Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Shipping Out February 16th

Nexus 4 wireless charging orb shipping

The Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb, the official wireless charger for LG’s Nexus smartphone, is likely going to be shipping out starting February 16th with Google sending out shipping confirmations to those who ordered the device when it went on sale yesterday. Read: Nexus 4 On Sale for $50 at T-Mobile. Yesterday, Google quietly started […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories Rumored Again


The Samsung Galaxy S4, one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, has emerged in another rumor today with a report again claiming that Samsung has prepared eight accessories for the upcoming smartphone, thought to have a launch date set for next month and a release date a few weeks after in the month […]

Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Now Available in Google Play Store

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 11.52.00 AM

The long-awaited Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb, which showed up at a retailer a short time ago, has shown up in a more official manner today making an appearance on the Google Play Store with the accessory listed as shipping out this week. Read: Nexus 4 On Sale for $50 at T-Mobile. In late January, […]

Acase Collatio iPhone 5 Case Review: A Leather Wallet for Your iPhone

acase collatio iPhone 5 case

The Acase Collatio iPhone 5 Case gives users an attractive two-tone brown leather wallet case for their iPhone 5. Wallet cases offer some protection for an iPhone, while adding wallet functionality. Most of the time they’re small and let the user carry just a credit card or two, a license or ID card, maybe some […]

Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Appears for $60, Release in Weeks


The long-awaited Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb accessory, which was debuted alongside the Nexus 4 back in November but has yet to make it to shelves, has appeared at an online retailer with a $59.99 price tag. The device, however, remains out of the reach of customers and could remain that way until next month. […]

Mophie iPhone 5 Battery Case Spotted on Plane Post-CES


On my plane home from the Consumer Electronics Show, I was fortunate enough to sit next to a distributer who is a partner of Mophie, maker of the popular iPhone battery case. Since the iPhone 5 was released, Mophie had been relatively quiet and coy about when its iPhone 5 battery case would be released […]

Galaxy S4 Cases Planned for June Launch


With the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date still up in the air, at least one case maker is planning to launch its Galaxy S4 case during the month of June, the same month that the device arrived last year in the United States. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 Feature Possibly Announced. At CES 2013, case-maker Pelican […]

LarkLife Band Rivals Fuelband


At CES 2013 there has been a huge focus on health and personal fitness technology. One of the devices that allows users to better monitor their health and fitness is the LarkLife band. LarkLife is similar to the Nike Fuelband, another band that tracks data such as steps taken or calories burned. For those who are on […]

Nexus 7 Dock Release Date and Price Revealed


The long-awaited official Nexus 7 dock, which has seen several release dates pushed back over the course of the past few weeks, will finally be coming to shelves at some point this month with a $39.99 price. For weeks now, Nexus 7 owners have been dealing with delayed release dates for the highly anticipated Nexus […]

Nexus 7 Dock Release Date Remains Unclear


The Nexus 7 dock accessory from Asus, which has made an official appearance at CES 2013 in Las Vegas and has seen its estimated release date vanish at one retailer, still is without any type of release date leaving Nexus 7 owners wondering when the highly anticipated accessory might land. Read: Nexus 7 Dock Release […]

Bluetooth Hapifork for iPhone Counts Your Bites


The Hapifork is a new electronic fork that counts your bits during meals to help users measure how fast and how much they are eating. If you eat your lunch too fast, the Hapifrok will vibrate so you can slow down and eat at a healthier pace. The Hapifork comes in two configurations, Bluetooth and […]

Nexus 4 Bumper Case In Stock, Sort Of


The Nexus 4 bumper case, which has been sold out through the Google Play Store for several weeks now, is now back in stock for Nexus 4 owners to pick up. Sort of. Read: How to Know When the Nexus 4 is Back in Stock. For quite some time now, the official Nexus 4 bumper […]

iHome Disney Creativity Studio for iPad with Smart Stylus Demo


At the Consumer Electronics Show, iHome brought out a learn to draw tool for children in the form of the Disney Creativity Studio for the Apple iPad tablet. The solution consists of two components–a smart stylus hardware that wirelessly connects to the slate, as well as an accompanying app. The stylus itself costs $50 and […]

iHome Launches New Lightning and Bluetooth Docks at CES

New iHome

With CES 2013 now upon us the onslaught of new accessories and new technology are everywhere. This is no exception when it comes to docking stations such as the iHome. They have updated their line of consumer products for the upcoming year and are showing them off at the technology and trade show. While in […]

Withings WiFi Scale Analyzes Carbon Dioxide So You Can Live Healthier


Withings’ latest generation of WiFi-enabled body weight scale adds a number of new sensors that will allow users to live healthier lives. Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 now adds a heart rate monitor and an air quality sensor in addition to measuring bodyweight. All the information […]

Nexus 7 Dock Release Date Pushed Again


The Nexus 7 dock release date, which just a day ago was thought to be between January 6th and January 10th, has now slipped to January 16th at at least one third-party retailer leaving potential buyers wondering when the postponements will stop. Earlier this week, B&H Photo, one of the few retailers that currently has […]

Official Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Almost Here, Stays Thin


It appears as though the official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery release date is almost here with Amazon seemingly set to release the highly anticipated accessory in Germany in early January. Read: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Update Rolls Out to LTE Model. According to a listing from Amazon Germany, found by Android Central, the […]

Nexus 7 Dock Pre-Order Already Sold Out


Last night, it became apparent that retailer B&H put the highly anticipated Nexus 7 dock up for pre-order through its website. However, the Add to Cart button is now missing and has been replaced with a Notify When in Stock tag which means that those who weren’t quick to pull the trigger are now going […]