My Thoughts on a Smaller iPad


As I mentioned in this post, rumors and speculation about Apple releasing a smaller iPad or a larger iPod Touch have gotten white hot. So much so that if Apple surprises and doesn’t release something in this vein then we’ll have a bit of a crazy time separating the fact from the fiction and the […]

Microsoft Surface Price Pegged at $199


The Windows RT Microsoft Surface could come in at the same price of the Nexus 7 when it comes to market on October 26. According to Engadget Microsoft plans to release the Surface with a $199 price tag. The price comes from a source who attended Microsoft’s TechReady15 conference where the company discussed the launch plans […]

Is Digital Ink Making a Comeback?


There are signs that Digital Ink might be making a comeback of sorts. Of course for some of us it never really faded away. For all of Microsoft’s efforts, and the efforts of quite a few passionate Tableteers in the original age of Tablet PCs, Digital Inking never really caught on except for those of […]

On Unicorns, Rumors, and that $1000 Surface Price Story


In the magical land of gadget blogs, and increasingly the mainstream media, fantasy sometimes seems like reality the way things are often reported these days. Credibility, at times, seems to be as rare as sighting a unicorn, or at least tougher to discern. A rumor starts, gets picked up, gets recirculated, regurgitated, and recycled to […]

Microsoft Will Have 44 Microsoft Stores By Mid-2013

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Gallery

Microsoft plans to have 44 Microsoft Stores in place by mid-2013. According to ZDNet, at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, the company’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said the company plans to have 44 retail stores open by the end of its fiscal 2013. The company’s fiscal 2013 ends in June 2013, so the company aims […]

Halo 4 Will Work With Microsoft Surface

Halo 4

With the Microsoft Surface presumably launching alongside Windows RT in October Microsoft wants to give users a reason to buy the new tablet. What better way to convince gamers to buy one than with Halo 4? According to VentureBeat, Microsoft executive Don Mattrick mentioned during the GamesBeat conference that Halo 4 will have some sort of […]

Bill Gates Explains Why Microsoft Made The Surface

Bill Gates

Bill Gates might be focusing most of his attention on charity work, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still asked about Microsoft’s latest maneuvers, including his thoughts on the Microsoft Surface. Gates answered questions about the Surface on Monday evening when he appeared on the Charlie Rose Show. According to Business Insider, Rose asked Gates if Apple had […]

This Year’s Tablet Derby Entries Are At The Starting Gate


Trumpets blare. And they’re off. Well, not quite. Like the last couple of years we now have almost all of the entrants announced for this year’s Great Tablet Holiday Sweepstakes. It will be a different field than in past years. Different because some of the big players (Microsoft and Google) have decided to field their […]

Did Microsoft Look at OEM Designs Before Launching Surface?

Microsoft Surface tablet black

Sharing his industry insights at Forbes, Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy claims Microsoft’s OEM partners are “enraged” over the way Microsoft may have used their inside knowledge of OEM designs in designing their new Surface tablet.

Microsoft: We’re Not Working On Our Own Windows Phone

Microsoft: We're Not Working on a Windows Phone 8 Device

Microsoft has denied claims from an analyst who claimed that the company was working on its own Windows Phone 8 device. In comments made to InformationWeek, Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, stated that the company would not be releasing its own Windows Phone devices. The firm denial comes shortly after Nomura analyst […]

Keyboards Don’t Sell Tablets


Attention everyone who thinks a keyboard is the key to beating the iPad: 2009 called. They want their thoroughly disproved idea that tablets need keyboards back.

Microsoft Threw All Their Friends Under The Bus

Windows Phone 8

Stunned. That’s the only word to describe my reaction this week after seeing Microsoft turn on all their hardware partners as they reboot their entire strategy. What’s truly ridiculous is it didn’t have to come to this.

Microsoft Could Win It All With Surface

Surface by Microsoft

With their big Surface tablet reveal, Microsoft has taken a sharp turn in their Windows strategy, putting the company in direct competition with their hardware partners. Here’s why it had to happen and how it might help not hurt relations.

Microsoft Gave Partners a Heads Up on Surface


According to a report from AllThingsD, Microsoft’s Surface announcement wasn’t a complete surprise for its partners. Steve Ballmer told AllThingsD that Microsoft had tipped off its partners ahead of time, although no time frame was mentioned, so that could have been phone calls earlier in the day of the event. On some levels that makes […]

Microsoft Surface Copies iPad Smart Cover, Adds A Keyboard

Surface by Microsoft

Along with the new Surface Microsoft announced a collection of new cases that seem very familiar at first glance. The first accessory Microsoft announced for the Surface is the Touch Cover. It’s a thin cover that comes in many colors that attaches magnetically to the bottom of the devices, just like Apple’s Smart Cover for the […]

Real artists ship

Steve Jobs Biography

“Real artists ship” is one pearl of wisdom left by Steve Jobs that Apple seems to have taken to heart lately, and it’s one that everyone else really needs to apply. OS X on the fast track, Windows in the slow lane The big tech news of the week is announcement of OS X Mountain […]