Google May Become a Wireless Carrier

It looks like Google may be taking on wireless carrier partners, like AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless, if a deal goes through with Dish Network. Sources to The Wall Street Journal are reporting that the Internet search giant has been holding talks with satellite TV-provider Dish Network to explore a partnership in launching a new wireless service. Reportedly, those talks are still in the early stages and potentially nothing could come of the talks.


Dish Network is also said to be holding talks with other companies besides Google to explore its options. The company refused to comment on the talks, but does say that potential partners would be thoseĀ “who would like to be in the industry.”

lg-nexus-41-1In addition to wireless, Google is already launching trials of its own Google Fiber project to bring Internet connectivity and television service to Kansas City. The service is competitively priced and offers robust speeds to residential and business addresses. Google Fiber would compete with AT&T’s Uverse service and Verizon’s FiOS.

Dish Network holds spectrum that it is still awaiting FCC approval to launch.

Potentially, a partnership between Google and Dish could help Google launch a complete ecosystem in the wireless space. In addition to providing the Android operating system to manufacturers and carriers free of charge, Google also has its own branded hardware line called the Nexus. By controlling the hardware and the wireless service, Google could potentially deliver its own brand of user experience to devoted Android users.


Google has already provided leadership in the hardware space. With the high-specced Nexus 4 by LG launch, Google shows that an unlocked smartphone with rich specs do not have to cost users a lot. If Google enters the wireless service space, it could potentially help to change the way the industry works in regards to rates, plans, contracts, and pricing.


Dish could also launch a partnership with an existing wireless carrier as well. Such a move would help Dish grow and expand its service more quickly as the infrastructure would already exist.