORST THING: BATTERY LIFE IS DOWN 50%. Using the Smart Actions before my MAXX was dialed in and I would only have to charge every 28 to 36 hours. It was great! Now phone goes on charger every 12 to 18 max if I have a slow blueprint day.
    I did call Verizon to complain and felt sorry for the rep. Besides apologizing every minute he told me that he was hearing the complaints every other call. He referred me to Motorola whom I also called to complain to. That rep did the same….apology every 20 seconds. Told me no fix was in works and to wait for the JellyBean upgrade.
    Both of you companies suck! WTF were you thinking by unloading this crap on your flagship phone? My awesome RAZR has gone from the smartest to the dumbest phone at Verizon. I cannot wait for the supposed release of JellyBean…I will have to buy a new phone so my business does not get hurt any further. But what’s another $600 to Verizon when I’m buried into the plan? No discount for me.

  127. Forced is right. I was perfectly content with the old system. Hate the new format, phone freezes up, text freezes up, sometimes it rings sometimes it doesn’t, Can’t stand the word correct, switched my contacts around all in all it sucks. I really hate it when they shove these upgrades down my throat. I about to throw in the towel on the whole smart phone BS and go back to a good O’L fashioned Dumb phone.

    • I upgraded to RAZR maxx from original Droid incredible. I too run my business from my phone. I wad impressed at speed and battery life. Then ics happened and phone its sluggish and glitchy. Droid incredible was faster. Battery life is down. Working outside, i take one phone call then screen gets too hot to function and i can’t pull up emails. Did factory reset. Would love to have gingerbread back. Verizon told me phone is under warranty but the tech said that nothing is wrong with the phone. I wish i would have waited a month before buying this phone. Loved it, upgraded it, now its irritating. Can’t believe google and Motorola are gonna let this fly and hurt their reputation.

  128. Phone died on me today. Battery dead. No warning. It was okay at noon, then red light at 5 PM, and dead. It was just in my pocket taking no calls and doing nothing. Charging really slow.

    This NEVER happened to me before. EVER. Hate this upgrade.

    Maybe we can get NYS to pass a lemon law for phone upgrades. Three issues and they must refund all of the payments you’ve made and let you out of your contract.

    Stop messing with my phone please.

  129. Too many issues with ics. More like a downgrade than an update. Reception is worse battery life is worse.
    My voice command does not work from my head set. To many apps and Widgets don’t work.
    I want gingerbread back. I hate this update.

  130. Well, I seem to have somewhat different problems. I’ve been on it for a month and a half now, and ICS seems to be good overall. I have noticed that the battery life is poor and the phone will occasionally lock up and reboot when unplugging from the charger. I almost always charge from one of the desk docks. Another problem I have is streaming over flash seems to be broken. Badly.
    I had several other problems until I re-initialized my phone back to factory default which cleared many of the other problems after the upgrade. Webtop was unusable before the factory reset. Now it works perfectly. Motorola did a fantastic job with Webtop v3!! That was worth the upgrade and problems alone.

  131. 1. Battery life cut in half
    2. Text freeze’s up
    3. Word correct is worthless
    4. Contacts switched around
    5. Sometimes doesn’t ring for incoming calls
    6. Sometimes doesn’t ring for messages or texts
    7. Email accounts screwed up
    It’s like walking into a restaurant you’ve been a regular customer of placing your order and in the middle of your meal they change the entree and the name of the restaurant.
    I’m so disgusted with this so called upgrade I’m buying out my contracts and switching carriers. Frickken had it with getting apps and upgrades shoved down my throat but what I hate most is when a Verizon rep say’s “Its not us… Its Motorola” !! ARRRRhhhhGGGG

    • John, whole heartedly agree with ALL of your points….also, the phone is 3 times slower than before with GB. Just clicking the Home button can take up to 7 seconds to load.

