I Love the New Lightning Connector

iphone 5 lightning2

*+-Count me as someone who’s seen the light or Lightning in this case. As Apple launches the iPhone 5, the new sync and charging connector goes from an often used but seldom considered aspect of Apple device design to a much maligned facet of the iPhone 5. As the owner of more than a few 30-pin […]

Apple Confirms No Plans for iPhone 5 Dock


*+-In an email reply to a customer inquiry, Apple marketing head Phil Schiller confirms that the company has no intentions of delivering an iPhone 5 dock for its flagship smartphone. In the past, Apple has either created device-specific docks to accommodate the smartphone to allow users to sync and charge their devices at their desks […]

Apple Lightning Dock Connector Can Allow iPhone 5 to Be USB Host


*+-Perhaps one of the big features of Apple’s transition to the new Lightning Dock Connector from the historic 30-pin Dock Connector used on many iOS products and iPods today is that the new Lightning format will also allow devices to support USB host capabilities. This will be a huge nod to power users who find […]

New iPhone 5 Dock Connector Called ‘Lightning’

Lightning Adapter Apple

*+-Apple has updated its proprietary dock connector format for the iPhone 5 and will be calling the new standard and connector ‘Lightning.’ Lightning will be an all-digital 8-signal design with an adaptive interface and ‘improved durability’ according to Apple. The design is said to be 80 percent smaller and is reversible. In addition, users with […]

Apple May Be the Only Source For Your Dock Connector Accessories, Cables


*+-Following early speculative report that Apple may be the sole source for users to buy Dock Connector accessories for the next-generation iPhone 5, which has a re-designed 19-pin Dock Connector that’s much smaller than the ones currently available today, there are new reports that suggest that Apple’s Dock Connector Adapter to make current micro USB […]

Alleged iPhone 5 Accessories Leak Out


*+-It looks like iPhone 5 accessories, complete with compatibility for the device’s rumored new dock connector, might of surfaced ahead of the next iPhone’s presumed launch in September. iLounge has dug up some photos of several accessories made by third-party accessory maker Scosche that seem to show off designs for the iPhone 5’s new dock […]

Leaked Photo Shows Alleged Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Connector Cable

iPhone 5 USB Cable

*+-The iPhone 5 and the rest of the new Apple products may receive a new dock connector when they launch this fall. The new smaller dock connector isn’t confirmed, but Veister, a USB cable design and manufacturing company based in China shares images of what it claims to be the iPhone 5 USB cable. The company shares a photo […]

iPad Mini Dock Connector Ribbon Leaks Online

iPad Mini dock connector

*+-After months of rumors for Apple’s 7.85-inch iPad Mini, parts for the fabled tablet are finally out on the web. The new part comes from French site Nowhere Else by way of MacRumors. The leaked part is the ribbon cable for the new dock connector which the iPad MIni will likely have. The cable looks […]

iOS 6 Code Hints At 9-Pin Dock Connector for New iPhone


*+-Speculations over a shrunken dock connector standard for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 have been swirling for some time now, and recent renders and leaked images of the rumored device show a smaller connector port. In the past, it’s been rumored that the new standard may support either 8 or 19 pins, but a recently discovered […]

5 Reasons the iPhone 5 Will Use a Smaller Dock Connector

dual array microphones

*+-The iPhone 5 won’t just sport a new look when it is released this fall, according to a variety of sources it will also have a smaller dock connector. The new smaller iPhone 5 dock connector may be sized similar to a Micro USB port, but the latest rumors suggests that this new iPhone 5 […]

Sources Confirm Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Connector

iPhone 5 smaller dock connector confirmed

*+-iPhone rumors and leaked parts have shown off a new smaller iPhone dock connector which many believe will make its debut when the iPhone 5 is released this fall. The smaller iPhone 5 dock connector reportedly uses 19-pins instead of 30, and marks a major shift for Apple, which has used the standard 30-pin dock […]

Apple Job Posting Hints at a New iPhone 5 Dock Connector

iPhone 5 dock connector

*+-More evidence is piling up that Apple wants to rid itself of the current dock connector for iOS devices. The latest evidence is an Apple job posting for an engineer that can create a new connector. According to TechCrunch, Apple is looking for a Connector Design Engineer. The new engineer would be “responsible for managing multiple […]

Original Apple iPad 1 Prototype With Dual Dock Connectors Hits eBay


*+-The mythical and elusive iPad with dual dock connectors was recently spotted on an eBay auction showing off both the standard portrait-oriented dock connector as well as a secondary landscape-oriented dock connector. The dual dock connectors would make it easy for users to charge and dock their iOS slate in any orientation that they use […]

Apple Ready to Shrink Dock Connector on Next iDevice


*+-According to iMore, Apple is ready to abandon the classic dock connector that debuted since the iPod on next-generation iOS devices. The new dock connector would be smaller and would therefore not be backward-compatible with the old dock connectors in use today, creating new opportunities for accessories-manufacturers as well as Apple to create products and […]

Taiwanese Site Sued After Leaking iPad 3 Dock Connector


*+-In July, Taiwanese site Apple.pro had posted pictures of what the site claimed to be the new dock and ribbon connector cable for Apple’s third-generation iPad 3 tablet. The leaked images of the dock connector cabling system and the connector itself shows that Apple may be attempting to make some very modest changes to the […]

MagSafe Connectors for iPad and iPhone Would Be Awesome and Horrible


*+-Apple filed a patent last July that suggests they might be exploring replacing their dock connector and/or headphone jacks with the MagSafe connector that they now use to charge the MacBook Air and Pro. That would be both awesome and horrible at the same time. The MagSafe power connector impressed me when I first made […]

Apple Granted Patent for Horizontally Docking iPad Tablet

iPad patent

*+-Long rumored as a feature for the second-generation iPad but was missing from the iPad 2’s design, Apple has been granted a patent for its design of a dock connector to dock the tablet horizontally. The patent illustration shows a tablet with dock connector ports in the standard vertical position, just below the home button, […]

New Apple Dock Connector Patent Hints at USB 3.0, Thunderbolt Support

Dock Connector

*+-An Apple patent was recently discovered that reveals a new dock connector providing support for newer, faster transfer speeds through the use of USB 3.0, Display Port, and Thunderbolt technologies. Additionally, the dock connector, though supporting 30 pins, is smaller than what is currently available on the market today for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and […]

iPad 5-in-1 Connection Kit Available with Ports to Spare

USB Fever 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad

*+-USB Fever and their new 5-in-1 Connection Kit for iPad is solving a problem for Apple iPad users. With Apple unwilling to put USB or SD card connectors in the iPad, we have adapters. Apple has one for USB, SD, VGA and now HDMI. But who wants a bunch of dongles? With Fever you actually have […]