Patent Shows Apple is Also Interested in Wearable Tech

Google is busy trying to drum up interest in Project Glass long before its anticipated release, but it’s not the only company thinking about wearable technology.


According to The Next Web, Apple was recently granted a patent for head-mounted displays similar to Google’s Project Glass. Before we go any further it is important to note that a patent does not mean the company is currently developing a Project Glass competitor, it just means Apple’s engineers are thinking about the technology.

Apple has a lot of patents that sound like great future tech but that we haven’t seen any signs of.

This new patent is for a head-mounted display that projects images onto the user’s eyes. The device would use two LCD displays in what we presume is a pair of glasses to show images to the user. Just putting two screens in front of the user would look like screens floating in front of their eyes, but Apple’s patent uses a special technology to fill the peripheral vision of the user as well.



Apple’s approach seems moreĀ for stationary use, and not the mobile use of Google Glasses. Apple’s devices are likely more for consuming content instead of giving users a video game-like Heads-Up Display like Project Glass. Apple might want to try its hand at something like Project Glass, but this patent isn’t how it will do that.

Just the fact that companies like Google and Apple are working on and seriously thinking about wearable tech and head-mounted displays is very exciting. The technology has long been a part of science-fiction. We might not find the results all that useful in our day-to-day lives, but it’s great to see parts of our imagined future come to life.