    • I would suggest you not switch over to Sprint. Having the same issues and worse with ICS downgrade and Sprint says it isn’t them, HTC says it isn’t them either and no one will do a thing but treat you rudely, put you on hold and lie to you. At least some of the Verizon users seem to be getting help by Verizon providing replacements for their unusable phones. My phone is pretty much a paper weight on a charger that I can make a call or two on a day, so long as I don’t take it off the charger and completely power it off after I’m through using it.

      I certainly can’t use it for the many wonderful things that I purchased it for… The 3D camera and video camera most of all. Sprint and HTC care even less than Verizon and are probably a lot ruder and a lot more likely to try to blow their customers off.

  132. Since the upgrade, which my phone involuntarily accepted two days ago, I can no longer access emails I have archived. Every single email in my inbox has dissapeared, nor can I send emails from my phone. Also the new maps system sucks. Before the maps were intuitive, now they’re not, in fact they’re counter intuitive. Maps no longer lets me search for locations for which I have the address. I want my email archives back. I want the old system back. This “upgrade” actually a downgrade on my phone really sucks.

  133. This update is horrendous. I wish I could UNdo it. My contacts are gone, all texts are gone, my photo gallery will not open, the screen is incredibly dim. It’s awful. I hate this phone. :) Motorola Razr.

  134. The new updated software for RAZR ruined my phone. Neither Motorola or Verizon will do anything about it. They offer a rehab phone that has the new upgrade with the same flaws. Phone freezes up when watching certain videos and you can’t back out of screen. The only fix is to power off and reset. When typing and email, the keys don’t respond right away after a short time. Had to set phone to 3G only to save battery from going dead in about 5hrs. I have 2 razr’s that are expensive junk. Thank you Motorola. They have screwed us all and won’t offer a fix. It isn’t just Verizon. There is so much more that is wrong with the upgrade. They have made simple features beyond ridiculously harder to do. We need to get a class action suit against Motorola so they understand the severity of what they’ve done to all of us. I pay $185 a month for phones that are almost completely useless. We need to hit them in the wallet. Let’s get some people in trouble and hold them accountable for there failure to provide quality equipment. If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

    • I’m with you on that class action suit! But it needs to include HTC and Sprint, who are also foisting this off on their users and doing nothing but telling us to get used to phones that don’t work while saying we should have improved functionality. A paper weight is not functional!

      I want my phone back the way it was! Back to the way I purchased it. That was the phone I wanted and bought, not this nightmare ICS crap that doesn’t work.

  135. Ive been having problems with the phone freezing up and the rebooting my razr max and Verizon is playing dumb.

  136. Updated to Ice Cream and now my phone won’t charge via USB or wall charger. This is only my 5th Droid4 with the same problem though this one lasted a couple weeks until this update.

  137. After venting at Verizon yesterday, I spent this morning on the phone with Motorola and managed to get things escalated to Level 3. Bottom line is that the ICS programmers sat in a back room and vomited out all of these great and new features without any input from the real world nor, it appears, much actual testing! A short list in summary of things found and cataloged so far:
    1) Can no longer delete individual texts from a string between me and the same sender, so once I reach 1000 msgs, I’m going to loose important info from oldest msgs.
    2) The new clock setting feature in “Alarm & Timer” and “Calendar” apps sucks. It is taking me 5 times as long to ‘spin the little wheels’ to set an alarm or calendar time, and I’m sure I won’t be able to do it at all in cold weather when I’m wearing gloves; there is no way to just type in the desired time from the keyboard.
    3) When doing a contact search on the phone dialer, the first character I type in on the keyboard is ignored 100% of the time, and subsequent characters are randomly ignored.
    4) Almost every apps on my home page randomly activates or (more often) locks up, requiring that I power down the phone and repower it to unlock the screen, also resulting in Problem #7 below.
    5) Power consumption has skyrocketed… lucky to get 4 hours on a charge now.
    6) It reinstalled a bunch of apps that I had deleted (all of the social media ones – Facebook, in particular Google, Twitter, etc – that can’t be hard-isolated from stealing info from other lists on my phone such as they can on the Blackberry platform); I don’t want my information shared!
    7) Appears a bunch of options all are “on” in default mode, probably contributing to the power consumption problem. Every time I start the phone from power-down, I have to go in and turn a bunch of things back off.

