MOGA Controller Makes Android Gaming Easier

The new MOGA controller aims to make gaming on Android device better by adding joysticks and buttons, and it already has big supporters like Gameloft.

Like most Android or iPhone controllers the MOGA is a Bluetooth device with a clasp to hold mobile devices in place. Smaller controllers like the 8 Bitty tend to lack any way to secure devices, but the MOGA aims to keep Android phones portable while adding extra controls.

The MOGA controller adds two joysticks, four face buttons, and two shoulder buttons to any Android device. The layout of the buttons isĀ reminiscentĀ of the Xbox 360 controller, though the shape of the MOGA is different from any modern game controller.MOGA Android controller

The MOGA will work with any Android device running Android 2.3 or higher, and uses two AAA batteries for a charge. The clip can hold just about any Android smartphone including the massive Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Gameloft is one of the many game developers that support the MOGA, and it currently has eight games that support the controller. Those games include the Action Adventure game Wild Blood, racing game Asphalt 7, shooter NOVA 3, The Dark Knight Rises, and real Soccer 2013. Gameloft also promises more games will support the controller in the future.


EA Games also supports the MOGA controller with at least one game: Need For Speed Most Wanted. With the MOGA controller Need For Speed plays almost like a console game thanks to its fantastic graphics. The controls take some getting used to, but seem much better than virtual controls.

PowerA includes its own MOGA Pivot App to help users find apps that support the controller. The device also comes with a free download of Sonic CD by Sega and Pac-Man from Namco.

The MOGA is available now for $49.99 through PowerA’s website, and is also sold in T-Mobile stores for the same price.


  1. MOGA hardware work ok so far but its software has been in a disaster.
    – It seems to be the playstore version of NFS Most wanted has no MOGA support
    – Dead Trigger also didn’t work on MOGA
    – Sonic CD that was free no where in sight after enter the claim code
    – The Pivot App take a while to sync and doesn’t exit once we exit the program have to force stop it
    – Even SNES emulator supports it, its’s not listed on Pivot App (what an insult to a developer that supports them)

    It is a good hardware and when it supports it work greats.. but please more game support before it becomes a fail project.

  2. agreed on all counts. i contacted PowerA when my promo code for a free Sonic game resulted in no download links. they were kind enough to give me $10 credit to use on the google play store. made the mistake of buying NFS Most Wanted from the play store. it doesnt support Moga and EA never responded back on my refund request. Moga only works for NFS if you buy the full version from the packed in demo from TMobile. There is a MOGA universal driver on the play store that allowed me to get it to work with emulators. once more support for moga is available, this will be well worth it.

  3. I love my moga. Got it to work with all my emulators. Im an old school gamer so thats the reason I got the moga. I use the moga drivers app to get the emulators to work for the controller. I bought a defected moga the first time I purchased it through a tmobile store. It worked fine then it kept unscyning and turns off. Luckly tmobile does returns on accessories within 30 days of purchase without having to pay a restocking fee. I got my free download of N.O.V.A 3 before returned it. Ha. Free game and exchange the controller for another one and downloaded the free nova 3 game again but on a different device registered the controller under a different email address. (DROID BIONIC) My moga works great on my Note 2.

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