Official Photos for LG Revolution 2 Leaks Ahead of Launch


Images for Verizon’s successor to the original LG Revolution, which was the third 4G LTE smartphone to launch on the carrier’s fast mobile broadband network, have surfaced. The device is said to be both slimmer and sleeker than the original Revolution, which had a more brick-like appearance. Coupled with a 720p HD display and 4G […]

LG Revolution Poised to Beat Droid Charge to Gingerbread

LG Revolution

Good news for all six (a joke) of you LG Revolution owners out there on Verizon. Big Red has released a change log for the 4G LTE device’s Gingerbread update which means that the update’s roll out is imminent. It’s possible that it could roll out later today but just know this. It’s close and […]

LG Esteem: An LTE Price ‘Revolution’ for MetroPCS


Regional contract-free carrier MetroPCS is rumored to be getting an Android smartphone by the name of the LG Esteem soon, and now we’re seeing some leaked shots of the LTE-capable device and it bears a striking resemblance to Verizon’s LG Revolution, another 4G LTE handset. What’s unique about the Esteem isn’t its name, specs, or […]

Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone Roundup: Which Device to Consider?


With the imminent launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic on Verizon Wireless, users looking at fast mobile broadband data on the carrier’s 4G LTE network will have many choices. In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at the first generation of 4G LTE devices, including the Thunderbolt, Droid Charge, and LG Revolution, and […]

Is This the LG Revolution 2 Skipping Through the FCC?

LG Revolution 2 FCC

If you love diagrams and want to know what the LG Revolution 2 might look like, the FCC has you covered with a collection of sketches for the LG VS920. The LG VS920 waltzed through the FCC this week showing off Verizon 4G LTE connectivity and plenty of reasons to think that this is the […]

Verizon Gearing Up to Deliver LG Revolution Software Update


Verizon Wireless is prepping a new software update for its third 4G LTE Android smartphone, the LG Revolution. Though the update won’t bring Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the handset this time around, it will deliver a number of bug fixes, new features, and will come with V CAST services pre-installed so you can download MP3s […]

Leaked Verizon Docs Reveal Droid Bionic, HTC Vigor, LG Revolution 2


Three new Verizon Wireless high-end devices were shown in a newly leaked Verizon document that were sent to retailers for guidance on the minimum advertised price, or MAP. The list includes the Motorola Droid Bionic, which was confirmed by Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha to launch in September, the venerable and powerful HTC Vigor, which may […]

Free Battery Cover with Wireless Charger Purchase at Verizon

Verizon Wireless Charging Pad

I’ve been looking forward to wirelessly charging my HTC ThunderBolt since the day I saw the LG wireless charger months and months ago. We’ve seen the battery backs for several devices, but up until now haven’t been tempted to pay the pricey fee for a battery charger and battery back. The Verizon deal of the […]

LG Revolution Becomes Latest Verizon 4G Smartphone to Drop in Price

LG Revolution

Prices on Verizon’s 4G LTE smartphones continue to fall and this time it’s the LG Revolution’s price tag that has been cut and this time it happened over at Big Red itself and not at one of the usual retailers. The Bing-powered phone has dipped to $199 through Verizon which is still a laughable price […]

HTC ThunderBolt Reboot Update Has A Sinister Side

HTC ThunderBolt

As you probably know, Verizon rolled out an update for the HTC ThunderBolt that has seemingly fixed the random reboot issues that had been plaguing the device for weeks on end. And while that’s fantastic, there is also a dark side to the update that Verizon decided not to publicize, something that will come in […]

Wireless Battery Covers Arrive for HTC ThunderBolt, Droid Charge, Droid 3, More

ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Cover

If you’ve been interested in acquiring a Wireless Charging Inductive Battery Cover for your Verizon-branded Android smartphone, you’re in luck because the carrier has released covers for a slew of top of the line Android devices. The phones that the cover is now available for are the HTC ThunderBolt, the Samsung Droid Charge, the newly […]

Why Verizon 4G Smartphone Prices Keep Falling

HTC ThunderBolt

It could be the tiered data, it could be the issues or it could the Motorola Droid Bionic that is pushing people away but whatever the case may be, prices on Verizon’s 4G LTE smartphones continue to fall and this time it’s over at mobile retailer Wirefly who is offering the HTC ThunderBolt for $99 […]

Verizon 4G Smartphone Prices Keep Falling

Samsung Droid Charge

It seems like every day prices for Verizon’s 4G LTE smartphones get dropped and today is no different as Amazon has slashed its prices on all of Verizon’s current 4G LTE phone including the LG Revolution, the HTC ThunderBolt and the Samsung Droid Charge. If you’re willing to sign up for a new contract, you […]

LG Revolution Price Falls to $100 at Wirefly

LG Revolution

If you’ve been looking to get on Verizon’s 4G LTE network and haven’t wanted to shell out the big bucks, look no further than Wirefly’s deal for the recently released LG Revolution which has been dropped down to a paltry $100 with a new two year contract. The best is that the price doesn’t just […]

Verizon Keeping 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot Free Through July 6th

HTC ThunderBolt

In a move that will certainly delight owners of the HTC ThunderBolt, Samsung Droid Charge and LG Revolution, Verizon has apparently sent word that it will be extending the free 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot promotion through July 6th. For the last couple of months, 4G LTE smartphone owners on Big Red have enjoyed free mobile […]

Amazon Drops Prices of Best Selling Verizon Smartphones

Verizon Price Cut

In addition to that sale on Windows Phone 7 devices that its holding throughout June, Amazon is also playing host to a seven day spring sale on some of Verizon’s top of the line devices.So, if you’ve been itching for a phenomenal deal on some of Big Red’s big name phones, the deals that Amazon […]

Amazon Wireless Offers Great Prices on 4G Android Smartphones for Memorial Day

AmazonWireless - HTC EVO 4G deal

Amazon isn’t about to let WireFly have all the great Memorial Day Deals on Android devices. Through the weekend Amazon is cutting the prices on new phones from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. UPDATE: We’ve just heard that Amazon may be offering the HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolution, Samsung Droid Charge,  and Google Nexus S 4G completely free […]

Viva La Revolucion! Bing Be Gone, LG Revolution Now Rooted


The LG Revolution, launched yesterday for consumer consumption on Verizon Wireless’s 4G LTE network, has now been rooted. The handset features a snappy Snapdragon processor at 1 GHz, Netflix integration out of the box, 4G LTE mobile broadband speeds, but the issue that some Android purists would have with this handset despite its very capable […]

Memorial Day Android Deals – Droid Incredible 2 Free + $25 Off Any Phone

Memorial Day Deal Incredible 2 Free

WireFly is cutting prices on a collection of Android smartphone from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile for the holiday weekend. These Memorial day deals include new phones like the Xperia Ply and LG Revolution as well as free with a 2 year contract pricing on a collection of older devices. These deals offer savings of up to $200 […]

Netflix App for Android Arrives for Three More Devices


Back on May 12th, Netflix rolled out their Android application to thunderous applause from some smartphone owners and a loud chorus of boos from others. You see, it has only been available for a select few Android devices with Netflix promising support for more in the future. Well, the company has made good on its […]