  138. And now I can add #8: Phone randomly calling out in the background, and notification/ring volume settings change on their own. If these random calls start hitting 911 centers, that will be a BIG problem for Android from the FCC and state PUCs!

    I have a Driod 4 that I was perfectly happy with until the ICS upgrade (without warning that it was a complete “makeover”) this past weekend. Now the phone is almost worthless.

    While this isn’t directly a Motorola or Verizon problem – it belongs 90% to Google/Android – it is theirs for the other 10% for not doing their own independent testing and evaluation before allowing this disastrous upgrade to go through their shops. Anyone out there looking at a class action, count me in!

  139. I HATE this update. I can not access my email accounts, I have to go through a Hotmail App to access that account and nothing works as good as it used to. The email still does not work and the battery is sucked to nothing in record time.Signal keeps dropping out randomly. Verizon techs were of no help over the phone and they took on a combative attitude, saying it was Motorola’s fault and not Verizon’s.

    My Razr Droid is now a useless P.O.S. that causes me more aggravation and wasted time than anything else. At least my dumb phone worked well and did not lock up. If I could reverse it back to the previous OS, I would do it in a heart beat.

  140. The problems I have had since ICS is it turns my ringer off automatically. I have to go in every morning and turn it back on. Its also slowed my phoned down ALOT. I can “click” on my camera app and it can take anywhere from 10-30 seconds for the camera to actually engage. This has all started since ICS.

  141. Biggest issues for my Razr Maxx and the “upgrade” have been a drastic reduction of battery life and extremely noticable reduction in the dual antenna’s strength of signal. A new phone by warranty (refurbished) fixed the battery issue but the antenna pretty much doesn’t exist.

  142. Problems started the day after ICS was updated. My phone called a friend of mine twice between 2;30 am and 3:30 am (no I was not drunk) and then sent her a text message that was indecipherable and then called her cell but added a 011 before her number and 646 after her number (which I don’t know by heart, so I know I didn’t type all that in).Verizon did a “soft” reset and it happened again a few weeks later, so my phone had to be completely reset. The ringtone also randomly disappears; it just did which is why I’m looking for answers online. I heard a beeping and thought it was the computer but it was the phone. The ringtone was not on. Like others who have commented, my phone is super hot. What’s going on?

  143. I have experienced odd self-launching behavior of my Droid Razr Maxx while chagring – it selected tons of contacts and started even texting all sorts of random characters. I could not even stop it, had to pull the battery before it could be stopped! I later had to send apologies for a badly behaving phone!! t has also repeatedly launched the camera app and everything else so that I know now never to have it powered on while charging!

    • You are joking right? You PULLED the battery so you could stop it?? On a RAZR? What did you use Vicki? A hammer? The battery is not removable on the RAZR, maybe you have a different phone?

      • Your right parfumuri I actually TRIED and discovered I could NOT pull it and dropped it on the floor out of panic due to the junk it was actually texting at the time – pardon my memory

  144. Yea i’ve had the same problem. My razr randomly selects any apps and goes crazy! I hope there an update to this.

  145. Seems a lot of ppl has problems, my only problem so far is that when i unlock screen after 10 and more minutes and try to play music its without sound. i have to go to settings/volume and swipe down and up ringtone volume to be able to get the music on…

  146. I was suckered into upgrading to ICS as I was told it would improve my battery life…NOT. for me the worst think of all is the color palat. I am color blind (ok color deficient) and whoever thought that blue on black was easy to read should ge shot. same thing goes for grey on grey when the contrast is insufficient. black backgrounds with grey writing is mind blowing to me and I have a constatnt headache when using most applications. I had to down load a different app for the dialer as well as my text messaging. right justification for sent messages….really? what rocket scientist though of that stupiditly?

