Best iPad 2 Deal of the Season: 16GB iPad 2 Refurb for $419

iPad 2 Deal Refurb

Apple just beat their Black Friday deals and every other iPad 2 deal we have seen this holiday season by offering the refurbished iPad 2 for $80 off. While supplies last, and it isn’t going be long, you can purchase the refurbished iPad 2 16GB in black or white direct from Apple for just $419. That is a $30 […]

Spec Showdown: Droid Xyboard vs. iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire

Droid Xyboard

If you’ve been keeping up with your tech news the past few days, and we hope that you have, you would know that Verizon announced two new 4G LTE tablets – the Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 and the Xyboard 10.1. Verizon, courtesy of Droid-Life, has been nice enough to compare some of the top competition […]

Cox TV Connect Is Latest App to Bring Live TV to the iPad

Cox TV Connect

It was only a matter of time before Cox followed the likes of  Time Warner, Cablevision, and DirectTV into the realm of iPad apps that can stream live content and today, that vision has come to fruition as the Cox has announced the release of Cox TV Connect, an app for the iPad that brings, […]

Harry McCracken on Creating on the iPad 2


I could have written the thoughts Harry McCracken lays out about using his iPad 2 for his work machine with a few minor tweaks. I didn’t. He did, so I’m linking to it. His points line up with my thinking very easily save for the choice of some of the software and accessories he uses. […]

Retro Alert: iStation Turns Your iPad Into An Apple I

istation for the iPad

Apple fans apparently never get tired of the retro Apple kitsch, even as they cling to their modern Apple devices. Thus I’m sure the folks over at MICGadget will sell many of their new iStation desktop stands for the iPad. Designed to look like the Apple I, this stand cleverly blends the old and the […]

Best Holiday Gadget Gifts For Students

echo smartpen

Shopping for a high school or college student this holiday? Maybe they didn’t get everything they needed during the Back to School rush, or perhaps they’ve discovered new needs now that the semester is about to end. Or maybe you just want to up their game with a sweet gift that will make their lives […]

30 Amazing iPad 2 Cases, Covers and Skins

Lifeproof iPad 2 Case

The iPad 2 remains the most popular tablet out there, and with popularity comes a plethora of cases, covers and skins. I’ve rounded up 30 of the most useful, creative and good looking iPad 2 cases I could find to help you protect your iPad in style. (Read: iPad 2 Review) Some of these options are expensive, […]

Infinity Blade 2.0 Set to Roll Out Today

Infinity Blade II | The Next Chapter in Mobile Gaming

Epic Games is set to roll out Infinity Blade 2.0 today and from what I’ve seen in the pre-hype videos it looks impressive. I enjoy Infinity Blade quite a bit, especially on frustrating days when I need to wack on something just to relieve stress. That said, Infinity Blade is more than just stress relief. […]

Kindle Fire Overtakes iPad 2 as Top Selling Tablet at Best Buy

Kindle Fire

We knew that Amazon’s $199 Android-powered tablet, the Kindle Fire, was selling well. After all, it has occupied the top spot at Amazon since before it was released and Amazon itself claimed that it sold more Kindle’s during this Black Friday than any Black Friday before it. And while we still don’t have official numbers, […]

Could Apple Snuff Out The Kindle Fire With iPad 3 HD and Tiered Pricing?


According to many sources, Apple will be launching a high resolution iPad 3 in March. But according to a new analyst with Barclays Capital, Apple could wreak havoc on the tablet competition by bring the iPhone pricing strategy to the tablet market. If Apple can follow through with this new iPad 3, and keep the earlier […]

Tablet Questions Focus on Price Points


Each year at the theatre I helm, we present an annual Christmas Show. Nothing new about that as we do shows all the time. The thing that makes each Christmas Show a little crazier than the others we do is that this holiday extravaganza involves a large number of children in the show. This year […]

Best Tech and Gadget Gifts Under $100


Finding affordable tech gifts for the holidays doesn’t require getting up early or braving the Black Friday madness. There are quite a few really good gadgets and accessories at $99 or below. Especially if you or the lucky people on your list love media. But if you do happen to find any of these products […]

Gift Guide: iPad Gaming Accessories

Disney Cars 2 appmates

The iPad is not a toy, but kids really love playing with it. Apple’s tablet has also proved an excellent gaming platform, sucking hours out of your life chasing down that last elusive three-star score in Angry Birds. However, gaming with the iPad doesn’t have to be a solitary affair or even a purely digital […]

Google Catalog for the iPad


If you’re like my wife you have been receiving a ton of catalogs the last month or so, and probably will receive more in the next few weeks. Catalogs seem to fall like leaves from trees when summer turns to autumn and the holiday season approaches. So, of course there should be a digital solution […]

Gift Guide: 13 Great Photography Accessories

64 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC Card

Do you have a shutter bug on your buying list for this holiday season? Chances are a serious photographer would rather you didn’t buy them a new camera because they will be very particular about what kind to get, making surprises impossible. However, a great photography accessory will warm their heart and earn you some […]

Review: Amazon Kindle Fire-A Nice Small Flame


The Amazon Kindle Fire is already and will continue to be a much talked about device. My Kindle Fire arrived early and due to a busy schedule I have not had as much time as I would like to play with the device. But, I’ve had enough time in a hectic schedule to discover that […]

Ditching iPad 2 for the Kindle Fire For a Day

Diting the iPad to for the Kindle Fire

Can an iPad 2 lover ditch Apple’s awesome tablet in favor of the Kindle Fire for a whole day? In a word, almost. I decided to give it a try. The Wednesday after the Fire shipped, I left my iPad at home for the day – or at least most of it. Reading That morning I sat […]

Gift Guide: Top Gadgets, Tech, and Toys For Tweens


By the time your kid reaches the tween stage, toys start to give way to actual gadgets on the wish list. While you’re probably not ready to break out the cash for expensive technology, there are some great devices that will keep your tween entertained and help you teach them about tech responsibility. Of course, […]

TouchFire Aims to Make Typing Easier on the iPad 2

TouchFire_ The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad by Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon — Kickstarter

Typing on touch screens is something that you either love or hate. Lots of sweat and energy go into developing new methods of getting info into our small mobile devices. On screen keyboards work for some and not for others. Some are looking at Apple’s Siri as a way to avoid keyboard entry. Certainly Swype […]

Gift Guide: Tech Toys and Gadgets for Kids


Kids love tech and gadgets just as much as adults, and are often quite partial to the same toys their parents bring home. While that’s not always an ideal situation, giving them their own gadgets to play with will satisfy their techie hearts. But don’t hide that iPad or iPhone away just yet, because several […]