Samsung Galaxy S4 1080p AMOLED Display Rumored for January

Just a few days after HTC and Verizon unveiled their new Droid DNA, a 5-inch smartphone with a full HD 1080p display, rumored have cropped up indicating that Samsung may revealing its own full HD 1080p AMOLED display in January at CES, a display that could very well appear in the Samsung Galaxy S4.


According to Asiae, by way of SamMobile, Samsung will unveil its new display technology at CES 2013, scheduled to kick off in Las Vegas in January. It appears that the display will be AMOLED instead of LCD and it will feature 441 pixels-per-inch which puts it one pixel-per-inch higher than what is found on the Droid DNA which offers 440 pixels-per-inch.

The screen is said to be 4.99-inches in size and it is rumored to start production at some point in Q1.

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We could see the Galaxy S4’s display launch in January.


This could be Samsung’s big unveil at CES 2013 given that the company just released the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and isn’t rumored to be announcing the Galaxy S4 until Mobile World Congress in February, at the earliest. Previous rumors suggest that Samsung would, at the latest, release the phone in March.


Full HD 1080p displays are likely going to emerge as one of the leading features on Android phones in 2013 with HTC already announcing its own and other companies like Sony and Samsung sure to follow.

This new display could very well end up finding a way inside the Galaxy S4. At the very least, the Galaxy S4, given its reputation as one of the premier Android devices, will feature this kind of technology.

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Other Galaxy S4 rumors suggest that is will have a 13 mega-pixel camera in the rear. It will also very likely have 4G LTE data speeds given that LTE is quickly becoming commonplace as well as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher.

Samsung continues to deny all Galaxy S4 rumors and has done a good job in the past of keeping its devices safe from massive leaks so we may have to wait until an official unveiling to know what kind of features it possesses.