ZTE Peel Case: iPhone Finally Comes to Sprint…Sort Of…


*+-The case of the ZTE Peel Case for U.S. CDMA carrier presents an interesting proposition for onlookers of Apple’s iPhone but reluctant to commit either to AT&T or a two-year contract. With the ZTE Peel, a case with an integrated CDMA radio, owners of Apple’s iPod Touch–which has been described as an iPhone without the […]

Netflix App Comes to iPhone, iPod Touch


*+-Netflix has updated its app in Apple’s iTunes store, enabling it to run on both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Netflix is one of my most-used iPad apps and this update will allow us subscribers to squeeze some more value out of our subscriptions. The Netflix app is free to use as long as you […]

Prediction: 7″ iPad will be the new iPod


*+-Warner posed the question “How Much Does Size Matter in the Tablet/Slate Universe?” expanding on rumors that Apple is preparing a 7″ iPad. This got me thinking beyond screen size to purpose and screen aspect and then on to branding. And it occurs to me that a 7″ iPad would not be nearly as helpful […]

Microsoft Kin is simple, stop overthinking it


*+-Some of the big brains on the Internet have been weighing in on Microsoft Kin (Kevin Purcell’s got our report on Notebooks.com), throwing out everything from heavy analysis to utter disbelief. I admit to some extent it appears puzzling, but I can sum it up in one word: iPod.

The iPad: An Opportunity to Change Education


*+-Around 1450, a man named Johannes Gutenberg created a device that has had an immeasurable impact upon all people.  His machine, the printing press, made it possible for text to be distributed much faster than the scribing process.  Fast forward to 2010, the year that Steve Jobs and Apple Computer introduce the iPad.  The iPad, […]

iPhone App for Powered Wheelchairs


*+-Dynamic Controls is showing off an iPhone/iPod Touch app for those who use a motorized wheelchair that allows them to monitor various aspects of the wheelchair. It connects via BlueTooth and allows monitoring of their chairs information in real time, as well as providing info on speed, compass data. It mounts to the chair via […]

Apple patent reveals stereo bluetooth headset


*+-In the ’bout time department, a new Apple patent shows that they are working on a Bluetooth stereo headset, which I’ve been expecting  since  they added support to the iPhone and iPod touch.  In a twist, their design incorporates what is basically the current iPod shuffle, which should enable multiple modes of function.  It presumably […]

Consensus: No (real) Apple tablet at this year’s iPod event


*+-Been waiting and waiting for some new “insider” to step forward, but it seems everyone is onboard with the report that Apple’s iPod event on September 9th (09/09/09) will not introduce the mythic tablet. Guess this means we won’t see one until next year (or the year after that, or two years later, etc., etc.) […]

Rumor: Cameras and Microphones Coming to iPod Touch

"artist's" rendition of iPod touch with video recording

*+-If you’re planning on getting an iPod touch, wait a few months. That’s the advice I’ve been giving everyone (with limited success – nothing could keep my mother-in-law from the Andre Rieu app), and thanks to a new report from Wired, I have more reason to stick to it. According to their “well-connected” source, cameras […]

Cameras coming to iPods?

*+-TechCrunch is reporting that Apple has ordered up a massive number of cameras like the ones used in the iPhone, which means either they’re stocking up to sell way more iPhones or they’re going to incorporate those cameras into other devices, namely the iPods. Fueling the latter rumor are photos at MacRumors showing new iPod […]

University Makes iPod Touch/iPhone Required Material for Journalism Students


*+-University of Mossouri’s famed school of journalism is requiring incoming freshman to buy an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone. I’m all for using technology in the classroom, but this requirement smells like pure Apple fanboyism. According to this news article, 99.5% of the journalism students use Macs. The university says that students need an iPod […]

Large Format iPod Touch – The Apple Tablet?


*+-Techcrunch is reporting from ‘reliable sources’ that there is going to be a new large format iPod Touch coming in the fall of next year.  Could this be the ‘Apple Tablet’ we’ve been waiting to get our hands on?  I agree with most of the statements in the article and they make sense, but for […]

8 Tech Items to Regift


*+-‘Tis the season to give gifts. Finding a few items to regift has come in handy a few times that I’ve been in a pinch. Regifting involves the redirecting of a gift that you’ve received, giving your gift to someone else. Regifted items are usually selected because they’re relatively inexpensive or a surplus has already […]

Is Sony Readying an iPod Wanna Be?


*+-Rumors are rampant that Sony will be unveiling an iPod like device at CES2009. Does the world need another MP3 player? Maybe, maybe not, but if you can buy direct from the Amazon MP3 store that could shift that answer. If the specs I’m reading is true, there are a couple of very interesting aspects […]

Apple Products Getting Discounted Too

*+-iPods, iPhones, multi-touch Macs, and much more will be discounted coming Friday. You will definitely find deals at Best Buy and other authorized retailers, and by shopping at Apple’s retail store and online store. Be sure to visit their online store on Friday to checkout their discounts before heading out.

Stay Up To Date With GottaBeMobile Media Content

iTunes - GottaBeMobile Video InkShow Reviews

*+-We produce a ton of media content. Keeping up to date with everything we are doing can be quite challenging. Want to easily download the latest GBM InkShows and Shortcut videos to your computer, iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc? We’ve got you covered! Our InkShow and Shortcut videos just got listed in the iTunes directory. Just […]

Eee PCs and iPods Going on Sale at Toys R Us


*+-Somehow I knew this would happen with the Eee PC. The iPod caught me by suprise though. According to an article on CrunchGear in just a few weeks here in the US we’ll start seeing the Asus Eee PC and iPods on sale at Toys R Us. Apparently there will be four models of the […]