    • I have the same issue and cant tell which email is read or unread. There has to be some sort of color settings

  147. Lots of battery life problems since ICS. My phone will randomly discharge while plugged in. About twice a month I will go to bed with 70% battery (because it has been charging all day) and battery will be 5-15%. Took phone to Verizon and they said it was defective and ordered a replacement phone. In with the replacement phone there was a notice that says to only use the Motorola wall charger that came with the phone. “Non approved charger may result in degraded battery performance, including the failure of your phone to charge.” Anyone know if this is true? I do have a second charger that is not a generic brand I just picked up.

  148. I have had many problems since the ICS update. I have almost no free usable ram, my battery drains, my phone’s screen freezes, I have to plug in my headphones to let it make any noises and my brower is dimwittedly slow.

    I don’t seem to get my ram usage down that is by far the biggest problem. I had more ram when I had android 2.3.6. Could anyone help me with this problem. I have used tasks killers, I have manually disabled apps nothing seems to work. please help me!!

    • Leon,
      From my past experience when I first got mine and my wifes Razr Maxx phones, any task killer loaded will cause a lockup issue with the phone. I was told this when Iw as on the phone with Verizon tech support that it is a known and documented issue as Motorola and the Android OS has its own task management running and it will conflict with any other task manager software. It may not hose up immediately but it will within a short time. That was the main issue we had initially when we first got our phones running Gingerbread and I had to to a factory reset to clear it all up. Just FYI so you don’t run into any issue trying to run any task killer software. If anyone else has had similar issue with running any additional task killer software please chime in here.

      Thanks …

  149. My wife and I both a few months ago replaced our HTC Thunderbolts (after Verizon pushing the latest update) due to terrible inoperability (multiple issues).

    Since going to ICS our contacts have dissappeared and wont restore properly, my Razr Maxx has locked up at least four times, I cant access Google Play store as no apps will download or update, Apps have just disappeared off my wifes Razr Maxx and had to be re-installed even though her apps are on the Google Play Store site under her my apps but the process of backing everything up to Google and being able to restore everything as it did when we first got the phones with Gingerbread now does not work. My Razr Maxx will not backup correctly to Google as it should (darn Verizon Backup-Assistant also keeps trying to get in the way so yes Verizon does have a hand in this crappy update…this is one app that should not be forced upon the user and we should be able to delete it…can you say class-action-lawsuit).

    Of course once I factory defaulted my phone (again), now I can get Google Play Store to download and update the apps but now I am still dealing with the contacts sync issue again as factory reset does not fix the issue.

    I even tried to add a new contact again to my phone this morning and it will not show up when I do a search in my contacts. I have to go to the phone dialer and enter the phone number and then the contact shows up… WTF!!!

    This is not just a Google and Motorola issue as Verizon has their fingers and hooks into the OS which is why you cannot delete any of the Verizon Apps, which is pure BS on Verizons part, but in any case the whole situation with this update to ICS is quite a SNAFU and a major dis-service to the customers who rely on reliable service and application functionality as promised by the associated providers.

    All three need to step up to the plate and get this resolved!

  150. After upgrading my Droid Razr he failed to recognize the car dock. Motorola does not know tell me how to precede.

  151. I was forced to upgrade to ICS. My phone works great aside from it being possessed. It will make random phone calls to people in my call log at two or three in the morning, send multiple random texts with nonsense (xxyysgftgdhjfryh), open multiple internet browsers at once…I’ve even woken up to my phone playing the game SongPop by itself! It only happens once or twice a month, but it is always while I’m sleeping. Just to say…I make sure that anyone I would be mortified to call at 3am ie my boss -is always erased from the call history.

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