Apple Black Friday Deals 2012: Best iPad, iPhone, iPod touch & Mac Deals

Apple Black Friday deals aren’t as common as discounts on HDTVs, but shoppers that know where to look can score savings on Apple gadgets on Black Friday 2012.


Black Friday is a major retail event on November 23rd 2012, the day after Thanksgiving, though this year some stores are starting Black Friday deals in store and online on Thanksgiving.

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Apple Black Friday deals remain fairly consistent from year to year, and the best deals usually come from third-party retailers that include gift cards with the purchase of an iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook Air.


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The following Apple Black Friday predictions come from over five years of covering Black Friday deals, and should help shoppers figure out which deals are worth waiting for, and which deals are already beat by online prices.

Apple Black Friday 2012 Deals in 2 Minutes

The video below highlights the best Black Friday deals on the iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iPhone that we can find for Black Friday 2012.

Apple Store Black Friday Deals


Apple Stores will open for Black Friday deals.

Apple will most likely offer a collection of in store and online Black Friday deals on popular notebooks and mobile devices. Last year Apple offered $100 off the MacBook Pro and $100 off the MacBook Air on Black Friday, and it will likely do the same in 2012. These discounts are close to the everyday discounts for students and teachers.


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Apple Black Friday deals wouldn’t be complete without savings on the iPad and iPod, and if Apple holds true we can expect Black Friday discounts of $11 to $41 on these mobile products. It may be too early to see any deals on the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation, but so the deals could be limited to the iPad 2, refurbished iPad 3rd generation and iPods. Last year Apple offered the following Black Friday deals.

  • $41 off the iPad 2
  • $21 off the iPod Touch
  • $11 off the iPod Nano

It may not be worth waiting for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano from Apple, as Amazon offers small savings on both of these devices and doesn’t collect sales tax in many states. States still require shoppers to pay sales tax during tax season, but the upfront cost is lower.

Verdict: Good deals online, but will be beat by other stores.

Apple Black Friday Deals at Third Party Retailers

The best places to get deals on the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini during Black Friday 2012 will be from third-party retailers like MacMall and Best Buy.


Apple Black Friday MacBook Pro Deals

Expect MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Black Friday deals of $100 to $150 off.

Best Buy is known for offering MacBook Air and MacBook Pro deals online as part of Black Friday, and throughout the rest of November. Online users can expect discounts of $100 to $150 or gift card savings bundled with the purchase, without the need to wait in line.

MacMall is another popular destination for Black Friday deals on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. MacMall typically offers deep discounts on Apple computers through the holiday shopping season, matching or beating Apple Store deals. MacMall will likely offer deals as early as Monday November 19th.

Verdict: Students and parents of students shouldn’t wait. Other should shop online to save time and $50 to $100.


iPod Touch and iPod Nano Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is a great time to buy the iPod Touch, and it is one of the few items that may be worth standing in line for or shopping late at night.

Best Buy and Meijer are offering the new iPod Touch 5th generation for $295 plus a $50 in-store coupon or gift card. These deals likely beat those direct from Apple, and are some of the best iPod Touch prices of the year. Best buy’s iPod Touch deal will start online at 10 PM on Thanksgiving and in stores at midnight and Meijer’s iPod Touch deal is in-store on Thanksgiving day. Walmart and Target may also join this deal.

iPod touch Black Friday deals

iPod Touch Black Friday deals offer the best prices of the season.

The iPod Nano Black Friday deals are also very good with $20 to $50 in in-store gift cards with the purchase of a new iPod Nano.

Meijer offers a $50 off coupon for a future purchase with an iPod Nano 7th gen at $145. Best Buy is offering a $20 gift card with the purchase of a new iPod Nano. Target is offering a $20 gift certificate with the purchase of an iPad Nano as well.

Verdict: Black Friday and Thanksgiving are the best days to buy an iPod Touch or iPod Nano

iPad Black Friday Deals

Black Friday iPad deals aren’t as big as those on the iPod Touch, but there are discounts to be found.

iPad Black Friday Deals

Look for great iPad Black Friday deals on the iPad 2.

Best Buy promises $40 to $60 in savings on the iPad with Retina Display and the iPad 2, but fails to mention if this is an instant discount or a gift card.

Target’s iPad Black friday deal is for the iPad with Retina Display, offering a $60 gift card with the purchase of an iPad 4th generation. The same deal is available on the iPad 2.

Meijer’s Black Friday iPad deal is a $100 in-store coupon with the purchase of an iPad 2 at $399. This is the lowest price for an iPad on Black Friday, but expect it to go very fast.

Walmart is offering a Black Friday iPad 2 deal, including a $75 gift card with the purchase of an iPad 2 on Black Friday. No details on whether this is in store or online only.

There don’t appear to be any iPad mini Black Friday deals, which make sense considering how hard it is to find one in stock on a regular shopping day.

Verdict: Better decent savings on the iPad 4th generation, but best deals are on the iPad 2. Be sure to check online refurb deals before waiting in line. 

iPhone Black Friday Deals

There are no good iPhone 5 Black Friday deals, and for that matter, really no good iPhone 4S Black Friday deals for users looking to sign a contract. Don’t hassle with buying an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon on Black Friday.

iPhone 5 Black Friday Deals

Don’t expect iPhone 5 Black Friday deals.

The only deal to be found on an iPhone 4S during Black Friday is at Target, for the Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S. On Black Friday, Target will offer $250 in savings on the iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile, selling the phone for $499 plus a $100 gift card.

Verdict: Not worth waiting in line, unless you want a Virgin Mobile iPhone 4S, then it’s the best deal of the season.