BlackBerry PlayBook Coming to Sprint on May 8th?

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook

According to a report that’s backed with evidence, Sprint and RIM will be launching the BlackBerry PlayBook, in Wi-Fi only flavor, on May 8th. The evidence is an internal document that was snagged by SpanTechular and it indicates that May 8th is the day that the recently released BlackBerry PlayBook will be out and available […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Review: First Impressions, Out of Box Experience


The BlackBerry PlayBook is finally here and I got a chance to unbox a review unit that RIM sent over yesterday afternoon. It’s clear that this is one high-quality piece of hardware, but it’s also clear that there’s a lot of room for improvement. We’ll put together a complete review in the coming days, but […]

BlackBerry Bridge Not Yet Supported by AT&T, Workaround Available

BlackBerry PlayBook

Newly adopted BlackBerry PlayBook owners who have a AT&T BlackBerry handset are going to arrive home and a find a nasty surprise. Ma Bell is the only carrier that doesn’t officially support BlackBerry Bridge, one of the most anticipated features of the Blackberry PlayBook. While AT&T might not be officially supporting it, luckily, there is […]

PlayBook’s Problem is That RIM Doesn’t Have a Defined Playbook


Research in Motion’s first foray into the tablet market is met with lukewarm reviews. For the company’s first tablet effort, the build quality is there—the screen is bright and vivid, the metal chassis feels solid, and the device has a reassuring weight and thickness that makes it subtle, understated yet elegant. So why aren’t reviews […]

And Now for the Blackberry Playbook Reviews…


The embargo lifted for all of those reviewers who got their hands on review units of the Blackberry Playbook and so the Internets are buzzing with reviews. If you’ve been following the earlier reports from RIM and from those who saw earlier prototypes I don’t think you’ll be surprised by what we’re seeing so far. […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Now Up for Pre-Order at Radio Shack

BlackBerry PlayBook

Radio Shack has put RIM’s upcoming tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, up for pre-order with a scheduled release date set for April 19th. The retailer is going to be selling the BlackBerry PlayBook for $500 and in order to reserve yours, you’ll need to put down $49 of the total price. The demand for this thing […]

iPad Will Dominate Till at Least 2015


The Apple iPad will dominate the tablet market for a few more years, according to Gartner analysts. A release from the research firm says that because of the iPad, Apple will dominate the tablet space till at least 2015 when compared to other tablet operating systems. The other operating systems include Android, MeeGo which is […]

Apple Responsible for BlackBerry PlayBook Delay?


Apple may be the culprit behind Research in Motion‘s delayed launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which is now said to be delayed for up to a month after the April 19th release date. According to a report by DigiTimes, RIM may be having difficulties in securing enough touchscreen displays for the company’s $500 7-inch […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Officially Will Be Able To Run Android Apps

BlackBerry PlayBook

We had heard back in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the BlackBerry PlayBook would indeed be able to run Android applications. Until today though, that notion had been only mere speculation. Just a short time ago, RIM ended all the speculation and confirmed that  the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, which just went […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Life Said To Be 10 Hours With Continual Use

BlackBerry PlayBook

If this next tidbit is true, it should definitely win over the favor of those considering BlackBerry’s upcoming tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Yesterday, several retailers put the PlayBook up for pre-order giving consumers another option amongst the iPad 2’s and Motorola Xoom’s of the world. There has been one feature though that has been a […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Available for Pre-Order at Best Buy


The BlackBerry PlayBook is now available for pre-order at The PlayBook will be available for as low as $499, but it’s still unclear when customers will actually be able to get their hands on RIM’s tablet. Over at Best Buy’s PlayBook landing page (, there’s a lot of info about the device. Pre-orders require a $50 […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to Sell at 20,000 Retail Outlets, $499


Research in Motion just announced that the BlackBerry Playbook will be available at more than 20,000 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada. The BlackBerry Playbook will start at $499, putting it right in line with Apple’s iPad 2 in terms of price. The PlayBook was first introduced at DevCon 2010 last fall and we’ve […]

SAP CIO On iPad 2, Playbook and Honeycomb


Yesterday I had a long conversation with Oliver Bussman, the CIO of SAP, a business software company with well over 50,000 employees around the globe, about tablets. Bussman is a tablet power-user  and a big proponent of mobilizing workers. The past week or so has been chock full of tablet news. The Motorola Xoom went […]

HP and RIM bicker over the originality of their derivative interfaces


Apparently intent on creating a controversy, Mark Spoonauer at LAPTOP reached out to both HP and RIM to comment on the similarities between the app-switching interfaces of the HP Touchpad and BlackBerry Playbook. Not surprisingly, both sides kept it civil, and neither admitted the argument is dumb since they’re both derivatives of existing interfaces anyway.

BlackBerry PlayBook to Support Android Apps


The BlackBerry Playbook will support Android Apps according to a a RIM rep who walked MobileMondayRio through the device during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Video overviews of the device or nothing new considering we first saw the Playbook back in September. But there’s something new about this one. A few seconds into the above […]

You can’t beat the iPad if all you do is chase it


Om Malik of the eponymous GigaOM put into words a topic that’s been on my mind recently. Actually, it’s been on my mind since last year, but it continues to linger as companies rush to show off their iPad competitors, only to schedule their actual launches around Apple’s agenda. That, beyond all other factors, is […]

BlackBerry PlayBook for $499.99 at Office Depot Late April


Crackberry is reporting that the BlackBerry Playbook will go on sale at Office Depot for $499.99 in late April. According to a photo of Office Depot’s system, the 16GB Wi-Fi only Playbook will retail for a hair under $500 starting on the 17th week of the year. The PlayBook was first shown back at DevCon […]

Can RIM’s PlayBook be the Best Android Tablet on the Market?


Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry PlayBook, may be toying with the idea of allowing Android applications to run on its PlayBook tablet. While the idea may seem unlikely, it could be a winning strategy for Canadian-based RIM who is fighting a battle against both Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform. The seemingly […]