Google Voice Update Makes App Less Useless For Non-Jailbroken iPhones

Google Voice for iPhone

Google’s update to the Voice app for iPhone brings with it several nice features that Android owners have had for a while, including multi-recipient texts. The big news here is the Sprint integration, which allows users to  send GV calls to the native dialer, just as on Android. Also, incidentally, just like jailbroken iPhones. For […]

Google Extends Free Calling in Gmail and Google Voice Through 2012

Google Voice

It’s the holiday season which means it’s the season of giving. And guess what? Google is doing just that. The company has announced that it will be extending free calls made through Gmail and the Google Voice web application. Unfortunately, this nice little gesture is only available to those living in either the United States […]

How We Killed Email: To Save Time and Sanity

No Email For Sanity

Email sucks. For a time email served an important role in helping us communicate efficiently with teams of co-workers, especially those spread out over large distances, but too many people don’t know how to use email correctly and the sea of spam and bacon have made inboxes better breakfast menus than tools for working. Fed […]

Google Voice Update Brings iOS 5 Crash Fix

Google Voice Returns to the iOS App Store

Just a couple of days ago, it became apparent that the Google Voice application on the iOS App Store had disappeared. At first, it was a mystery. Then, Google’s Senior Product Manager for Google Voice Vincent Paquet confirmed that the application had been pulled intentionally saying that “our last update of this week had a […]

5 Reasons I Want an iPhone 4s Jailbreak Now

iPhone 4S Jailbreak wishlist

As soon as the iPhone 4S was announced, I started hearing the question, “When will there be an iPhone 4S jailbreak?” Forgetting the fact that the first rule of iPhone jailbreaking is to never ask when, we’ve been doing our best to follow the jailbreaking efforts of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. iOS 5 is […]

AT&T’s Cloud Messages Takes On Google Voice


Long gone are the days when your voicemails and text messages are tied to not just your mobile number, but to your mobile phone. Thanks to the advent of visual voicemail, popularized by Apple’s iPhone, and to Internet-based and VoIP services like Google Voice, your messages are now accessible whenever, wherever. AT&T is even taking […]

Google Liberates Google Voice with Takeout


Google is now setting free the data and information from within Google Voice. Users can now export and download all call history, text messages, and voicemails so that they can keep track of and sort them outside of the Google Voice web interface. With Takeout, Google says you can ‘download a copy of your data […]

Talkatone: Great iPhone App Offers Free Calling


Phoning home can be an expensive proposition when traveling overseas. Fortunately there are ways to work around this problem. Talkatone is an iPhone app that makes it possible to place and receive free calls over WiFi from anywhere using a Google Voice account. I’m currently in Berlin and am trying my best to avoid paying […]

3 Apps That Beat High Text Message Rates

facebook messanger

Text messaging is getting expensive again as AT&T “streamlines” the company’s text message plans. This change removes the $10 plan for new customers, leaving the expensive $20 a month unlimited plan and a no plan, pay per text option which will charge 20 cents per text and 30 cents per picture message. Current customers can […]

Google Voice Global Spam Filter Ends Unwanted Calls

Google Voice Spam Filter

Are you sick of calls from “Cardholder Services” and other spam phone calls? We’re not talking about the average telemarketer that plays by the rules, but the overnight shops that plague you with false promises and annoys you with robocalls. If you have Google Voice, you can send these calls, texts and voicemail direct to […]

Google Voice Fails, Costs T-Mobile Customer $700

Google Voice Fail

Google Voice can be a life saver for long distance calls on your smartphone, when the Google Voice app fails, you could be left with a hefty bill and no recourse. Sophie makes a good number of calls to France every month. She uses Google Voice to complete the calls at .02 cents per minute, a very […]

Google Voice Relies on Crowdsourcing to Identify Telemarketers as Spam


Google has added a Global SPAM feature to its Google Voice messaging and phone service that will automatically identify select callers as spam before they even reach you. The newly added feature relies on the collective intelligence of Google Voice users selectively marking appropriate messages as spam as well as Google’s own spam identification tools. […]

Google Voice Integration with Sprint Now Live


If you’re a Sprint subscriber and a Google Voice user, you’ll be happy to know that Google Voice is now available for, and tightly integrated, with any and all Sprint mobile phone numbers. The integration service was announced at the CTIA Spring 2011 trade show where Sprint had debuted the HTC EVO 3D and the […]

10 Essential Free Apps For Your New Android [HTC Thunderbolt]

Åstro File Manager

The HTC Thunderbolt it just the latest amazing Android device to arrive on a major carrier. With the upcoming launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Droid Charge, Sony XPERIA PLAY and others, Android is about to be gracing the smart phones of a lot of new users. If you are new to Android, we […]

Google Voice Now Allows You to Port Your Number


I’ve been a big fan of Google Voice and an avid use of the call forwarding service that provides me with one number to keep for life. However, the downside is that if I already have a cell number that has stuck with family and friends for years, my newer Google Voice number would be […]

Google Voice Now Available for iPad and iPod Touch


Google has pushed through an update of its Google Voice App for the iOS platform that now works with the iPad and the iPod Touch. No, you can’t make calls directly using those iOS devices but through what Google is calling Click2Call you can initiate a call and tell Google Voice which of your phones […]

Google Voice Now Available for the iPhone

Pastebot 2010-11-16 14.14.37 PM

Well for those who have been waiting the wait is over. The official Google Voice App (iTunes link)  for the iPhone is now available. Yep, that’s right. Google’s own App. You remember the saga. There were Apps initially allowed on the App Store that gave you access to Google Voice, then there weren’t. Google submitted […]

Google Voice: ‘Just Calling to See if You’re Gay’


I’m a big fan of Google Voice and am generally very pleased with the free service, but its speech to text function is really starting to bother me. When callers leave a voicemail on my Google Voice number, their messages are automatically transcribed and sent to my Gmail account and mobile phones. The other day […]