Nexus 4 Showing as “Sold Out” on U.S. Google Play Store

While Google hasn’t confirmed a sell out for the Nexus 4 on the U.S. Google Play Store, the site is now showing the words “Sold Out” in red for users that are attempting to pick up either an 8GB Nexus 4 or 16GB Nexus 4.


Google’s website is flickering back and forth between showing the usual “Coming Soon” tag and another tag that reads, in bright red letters, “Sold Out.” It does not appear every time one visits the Google Play Store but it appears after refreshing. So, it would appear that the U.S. Google Play Store may officially be sold out of Nexus 4 devices or, at the very least, close to it.

The Nexus 10 32GB is also showing up as “Sold Out” for some people.

The company did not confirm the U.S. as a part of the regions that were sold out of the device but it looks like that may be the case. It could also be Google’s website acting up again though as has been the case all day. Oddly enough, some people that we’ve spoke to cannot see the “Sold Out” sign and instead are shown the usual “Coming Soon.”

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Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 2.45.15 PM

The Nexus 4 is showing up as “Sold Out” in the U.S. Google Play Store.


While the sell out isn’t clear, what is clear is that Google’s website was bombarded with orders today as users in many regions were met with errors when trying to place orders for its new Nexus devices which include the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7 3G. The Nexus 4 swiftly sold out in the United Kingdom and the site remains unreliable in places like the United States.

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For its part, Google has said that the Nexus 4 has sold out in some regions in the world though it hasn’t specified which are currently sold out. Markets where users are unable to purchase a Nexus 4 smartphone will apparently see stock replenished in the coming weeks though it did not supply any specific time table.

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For now, customers in the U.S. are left to try and refresh the Google Play Store for a chance to order or purchase the Nexus 4 through T-Mobile starting tomorrow for $199.99 on-contract.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment and will update this when it responds.