iPhone 5S Rumors Arrive, Point to Early 2013 Release

The iPhone 5S production will reportedly start soon, on a trial basis, according to a Chinese language newspaper, which claims volume production will start in the first quarter of 2013,

DigiTimes cites the Commercial Times, as saying Apple plans to start producing 50,000 to 100,000 iPhone 5S units as early as December. The iPhone 5S, would be the next generation iPhone, following the iPhone 5 that launched in September.

DigiTimes is not the most reliable source, earning a 40 out of 100 rating on Tracour, an accuracy tracking website for tech publications, but there is certainly truth to Apple planning a new iPhone, one that could be called the iPhone 5S for a 2013 release.

Here’s why the iPhone 5S could be in the works, even if this rumor of early production isn’t true.

Apple iPhone 5S Rumors On Time

iphone-5-review- 14
The iPhone 5 uses a new design.

iPhone 5S rumors are a month earlier than last year, but right on time for Apple supply chain leaks. One of the first iPhone 5 leaks pointed to a fall launch with a redesign in December 2011, and today, the iPhone 5S rumor points to production that signals an early 2013 release.


If this leak is correct, it could signal an iPhone 5S launch during the summer. Apple launched the iPhone during the summer months up until 2011, when the iPhone 4S launched in October. The trend continued this year when the iPhone 5 launched in September, but that could change.

Apple is Shaking up Annual Release Cycle

Apple isn’t afraid to shake up a release cycle as it showed in October by announcing the iPad 4th generation, just 7 months after unveiling the “New iPad” in March 2011.

Even though Android smartphone developers are releasing fewer phones and tablets than in 2011, there are still more iPhone competitors coming to market each year, which could push Apple to move up the iPhone 5S release to add new features.

Apple users often forget there is no promise of a once a year update to the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Uses Big, Small Release Cycle

iphone-5-review- 7
The iPhone 5S could look much like the iPhone 5.

One aspect of Apple’s iPhone release cycle that remains true is the Big, then small release cycle.


Apple released the iPhone 3G then the iPhone 3GS.

Then Apple released the iPhone 4 then the iPhone 4S.

Now that the iPhone 5 is available, Apple is working on a new iPhone, one that could use the same iPhone 5 design, but gain a new processor and other small features and carry the iPhone 5S name.

Apple is struggling to keep up with demand for the iPhone 5 which remains at a 2-3 week wait. Apple could keep the same iPhone 5 design to speed up production in 2013.

Apple Is Working on a New iPhone

What the iPhone 5S looks like, when it will arrive and if the next iPhone will carry the iPhone 5S name are up in the air, but not whether or not Apple is working on a new iPhone.

If there’s one thing that isn’t a surprise, Apple is working on a new iPhone. The iPhone release cycle may change, but Apple is not stepping out of the lucrative mobile market, so the company is certainly working on future versions of the iPhone.


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  2. Did anyone else notice that this article offers absolutely NO valuable information, or was it just me? “There is certainly truth to Apple planning a new iPhone, and it may be called the iPhone 5s.” Seriously? That’s what you’ve come to tell us? And “If there’s one thing that isn’t a surprise, it’s that Apple’s working on a new iPhone… Apple is not stepping out of the mobile market, so the company is certainly working on future versions of the iPhone.”

    Wow… thanks for the newsflash. That’s like coming here to announce that Ford is still making cars, so they’re certainly working on future versions of their cars.”

    Thanks guys.

  3. If this is true I think it will be like the iPhone 4 to 4s just a slight change!! Not worth counting on so launch it early ill wait till 2014

  4. Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 by 2014 so you may want to hold off on buying that 5S. Unless you want the new iPhone 10GSG projected for release in 2020 it will be implanted in your head, have 1,000 mps up and down speeds, screen is displayed to your eyes, thinking about someone will call or text them as needed. Expect to have to fly to China for installation. Changing carriers will be as simple as swallowing a new SIM card. Jail breaking can cause blindness if not done properly.

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