Verizon Black Friday Leak Shows Free Galaxy Nexus, Not Much Else

Verizon Wireless’ leaked Black Friday ad is now available on, and while there’s a few deals, they’re likely not worth waiting in line for.


The best deal in Verizon’ Black Friday ad is the free Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a two-year contract. The phone is a year old, and doesn’t quite get fast updates like most Nexus devices, but the cheapest it’s available for online is $50 through Amazon Wireless. Verizon’s deal brings the Galaxy Nexus to the same price as the two-year-old iPhone 4. It’s a great deal for the price, and still the only option for stock Android on Verizon.


The other great deal in Verizon’s ad is for the Jawbone Jambox. Verizon will sell the Bluetooth stereo for $99.99 with the purchase of a smartphone. That’s half of the list price of $199.99. For comparison, Amazon sells the Jambox $129.99 which is also a great deal. Amazon’s deal is better because it’s not tied to signing a two-year contract, but anyone already looking to buy a new Verizon smartphone will benefit from Verizon’s sale.

Verizon will also offer the Motorola DROID RAZR in cranberry and the LG Lucid for free with two-year contracts on Black Friday. The cranberry DROID RAZR is exclusive for the day. Those who want to save money and don’t care about the color of their phone would do better with the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX through Amazon Wireless, however. Amazon sells the DROID RAZR MAXX with its huge 3300 mAh battery for $0.01 with a new two-year contract.


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Amazon Wireless also offers the LG Lucid for $0.01, though when it comes to year-old smartphones its hard to recommend anything over the DROID RAZR MAXX or Galaxy Nexus.

As if to prove that it won’t have any big deals on Black Friday, the last page of Verizon’s ad is a full-page dedicated to the new HTC DROID DNA which comes to the carrier on Wednesday for $199.99. The ad makes no mention of Windows Phone 8 or the iPhone.