Nokia Seeking FCC Approval for Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone


The Nokia N9, which is a MeeGo-powered smartphone, had previously been rumored to come with a landscape-oriented tilting keyboard and screen mechanism similar to the Symbian^3-powered Nokia E7 handset, though recent rumors are mixed on what the final shape of the device will be. Regardless, it seems that we’ll know soon enough–at least by June […]

A World Phone HP Pre 3 Headed to Verizon?


An HP Pre 3 webOS smartphone was seen passing through the FCC with support for CDMA, EV-DO, GSM, and UMTS radios suggesting that the device is a world-phone CDMA model for Verizon Wireless. Though the world-phone CDMA module would be compatible with U.S. carrier Sprint as well, a recent leak on Pre Central shows the […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Headed to AT&T?

Samsung Galaxy S II

Don’t look now AT&T faithful but it looks like one of the best Android phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S II, might be headed your way at some point as the device just passed through the FCC with AT&T bands. The recently released Samsung Galaxy S II (in Korea and the UK) has […]

HTC Sensation Spotted at FCC, T-Mobile Release Getting Closer

Doubleshot FCC label

The HTC Sensation, one of the most powerful phones, is sitting at U.S. regulatory agency FCC for approval. The device features a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, high resolution qHD display, an array of wireless radios and sensors, and can be seen as an HTC EVO 3D for Sprint without the 3D screen or dual rear […]

AT&T to Offer Motorola Xoom?


A recent FCC filing for a wireless handheld product from Motorola with AT&T-compatible 3G suggests that the Android 3.0 Honeycomb Motorola Xoom tablet may be headed to AT&T. The device is described as a wireless tablet in the filing, though Motorola did not make mention of the Xoom brand name. FCC filing and approval do […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Found at FCC, Launching Soon?


Samsung’s second generation flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II, was recently spotted at the FCC awaiting U.S. regulatory approval. The updated flagship, which sports a dual-core processor from either NVIDIA or Samsung, was initially launched at Mobile World Congress last month in Barcelona, Spain. The model being seen at the FCC is also referred […]

Did the FCC Just Approve the Motorola Droid X 2 for Verizon Wireless?


A CDMA-based 3G Motorola smartphone was seen recently at U.S. regulatory agency, the FCC, for approval. As the device lacks 4G LTE support, it rules out the possibility for the Motorola Droid Bionic. Not a lot of information is revealed via the FCC filing, but if the phone is in fact the Motorola Droid X […]

Motorola Atrix 4G Approved by FCC


Motorola’s Atrix 4G for AT&T, which made waves during its unveiling at CES as being a pocketable, portable mini-computer, has just received the FCC’s seal of approval. With the model number MB860 going through the FCC getting approval for AT&T’s 3G HSPA bands–which will get a speed jump to 14.4 Mbps theoretical download speeds by […]

Updated Nexus S Going Through FCC?


Are Google and Samsung providing a slightly modified version of the Nexus S? The Nexus S, just released a few weeks ago as the second-generation Google phone as the GT-9020 model number, may be succeeded by a phone with similar rounded and curved edges by the model number of GT-9023. The device in question was […]

Notion Ink Adam FCC Certification Delays Shipping


Notion Ink still has some hurdles to leap over before it can began shipping its Adam Tablet to users here in the US. Apparently users who pre-ordered have received an email saying that the innovative Tablet has not received FCC certification yet. Of course that means it can’t be imported here until that process is […]

Predictions for 2011: Warner’s Take


The old crystal ball is a bit tough to read this year. That’s not a bad thing because it means we’re heading into a year that no one really knows what’s going to happen. That means excitement ahead. 2010 can arguably be described as a year that set the table for exciting things to come. […]

Sony Tablet Makes a Mysterious Appearance at the FCC


Engadget is reporting that some documents have shown up at the FCC making it look like Sony wants some skin the Tablet/Slate game. And why not, just about everyone else is trying to play, why not Sony? Most of the juicy stuff is being held under wraps until January 20, so there’s not too much […]

The Future of the Mobile Internet Could Resemble Your Cable Bill


As carriers are exploring new methods for pricing access to the Internet from your cell phones–from pay-per-use pricing to tiered pricing–a leaked webinar slide from Alot Communications and Openet–both of which represents AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone–highlights the importance of the net neutrality discussion as it pertains to the mobile Web. The premise is that services […]

Dell Venue Pro Spotted at FCC with AT&T 3G Compatibility


It looks like Dell has just submitted a variant of the Windows Phone 7-powered Venue Pro to the FCC, and this time the smartphone comes equipped with compatibility for AT&T’s 3G networks. The version of the Venue Pro, currently available in the U.S., is only compatible with T-Mobile USA’s 3G AWS network. The Venue Pro […]

Pantech Android Phone Approved by FCC for AT&T


A Pantech-made phone was seen passing through the FCC, a U.S. regulatory agency for communications devices, with the model number P8000. Not a lot of information is known about the handset other than that it supports GSM/EDGE, and WCDMA on the 850/1900 MHz bands, making it a candidate for AT&T’s network when released. As Pantech […]

Updated HTC Aria with Video Calling Seen at FCC?


It looks like an HTC-made device with the model number PB92300 has just passed through the FCC, the U.S. regulatory agency for communications devices including cellular phones. The device in question appears similar to the HTC Aria for U.S. carrier AT&T, which is Android device with HTC Sense, and comes complete with front and rear […]

HTC EVO Shift Going Through FCC?


Details from the FCC show that a smartphone made by HTC with a dual-band CDMA and WiMax radio going through regulatory approval, but not much else is known at this time. From that basic information, we can infer that the phone will most likely be destined for Sprint as Sprint is the big U.S. carrier […]

FCC Proposing Relief for “Bill Shock”


Let’s see. A brief history of mobile muckiness when it comes to broadband pricing might be in order. First there was the desecrating of the English language by equating “unlimited” with 5GB of monthly bandwidth. Next there was a bait and switch from AT&T on its iPad data plans. Then we began to see various […]

JooJoo Specs Revealed by the FCC


Despite the fact that FusionGarage hasn’t bothered to let anyone in on what chips are running the JooJoo Tablet, we can now say, thanks to the FCC, that it will be sporting Intel Atom N270 and NVidia Ion Graphics. Yep, the FCC spilled the beans. Intriguingly enough with the JooJoo relying on x86 technology I […]