Mobile Hotspot Included in Verizon’s iPad 4G LTE Data Plan

iPad 4G Plans from AT&T and Verizon

Update Below: Verizon Wireless Clarifies and Confirms. As expected, Apple’s new iPad 3rd generation tablet is available with sweet and speedy 4G LTE from Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Tim Cook also announced that customers will be able to use the tablet as a mobile hotspot as well — that’s even better. (Read: New iPad Supports […]

Should You Buy AppleCare+ for the New iPad?

Should You Buy AppleCare+ for New iPad?

Apple has announced a new iPad that will be hitting shelves in select markets around the world on March 16th. In addition to that announcement, Apple has also introduced AppleCare+ for the new iPad, an extended warranty service that covers incidental damage and stretches the iPad’s warranty out to two years. Every iPad comes with a […]

New iPad TV Commercial

Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 4.00.43 PM

Apple’s released a TV commercial for the new iPad that highlights the tablet’s high-definition display. The ad will presumably be the first to run on national television networks leading up to the iPad release date of March 16. Rather than focusing on specifications, the new iPad commercial focuses on the benefits and what it means […]

iOS 5.1 Makes Photos and Photo Stream better

iOS 5.1 lock screen

Tim Cook and company didn’t spend much time going over iOS 5.1 features aside from adding Japanese to Siri. There are some pretty big changes to PhotoStream and how iPhones and iPads take photos. The camera button is now on the lock screen at all times. You no longer have to double tap the home […]

What Apple Left Out of the New iPad Announcement

New iPad is the iPad 3

Apple announced their new iPad 3 today with a lot of interesting new features including a Retina Display, 4G LTE, faster processor and slightly thicker body, but they left out some really great things. (Read: New iPad Announced: Faster, Retina Display & 4G LTE) Here are the features that users, including our staff, wish Apple […]

Apple Drops Refurbished iPad 2 Price to $349

Apple Drops Refurbished iPad 2 Price to $349

Looking to get an iPad for super cheap from Apple, cheaper even then the $399 starting price that the iPad 2 currently sits at? Well then, you’re in luck because Apple has dropped the price on its refurbished iPad 2′s down to the low price of $349 for the 16GB model. That’s an extremely good […]

Somebody is Selling a new iPad on eBay for $2,000

new iPad on eBay

The new iPad is already up for pre-order, but if you don’t want to deal with Apple’ wonky servers you can pay the extra money to get one from eBay. An enterprising eBay user is already selling the new iPad for $2,000. Technically the user bigreat is selling an “iPad Three,” but it’s the new […]

The New iPad’s Only New Accessory: Apple TV


None of the fantasy Apple iPad 3 accessories we envisioned became real because Apple didn’t announce any new accessories this time around. Last year we got a Smart Cover, at least, and the original iPad already had a small but useful cache of accessories. We were hoping for at least one more. (Read: 5 Awesome […]

New iPad Overwhelms Internet, Apple Store (Updated)

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPad 3 Announcement

Update: Pre-orders are now going through, though slowly. It took several tries for GBM editors to order theirs. Hopefully by tonight the load on the servers will ease up. Excitement over today’s new iPad 3 announcement and launch has had an unsurprising, but still frustrating effect on many websites, including Apple’s online store. Even though […]

Buy the New iPad Now Unless You Want to Wait Months

new iPad

Apple launched the new iPad today with some compelling new features making it a hot gadget that we’re pretty sure will sell out quickly.If you’re sure you want a new iPad, we recommend placing your order as soon as possible or risk having to wait weeks or months for the model you want. [Read iPad […]

Looking for the iPad 3? Meet the new iPad

New iPad is the iPad 3

You may have heard about the iPad 3 over the past few months, a new iPad with a Retina Display, 4G LTE and much more. Today Apple announced the new iPad, which is essentially the iPad 3, or at least that’s what many users will call it. So, here’s the cheat sheet. The iPad 3 […]

New iPad Sample Photos Show Off Improved Camera

New iPad Sample Photos Show Off Improved Camera

Apple announced the new iPad, dubbed iPad, today at an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and it’s going to be coming with a number of upgrades over the previous version of the iPad, the iPad 2. One of those upgrades is going to be a new camera that […]

Watch the New iPad Event Video

New iPad Event Video

While Apple didn’t live stream the new iPad event that took place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco today, the company has, as expected, posted the full video online for the world to see. So that means that if you want to, you can watch the conference in its entirety, […]

Poll: Are You Buying the New iPad?

Poll: Are You Buying the New iPad?

Apple has finally taken the wraps off of its new iPad, a device that will be replacing the company’s extremely popular iPad 2. The device features 4G LTE connectivity on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless, a powerful new A5X processor, and of course, the new Retina Display that offers quadruple the resolution of the previous […]

New iPad Video and TV Ad Live on Apple’s Website

new iPad Videos

Apple announced the new iPad today, which many of us are still calling the iPad 3, with a Retina Display, 4G LTE, a faster processor and improved graphics. Apple showed of the new iPad on stage today in a series of videos showing off the iPad in use around the world. Read: New iPad Announced Apple has now posted […]

iPad 3 Pre-Order Button is Live, Apple Store Still Down


Apple loves to tease us. Pre-orders for the new iPad begin today and will ship on March 16th. Apple’s online storefront usually goes down in the hours before an announcement so they can prepare for new devices and such. Then, after the announcement, the waiting begins… Just after the announcement new content went up at […]

The New iPad Gets iPhoto, Joining iMovie and GarageBand


Apple introduced a new iPhoto at their announcement event today. iPhoto joins GarageBand and iMovie, two iLife apps previously ported to the iPad. That means all three of Apple’s creativity apps made their way to the iPad. iPhoto will supplement the previously horrible photo organization and editing system on the iPad with complex photo editing […]

New iPad Release Date: March 16 in U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.

New iPad Release Date: March 16 in U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.

Apple has announced its next iPad, as of right now called the new iPad, and while it has rundown a host of the new features that will be coming along with the gadget, it has also revealed the new iPad release date. As expected, the new iPad will become available on March 16th, nine days […]